How it Feels To Be Living in Tasmania, Australia As A Local

Live in Tasmania like a Local, Tourist Guide to Tasmania

Many mainlanders and tourists have no idea what it is like to live in Tasmania. It is one of the country’s states and Tasmania is the main island with 335 smaller surrounding islands many of which are unpopulated. 45% of Tasmania is protected to preserve the natural environment and habitats. These areas are unique tourist destinations including Cradle Mountain, Dove Lake and Mount Field National Park.


Tasmania has four distinct seasons
Winter – it can be rather windy and cold with Mount Wellington dotted with snow and average temperatures between 5 to 12.5 degrees Celsius.
Spring – in Tasmania the rainfall is in Spring with an average temperature ranging between 7.7 to 17 degrees Celsius.
Summer – the driest months if January and February with the temperature ranging between 11.5 to 21 degrees Celsius. It is seldom that the temperatures rise above 25 degrees.
Autumn – it remains sunny in Autumn with the areas sprinkled with beautiful yellow and red trees with the temperatures between 9 and 17.5 degrees Celsius.

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Work and Life Balance

When you love nature and love to explore you will fall in love with Tasmania. After work, you can explore the largely untouched wilderness areas, get involved with local festivals and explore the café culture.

From the Mouth Of A Local

Living in Tasmania it feels like living on a different planet. It is the place to live where you can escape from the world when you love a sense of remoteness. While working and playing it still feels like you are not part of everyday life. A great description that one of the locals love to say, “Tasmania is God’s own country”.
Other than the noteworthy locations, the best thing about this state is the remote and untouched nature. In many areas of Tasmania, it feels as if you are living in a different planet with some of the nature hikes pretty gruelling and intense.

What Locals Do In their Downtime

• Take a boat cruise on Gordon River
• Visit the Tasman Peninsula
• Gliding on Kayaks along Bathurst Harbour
• Traverse the rickety swinging bridge at the Montezuma Falls
• Ziplining through the Hollybank treetops
• Abseil down Strathgordon Dam
• Picnic next to Russel Falls
• Hit the trails and hike the Western Arthur Range and witness the beauty of Lake Oberon
• Ride the more than 100 km Blue Derby Mountain trails
• Sift through local goodies at the Saturday only Salamanca Market at the waterfront in Hobart.
• Explore the Mole Creek Caves from Launceston
• Stroll along Richmond Bridge which is the oldest bridge in Australia
• Take a trip to the observation deck of Mount Wellington for the most amazing view of Hobart
• Play Golf on Barnbougle Lost Farm
• Take a boat cruise along the idyllic Franklin-Gordon River and experience that nature of the Wild Rivers National Park
• Since we are only a 15-minute drive to Switzerland, we hop to Switzerland for the day. We drive along the Tamar Valley to the North to a gorgeous Swiss village called Grindelwald.
• Visit the Tasman Arch which is on the Southern Peninsula
• Visit the Raspberry Farm between Devonport and Launceston
• Sipping wine at the Tamar Valley Wine region
• Climb the 60 meters tall Totem Pole which is inside the Tasman National Park
• Visit Maria Island with its amazing natural painted cliffs
• Visit one of the most remote locations in the world, Satellite Island
• Visit the Museum of Old and New Art which is free to enter when you are a local.
• Walk the tessellated pavement at Eagle Hawk Neck
• Visit Cradle Mountain National Park
• Visit the Table Cape Tulip Farm in October for the Tulip Festival
• Hike to the top of Mt. Amos for the best view in the world, the Wineglass Bay.

Living in Hobart

As Tasmania’s capital, you enjoy a relaxed and friendly lifestyle. The port is a primary focus with its rich maritime history. Hobart has an outstanding location next to Derwent River while Mount Wellington watches over it. Hobartians pride themselves in the excellent food and wine scene that the vibrant city offers. Hobart enjoys a family-friendly, laid-back and terrific lifestyle with a wide arrangement of sports played at the Bellerive Oval.


Tasmania is incredibly liveable with welcoming communities, an inspiring lifestyle and rewarding career opportunities. To balance family life, recreation and work are excellent when you consider the short commute times, great schools and affordable housing. While Australia is known as incredibly expensive, Tasmania is much cheaper in all regards. Here you can work and live where you can surf before work and hike after work in the afternoon.

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