Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Kangaroo Island


Breathtaking Places to visit in Australia –  Kangaroo Island

Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Kangaroo Island.  Do you want to explore the vast wildlife offerings of Australia? The zoos and national reserves may offer you a good option to get a close look at the various native or non-native species but a no bars ‘zoo’ can definitely offer you much more than that and this concept becomes true at the Kangaroo Island. Instead of visiting a number of zoos across the country, you could arrange for a trip to the Kangaroo Island and you can see much more than just Kangaroos.

Yes, the Kangaroo Island offers an incredible experience to all wildlife lovers – you get to see your favorite animals and many more, out of the confines of a zoo or a park and in their natural habitat while you can be right amongst them. Not only that, the Kangaroo Island is known for its panoramic vistas and the culinary delights. This is why thorough planning of your itinerary is quite important to ensure that you are able to witness and enjoy all the marvels of this place during your vacation. Here we will list the Top 10 of the must-see attractions in the Kangaroo Islands for the benefit of all travellers:

1. Flinders Chase National Park

Whether you want to see the marvels of the work of Nature or its beautiful fauna, the Flinders Chase National Park is undoubtedly one of the best spots on the Kangaroo Island. The park houses a number of gigantic rock formations that will have you at awe and is the region of the surf break. The rock formations are the work of the wind for ages and form a perfect backdrop to enjoy a quaint holiday or a perfect evening. Sit at the long beaches of the park and watch the frolicking fur seals at their game when they visit the West Bay beach.

Camping options in the area is also available for those willing to stay in the park. You can hire camping spots according to your needs or you can stay in the cottage facilities at Cape Borda or at Cape de Couedic.

Getting there

A drive to the Flinders Chase National Park from the Kangaroo Island will take about 1 ½ hours and cost about $230.

2. Kangaroo Island Shipwreck Trail

The Kangaroo Island may be a fantastic tourist destination but it hasn’t been so lucky for the sea farers in the ancient times. A number of ships have been wrecked for centuries in this region since the region was discovered in 1802 by Matthew Flinders and charted in 1803 by Captain Nicolas Baudin. The recent records reveal that over 80 wrecks are present in the region and this offers a good opportunity for the divers to explore the region. Although many of the wreck incidents were tragic and dramatic yet for the present divers, they offer a rewarding opportunity.

Getting there

Reaching the start off point of the trail is easy and lies at a 15 minutes driving distance from the Airport and costs approximately $45.

3. Kelly Hills Conservation Park and Caves

The Kelly Hills offers numerous impressive sightseeing and hiking spots that can well be an adventure during your trip to Kangaroo Island. For seasoned hikers, the Hanson Bay Hike, stretching for about 18 Kms (for the return journey) is well worth the time while for the newbies or leisure hikers, the 1.25 Kms Burges trail is the perfect one. All you need is the right gears and the right spirits and you can enjoy the walk through the bushlands.

Another wonder of nature lies hidden just below the Kelly Hill Park and is popularly known as the Kelly Hill Cave that is home to the natural beauties like stalagmites, helictites, stalactites and straws that have created a wonderful maze like formation within the caves. Choose the right gear and go exploring the caves for the wonderful creations of nature.

Getting there

The Visitors’ Center within the park can be easily reached via a cab ride that will cost you around $160 for the 50 minute journey.

4. Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Located to the west of the Kelly Hills Conservation Park, the Hanson Bay is another charming creation of nature. The region may be a bit difficult to access but you will surely love the beauty of this place. Moreover, the wildlife sanctuary in the bay region is another prominent attraction that you shouldn’t miss. Guided tours are regularly conducted and the 100 hectare area is home to a large number of kangaroos, koalas, possums, bats, wallabies, echidnas, etc that stay in their own habitats.

Getting there

A drive from the airport to the sanctuary takes about 50 minutes and costs about 160$

5. Raptor Domain

Get close with some of the amazing inhabitants of the Australian wild at the educational and interactive facilities of the Raptor Domain. The authorities of the Raptor Domain sincerely stress that this is not some sort of zoo where animals are kept on display just for human fun but for knowledge and knowing them better. The Raptor domain houses some of the deadliest critters, spiders and majestic birds of prey and snakes and lizards. The interactive sessions allow you to get a close look at the world’s 2nd deadliest spider and the deadliest critter of the region. The birds of prey include the splendid wedge-tailed eagle, kookaburras, barn owls, etc.

