Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Exmouth

Places to Visit in Exmouth

Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Exmouth. Planning for an adventurous holiday at a place that is nestled in the lap of nature? Well, if that is you, then your obvious pick is going to be the township of Exmouth in West Australia. Its laidback nature, coupled with the fantastic opportunities that it offers for adventure and nature lovers is sure to make you go gaga for this place in Western Australia.

Located at a flight time of 2 ½ from the city of Perth, this town attracts tourists for a number of reasons. Lovely beaches, water sports, whale watching, bird watching and much more makes Exmouth a most sought after destination amongst people who are in awe of its natural treasures. It may be a small town, but its offerings are in no way less than any of the big cities in Australia and if the outdoor suits you, then this town will make a wonderful spot for your upcoming holiday. And before you get lost and mesmerized with what wonders Exmouth unfurls, let us take a look at the Top 10 attractions that you couldn’t miss for your life while in Exmouth:

1. Ningaloo Reef

If marine life interests you, then you will find your dream come true at the Ningaloo reef located very close off the shores. Its close proximity to land makes it largest coral reef that is found at the fringes of the continental shelves. The Ningaloo Marine Park offers a vast range of diverse marine life to get acquainted with – manta rays, dolphins, humpback whales, turtles – and the ,majestic of them all – the largest yet gentle marine fish – the whale shark. Yes, you get it all at the Ningaloo reef.

And if you are planning to visit any time between March to August, be assured to get the treat of your lifetime – snorkeling or swimming with these gigantic creatures when they gather during the annual coral spawning period. Think of that – the deep sea, beautiful corals, majestic whale sharks and you. Bet you don’t need any more!

Getting there

Reaching the Ningaloo reef is the easiest from Exmouth and the reef being located very close to the landmass can easily be reached via diving or snorkeling. It’s ideal to join guided tour operators who will provide you with the basic instructions, gears and the right path to enjoy the reefs and numerous marine species available.

2. Jurabi Turtle Center

Exmouth is one of those areas of Australia that packs in numerous natural attractions and if you are already amazed with the graceful whale sharks, then it’s time to turn your attention to the gentle, lovely tortoises that are the center of attraction at the Jurabi Turtle Center. Located at a distance of 13 Km from the township of Exmouth, the Jurabi Turtle Center ranks amongst the top must see attractions in Exmouth and not in vain. It gains its fame as the exhibit of ocean turtle nesting that is one of the important activities of the region. Every year, from November to March, hundreds of female ocean turtles visit the Ningaloo coast for their nesting and this has been attracting ever increasing number of tourists that eventually put the ocean turtles at danger (due to human caused disturbance during the nesting period). The turtle center at Jurabi was built with the initiative to lessen this disturbance and yet offer a great view of the nesting turtles.

Presently, guided exhibits are carried out by the authorities that allow tourists to venture into the nesting areas, causing little or no disturbance at all. All tourists are thoroughly instructed about the nesting procedures and what needs to be avoided during the tours. You can now marvel at these exotic creatures without any harm being caused.

Getting there

Being closely located to Exmouth, it is quite easy to reach the turtle center and embark on safe tours of the nesting areas.

3.Cape Range National Park

Adjacent to the Ningaloo Marine Park lies another natural beauty that adores the town of Exmouth. With beautiful gorges carved by the nearby rivers, the Cape Range National park includes a number of tranquil beaches, beautiful coastlines, native wildlife and scenic landscapes, is a must see attraction about 60 Kms to the west of Ningaloo. You can enjoy various activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming in the crystal clear waters off the beaches of the park or camp at the numerous camping sites that lie along the coast of the Cape Range. A number of perenties, emus, wallabies and euros can be noticed in the cliffs adjoining the park while the Mangrove Bay Bird Hide is home to numerous mangrove fantails, shore birds, mangrove whistlers, etc.

Getting there

Getting to the Cape Range National Park takes an hour and can be easily reached via a cab drive that will cost you around $150 for a one way trip.

