How to Get Around Australia’s Countryside Safely and Cost-Effectively?

Cost-Effective Travel Around Australia

Australia is a beautiful country full of a tourist destination. Australia’s countryside areas are full of green meadows and deep blue oceans give a mesmerizing feeling to one’s heart. Although you have to travel long distances to reach from one place to the other, you can certainly make most out of your visitor experience with proper planning and research. Most people traveling to the country miss the real exquisiteness of the countryside due to the time constraint. The long distances are a burden on your budget while having a good time. Australia is a country with enormous distances and its lesser population makes it easier for companies to thrive here.

English is the official language but you can learn other languages here as well. For example, the best way to learn French is to join a community course with native French speakers or you can go conventional as well by attending classroom sessions. The country earns a lot of revenues in terms of tourism so it is a wise notion that your trip might cost your pocket a little bit more than the expectations. Government imposed taxes are applicable to all the states even the countryside as well.

This article will give you an idea on how to plan your trip in a way that you enjoy each and every bits and piece of it within your budget. Some of the tips are:

1. Figure Out The Places to Visit:

You cannot visit each and every place in Australia because it is the sixth largest country with respect to the area. Many travellers make a mistake of not planning where to go so they just wander about and end up being on empty pockets. The foremost thing is to decide which places to visit. Our recommendation is that you visit the countryside areas of Goolwa, Kalgoorlie, and Esperance in Western Australia. They have a stunning landscape and you will find places to stay and dine at a reasonable price which is better than staying in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

2. Tenure of Your Visit:

Deciding on the number of days you will spend somewhere is imperative as it will determine your air tickets and stay within the country. Usually, Airfares are higher in the peak session of December and February so you can try to plan your trip in off-peak session which is fall or spring. Always try to research in advance for any discounts available or any concession you can get which might help you during the trip.

3. Research Inexpensive Restaurants:

Eating out is the most enjoyable experience during any trip. While you might be tempted to experience all the luxury places your friends have told you about, your focus should be on the quality of food and your own comfort. The best way to go by is to go with the local shops selling their traditional food. It’s not only cheap but also delicious. You will be able to know the cultural norms and people’s favourite food like that. Another thing is that you might find locals in that restaurant who might be able to guide you throughout the trip. In the end, you can always find a nice meal of fish and chips anywhere in the world.

4. Commute Within the Country

As you will be travelling within the country for long distances, try to search for discount cards for tourists on public transportation websites. Sydney has an opal card which caps your maximum daily fair so you just pay that amount and go anywhere you like to. If you are travelling with a group of friends, the best option might be to rent a car. It will not only be cost effective but you will get a travel guide free of charge in the form of a driver. He will be able to guide you with the attractive destinations frequently visited by tourists.

5. Safety First:

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. The people are welcoming and appreciate a polite manner from the guests. The precautions which you really have to take is with respect to your health. Try to get your health insurance done as a lot of immigrants have settled in Australia due to climate change in their own countries. They might not be vaccinated as children and there is a thin chance you might catch any disease. The sun is quite strong there so make sure you take adequate precautions to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. You have to take care of a couple of things while travelling with respect to your safety:

  • Take adequate measures when hiking in between the tracks. It’s best that you go for hiking in a group. Keep yourself hydrated as the sun is quite strong in the countryside. Make sure to look out for any snakes and spiders in the area as they are quite poisonous.
  • Set up a Virtual Private Network if you think that you will be using public Wi-Fi very often. It will prevent your mobile and devices to be slashed from any hackers around you who think you are not from here.
  • When you are planning for swimming make sure to follow the red and yellow flags as they are the indicators about the depth of water which might be harmful to you. Always look for warning signs about any deep waters or shark attacks.


Planning to travel somewhere comes with a great cost on your monthly budget. You will need to save money in order to get through the trip. The key to success here is planning everything in advance. You have to research and find places where you can enjoy in your modest budget. The length of the visit also has a little impact on the expenses. On the contrary, if you visit the countryside areas, you will be amazed by the natural beauty and it is a bit cheaper as well as these areas are not close to the city.

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