Getting there

The Raptor Domain can be reached via a 30 minute can ride from the Kangaroo Island Airport that usually costs approximately $85.

6. Seal Bay Conservation Park

Another of the finest and mind-blowing wildlife experience awaits you at the Seal Bay Conservation Park that attracts hundreds of local as well as international tourists and wildlife lovers every year. True to its name, this conservation park offers a great and close up view of numerous sea lions which often visit the beaches and nestle amidst the sand dunes. While access to the beach region is permitted, you necessarily need to join the expert tour operators who will take you right amidst the colony of the sea lions where you can study their behavior and nature thoroughly and capture numerous images of their daily activities. If you are not willing to join tours, you can go on at your own pace along the boardwalk that can offer good views as well.

Getting there

About half an hour ride from the airport will take you directly to the park region where the guided tours are conducted.

7. Penneshaw

ommonly known as the Gateway to the famous Kangaroo Island, the country town of Penneshaw offers a soothing and peaceful experience far from any hustle and bustle and the clamoring of people. With a small population of just about 1500, Penneshaw forms a great escapade for locals of South Australia as well as the tourists. Its close proximity to the mainland makes it a lucrative spot to enjoy some quite time – alone or with your friends and family. You can enjoy swimming at the local Hog Bay and even arrange for fun picnics with barbeques.

Another important attraction of this miniscule town is the population of the fairy penguins that waddle every sunset to the beaches under the expert guidance of the members of the Penguin Interpretation Center. You can continue further along the coast and you will find the Antechamber Bay that is a popular swimming spot and further along lies the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse.

Getting there

The Kangaroo Island Sealink ferry that departs from the Jervis Cove drops off passengers directly at Penneshaw which is why the town can be your convenient base during your entire stay at the Kangaroo Island.

8. Kingscote

Located across the Northern coast of the Kangaroo Island and adorned with a panoramic vista of the Napean Bay, Kingscote is known to be the largest town of the Kangaroo Island. The foreshore of the town is dotted with cliffs and sandstones which now house hundreds of lovable penguins who swim to the shore region regularly and can be observed at sunset in the company of expert tour operators. Not only that, the sunset time also brings in the pelicans that are a marvelous sight against the backdrop of the fading sunrays. To the north of the town lies the Reeves Point that is a significant historic site and a must visit for the tourists who visit Kingscote.

Getting there

Reaching Kingscote from the Airport takes about 15 minutes if you are planning to hire a cab and the fare would be around $42.

9. Vivonne Bay

Ranked amongst the best beaches of Australia for its cleanliness, clear waters and privacy, the Vivonne Bay is an ideal location for family picnics, surfing, fishing, sunbathing, etc. You can also buy for yourself cray fishes that are hauled in huge numbers in the boats that leave the shores every day. The Vivonne Bay region is also famous for its Conservation Park that is famous for housing the 3rd largest colony of sea lions. One can also visit the nearby desert known as the Little Desert that is dotted with sand dunes and is ideal for sand boarding, quad biking and hiking etc.

Getting there

The drive to Vivonne Bay takes about 40 minutes with cab fares summing to around $100.

10. Eyre Peninsula

Looking for some adventure in the water? Get to the Eyre Peninsula and have a close encounter with the white sharks – the fieriest predators of the sea. You will obviously be in cages to safeguard you but the experience is undoubtedly one of its kinds. After all, how many people get to see a white shark every day and that too, in its own territory and almost face to face! It will forever be a milestone that you can boast of every day.

Even if you think that this is too daring, then the peninsular has other delight in store for you. You can dive and enjoy the company of the lively sea lions or the huge sea oysters. No risk, yet an experience worth telling.

Getting there

The Eyre Peninsula is situated quite a distance from the Kangaroo Island and the driving distance is about 827 Km.

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