4. Yardie Creek Station

If you are up for some camping time with your friends and family, then the Yardie Creek Station would be the perfect spot to enjoy the essence of the serene coastlines and the rugged cliffs. The region is a popular sheep station and has been a tourist attraction for quite a long time. Lying a short distance from the Cape Range Nation Park, this region attracts travelers with its natural bounties like diverse wild flora, an amazing range of marine life very close to the mainland and majestic canyons and wildlife which enhances the experience of camping at the Yardie creek station. You can enjoy an unparalleled camping and relaxing experience amidst the wilderness of nature.

Getting there

Located about 90 Kms from the north western part of the town of Exmouth, the Yardie Creek Station can be reached in about 1 ½ hours and will cost around $200 for the one way trip.

5. Exmouth Gulf

The Indian Ocean makes entry into the West Australian landmass in the form of the Exmouth Gulf that is popular amongst the national as well as international tourists for its diverse offerings. Stretching for about 90 Kms in the North-South direction and about 50 Kms in the mouth region, the Exmouth Gulf boasts of a rich collection of marine life being the nursery for dugongs, turtles, humpback whales and much more. Not only that, the gulf region is famous for fishing ( with sports like Spanish mackerel, tuna sub species, marlin, etc), pearl cultivation and most of all, for prawning being home to Western Australia’s one of the largest prawn fisheries. The mangrove areas adjoining the gulf region is also popular for being the home to pied oystercatchers, dusky gerygone, roseate terns, graytailed tattlers and other species.

6. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Located at the farthest tip of the northern region of the Cape Range, the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse is an ideal place to enjoy the panoramic views of the West Australian sunsets and sunrise. The lighthouse was built in the year in 1912 and still stands as a mark of the troublesome navigational waters of the north western coast that wrecked the Mildura in 1907. Although the light house is presently prohibited for tourists due to the damage caused by the cyclone in 1999 yet you can enjoy the excellent views from atop the hill and also the remains of a radar station that date backs to WWII.

Getting there

The lighthouse is located about 17 Kms atop the hill making it an isolated location that can be reached via hiking.

7. Turquoise Bay

You may have seen numerous beaches that boast of turquoise, clear waters but very few get better than the Turquoise Bay in West Australia, aptly named after its fantastic waters. Lying close to the town of Exmouth, the Turquoise Bay is one of the most popular holiday locations for locals as well as international tourists and ideally ranks amongst the best beaches in Australia. Take a dive into the beautiful waters and soon you will find yourself amidst the rich marine life of the Ningaloo reef. Try out drift snorkeling in the region and you can witness around 500 different species of fish in different colors as well as huge expanses of coral life. You can enjoy a quiet time at the beach too with your dear ones or be mesmerized with the diversity of marine life.

Getting there

The bay is located at a distance of nearly 60 Kms from the township of Exmouth and takes about 1 ½ hours to reach the bay from the Exmouth Airport in a cab which costs around $180 for a one way journey.

8. Montebello Islands Safaris

The Montebello Islands comprise of 100 small islands that offer a number of exciting activity options like diving, fishing, swimming, surfing and snorkeling. The islands can be reached via guided safaris that start off from the Claret Cove and take you to the islands that are now a part of the marine reserve and serve as a popular recreational zone. The region boasts of unparalleled seascapes, wilderness and diversity of wildlife that is sure to mesmerize anyone who joins these charters that are operated regularly. You can also enjoy fishing in the abundant waters that holds huge collections of scarlet sea perch, cods, red emperor, coronation and coral trout, trevally, tuskfish, sharks, tunas, billfish and mackerels.

9. Surfers’ Beach

Commonly known as the Dunes Beach, the Surfers beach is a popular spot for those looking for a good surf region. However, the surf here is ideal for those who at pro at the sport due to the reef break here. You can also enjoy swimming at the numerous swim holes and protected beaches that exist along the coastline. The clear waters of the beaches along with the proximity of the colorful and enriched coral reefs makes the surfers beach a true haven of natural wonders.

Getting there

The beach is located at a mere distance of 17 Kms from Exmouth and can be reached easily via the Mildura Wreck Road.

10. Shothole Canyon

The shothole canyon was formed as a result of the explosive charges that were triggered off during the period of exploration in the 1950s and lies about 15 Kms from the southern borders of Exmouth. Driving through the unsealed roads will lead to the bottom of the canyon that is adorned with walls that are formed of beautiful rock layers which offer a great opportunity for some fantastic photography.

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