Maria Island – Tazmania

Maria Island 

Australia is known for its whimsical natural beauty. The islands of the country provide the most exotic getaways for perfect holidays. Maria Island can be definitely counted as one of them. Bestowed with the most amazing natural beauty, the island has one of the most diverse flora and fauna- both terrestrial as well as aquatic. The island is considered as the world heritage national park. The amalgamation of history and nature beckon the tourists for a memorable vacation.


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Maria Island is located in the lap of Tasmanian Sea, outside the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. Its area is 115.5 sq. km and the whole island is a world heritage national park.


The island is boasted with the pretty interesting historical background. The native Aboriginal people were the earliest inhabitants. A lot of evidence are still present which serve as a great tourist site. Their conflict with French expedition led by Nicholas Baudin in 1802 is widely known. The island served as convict settlements in the early 19th century. The most famous leader exiled at the island was William Smith O’Brien, an Irish nationalist. The structures built in the convict era also popular tourist attractions.

Things To Do In Maria Island

  • Maria Island is full of incredible opportunities to let tourists enjoy to the fullest. In fact, the island has given a new dimension to the adventure tourism. The 4-day walk service provided includes world class dinning and luxury accommodation. This guided tour involves hiking and bushwalking along with the tour of historical convict era structures.
  • The island hosts various distinct species of plants, animals and birds. The lush green forests have over ten distinct trees. Tasmanian devils, common wombats, feral cats, eastern grey kangaroos are some of the most popular animals to be spotted.
  • Maria Island is identified as an Important Bird Area as one can spot endangered swift parrots along with other endemic species of birds.
  • Other activities that can be enjoyed include walking, cycling, diving and snorkeling to quench the adrenaline rush.
  • The fossil cliffs along the walk are embedded with some of the historical ruins which are ancient and a matter of huge importance.


Darlington-A town of the past is of historical importance as it still has the remains of the convict and industrial era of the island.

The island is also known for its Painted Cliffs, which are actually sandstone structures stained by the minerals and iron oxide.

Interesting facts

  • Haunted bay is located on south Maria Island is named as so because of the eerie sounds produced by the constant callings of fairy penguins in the evening.
  • Whole Island is declared as a National Park in 1972 and also is given the status of the world heritage.

Maria Island is a bit of everything. It has history, culture, adventure, luxury and loads of nature. It is hardly possible to find an island with so many attributes. The time spent by you in the island will enrich your heart and soul for the whole life.

Have you visted Marine Island, Tasmania? Enjoy the attributes whether it is history, culture, adventure etc.  present over there which enrich the hearts. Please let us know your experience here. or comment below.

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Bondi Beach Sydney, New South Wales

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