Top 10 Reasons to Visit Hobart in 2023

10 Reasons Hobart Should be on Your 2023 List

The island of Tasmania is wild, rugged and remote and filled with a world of natural wonders. The capital of Tasmania though, is Hobart, the cultural hub on the Derwent River. Hobart tourism is incredibly popular so much so that several international hotel brands are increasing luxury accommodation options.

Four New Hotels in Hobart CBD and Ready For Your 2023 Hobart Holiday

  • Vibe Hotel will be completed late 2019 which is a 4.5-star, 142-room hotels from International Hotelier.
  • Hyatt Centric Hotel will be ready in the first quarter of 2020 which is a five-star, 196-room hotel.
  • The Tasman from Marriot Luxury Collection Hotels is a 5-star, 129-room boutique hotel that opens in March 2023.
  • Crowne Plaza which is a 4.5-star, 278-room hotel from Intercontinental Hotels Group that will be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

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These four new hotel developments are not the only things in the pipeline for 2020. The already popular Mona is expanding too by a $400 million proposed Mowtown which is a 172-room, five-star hotel development that will include an outdoor concert stage, spa centre, library and a theatre. This will not be ready for your 2023 break but if all goes well, it will be ready by 2024.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Hobart in 2020

1. Mount Wellington

Hobart’s greatest landmark is the 1271 metres tall Mount Wellington. You can obviously drive to the top, but one of the most popular options is to drive halfway and climb the rest which is a three-hour hike to the summit where you are met by the most extraordinary views of the entire Derwent Valley and Hobart’s glorious city.

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2. Salamanca Market

You cannot visit Hobart and not be there on a Saturday. Whenever you plan tour Hobart visit in 2023, be sure that you include a Saturday as this is the day when all of Hobart and the whole of Tasmania gathers to browse the Salamanca Market’s 300 stalls at the Hobart waterfront.

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3. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

You will never see such unadulterated beauty than that of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It is a 14 hectares serene Japanese garden with more than 400 native Tasmanian conifer species. Pack your picnic basket or have lunch at the Succulent Restaurant which is fully licences and opens seven days a week.

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4. Port Arthur

Port Arthur

The 90-minute drive to Port Arthur is worth every minute during your stay in Hobart. This World Heritage-listed site is the best-preserved former penal colony in Australia. Set upon 40 hectares grounds, you have 30 ruins and buildings to explore and if you feel brave and believe in ghost stories you can do the night-time ghost tour. Here too is a restaurant and bar to eat and chill after or during your exploration.

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5. Hobart Historic Cruises

While there is so much to see and do, you have to include a historic sea cruise and experience the city from a boat. You will be able to see so much of Hobart that includes Battery Point, Government House, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Sandy Bay, etc.

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There is a popular saying in Tasmania that all streets and events lead to the subversive Museum of Old and New Art or MONA as it is known. You will need to visit it during your stay in Hobart or you might as well give Hobart a miss.

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7. Street Eats @ Franko

Be sure to be in Hobart on a Friday night as every Friday is a great lively live music event in Franklin Park in Hobart central. It runs from November until late April annually. Here you get live music and an amazing selection of street food, wine, ciders, spirits and beers. The only challenge you will have is to decide what to eat and drink with the outstanding variety and dance along with the locals and other tourists in the park.

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8. Bruny Island

Hop on a ferry and go over to Bruny Island for the day. You will be rewarded by tons of cliff-side views, delicious dining options and visit with whales, penguins, dolphins, seals and more. You can take a boat tour from Hobart too, but a ferry ride is just as great.

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9. Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery

The oldest brewery in Australia is right here in Hobart, the Cascade Brewery which dates back to 1824. The brewery is at Mount Wellington’s foot and here you can taste Tasmanian stalwarts, Cascade Lager, Cascade Bitter, Cascade Draughts and the pale ales it is renowned for.

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10. Dining

To name a single restaurant in Hobart that stands out is simply impossible, therefore be sure to try as many as you could during your stay but include the fine dining of Peacock and Jones and the Landscape Restaurant &Grill. For excellent pizza try the Hearth Pizza and Small Plates and when you feel like having Café food, try the Red Square Café.

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Many travellers that visit Tasmania remark upon the feeling that they have stepped back in time, yet Hobart is refreshingly modern and hip while it remains a laid-back and chilled city. Lots are happening here, and you will not have a single second’s boredom with so much to explore that range from nature to culture, history and architecture, ancient rainforests, protected wildernesses to outstanding entertainment and nightlife and world-class restaurants.

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