Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Bundaberg

Breathtaking Places to See in Australia – Bundaberg

Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Bundaberg. Want to enjoy a great climate during your upcoming holiday while you enjoy a plethora of man-made and natural attractions? Pick Bundaberg as your next destination. Lying at about a 4 hours driving distance from the capital city of Brisbane, the Bundaberg region is popular because of the unique blend of its coastal, offshore, protected, city and rural environments that give you a totally different experience and feeling than most big cities in Queensland.

Being located in Queensland gives Bundaberg a common benefit of the great weather conditions and this is enhanced with considerably in Bundaberg, making it an ideal destination for all seasons – winter or summer or somewhere in between. Bundaberg is a nice spot to choose if you are planning to have a multi-faceted holiday and that too without the clamoring of innumerable tourists. The pleasant climate ensures that you can enjoy most attractions of the place without getting all sweaty and thirsty. And planning your itinerary before you book your tickets is advisable to be able to enjoy the various noteworthy attractions. This is exactly where our guide will come to help you by listing the top 10 must see attractions in the region.

1. Southern Great Barrier Reef

The city of Bundaberg offers an entry point to the great natural wonder of the world known as the Great Barrier Reef. The city, like many others in Queensland, offers a great opportunity to explore the famous reef region and surely must make it to the top of your itinerary if you have never ever visited the reef. Even if you have already seen the reef, yet exploring it at different portions is sure to have its benefits and as such, it would be a blunder to take this out of your must see list.

The southern portion of the great reef is directly parallel to the coastline of Bundaberg and hence, the region provides the ideal entry point to southern regions of the reef that is well worth the time and money spent. Volcanic eruptions from the ancient times have had their contribution in the creation of some of the most beautiful coral beds. Explorers will often encounter a large number of sea urchins, corals, calms, star fish, coral trout, parrot fish, moray eel, manta ray, turtles, and numerous seabirds on the Southern islands of the reef.

Getting there

The Lady Musgrave Island or the Lady Elliot Island are the two most important gems of the southern territories of the reef and can be reached either via flights or via a cruise. Flights take off from the Airport at Bundaberg while cruises leave from the Town of 1770. You may also opt glass-bottomed boat tours for exploring the reef region.

2. Mon Repos Turtle Center

Mon Repos is a quaint park that lies very close to the city of Bundaberg and is popular for the great strolling and cycling trails that it offers with a coastal environment. However, the most important attraction of the region is the Turtle rookery where hundreds of marine turtles visit every year during the months of November to March for nesting and hatching and this can be quite a treat for those who love nature and marine life. Visitors can join the Turtle Encounter Tours conducted by the Turtle Center and be a witness to one of the most spectacular natural events.

Mon Repos plays a significant role in the survival of the sea turtles and is famous as one of the most important nesting grounds for these endangered species and Turtle Encounters are limited. Apart from that, the park also includes remnants of the scrub of the Woongarra rainforest, rock pools, tidal lagoon, mangroves and other spots of interest.

Getting there

Mon Repos can be easily reached from Bundaberg in a cab that will take about 15 minutes and cost around $50.

3. Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Thought that nature could one surprise you at Bundaberg? Well, you are in the wrong dear traveler. Man-made attractions too can cast a spell and spread their charm. And that is what that exactly happens at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation. This aviation museum has some of the best collection of gadgets, aircrafts, devices, etc that have been a part of the rich aviation history of Bert Hinkler (the solo Australian traveler) and you get to get a close up with the fantastic mementos and stories that surround Bert Hinkler. You get to enjoy the movie on Bert Hinkler’s personal life as well as ride the glide simulators that take you to the experience of the man himself.

Getting there

Reaching the aviation museum is quite easy from the airport in Bundaberg. Just opt for a cab ride that costs approximately $25 for the 10 minute journey.

4. Bagara

Pristine natural beauty unfurls very close to the city of Bundaberg at the famous Bagara. Known for its quaint beaches, Bagara, located about 13 Kms from Bundaberg, is a must visit spot when you are vacationing at Bundaberg. Whether you are traveling with your family or your friends, you are sure to love this calm and quiet place that boasts of a number of peaceful walkways, picnic areas, playgrounds, decks, swimming, swimming areas, surf breaks, fishing spots and much more to keep you entertained at all times. The accommodation options in this region is quite good too, ensuring that you can enjoy a stay at the region, if you so want.

Getting there

Getting to Bagara from the Bundaberg Airport is a short drive of about 25 minutes that will cost about $55.

5. Gin Gin

The historical region of Gin Gin lies about 40 minutes from Bundaberg and has a lot of attractions to explore in a day’s journey. To begin with, Gin Gin had been the seat of the greatness of Queensland during the times of the past which is well curated in the museum and offers a glimpse into the European settlement from 1847. There are several historical complexes and buildings that house a number of important artefacts that tell a historic tale.

That’s not all. Gin Gin also hosts the Mystery Craters that include 35 of the weirdly shaped craters that have garnered controversies and speculations since as early as 1971. Apart from that, Lake Manduran is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy some quite time near the waterfront.

Getting there

The cab ride of about 40 minutes will cost you around $115 for the single trip.

6. Coral Coast

The eastern perimeter of the city of Bundaberg is popularly known as the Coral Coast and houses a number of natural attractions and also offers opportunities for a good number of water activities. The waters of the coral coast are known to be a paradise for snorkeling, diving and fishing enthusiasts while the villages that are dotted along the coastal region provide some of the best recreational and attraction spots to the visitors. The most important local attractions of this region are the Innes Park, Woodgate beach, Coral Cove, Elliot Heads, Moore Park, Burnett Heads, etc. You can stroll along the sandy beaches, enjoy the peace or discover the reefs, the rural hinterlands or the mountain views.

Getting there

Reaching the eastern fringes from the Airport takes about 12 minutes and costs around $25.

7. Regional Galleries

Alongside the natural beauties, the city of Bundaberg also nurtures its human made achievements and a great view of this can be obtained at the two regional galleries of the Bundaberg region that host a number of local as well famous creations. The Childers Arts Space (CHARTS) and Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) constitute the premier locations in the city that offer art lovers a great experience during their visit. New creations are being regularly added and the galleries offer a number of educative as well as interactive sessions like national, touring and local exhibits, workshops, visiting artists, guided tours, educational programs, kids activities, etc. The museums also house gifts shops where you can buy art that you like.

Getting there

The CHARTS is located about 40 minutes driving distance from the Bundaberg Airport and the cost of the cab ride will amount to about $115. However, reaching BRAG is quite easy as the gallery is located about 6 KMs from the Airport and a cab ride will cost you about $22.

8. Seventeen Seventy

The erstwhile Town of 1770, presently known as Seventeen seventy, is a beautiful location situated very close to the city of Bundaberg. The town is surrounded by the Bustard Bay and the Coral Sea on all four sides, thus offering some of the best views to the visitors. The town received its name from the event of the landing of James Cook and crew in the year 1770 and is presently popular for being the home to diverse wildlife, natural beauty and scenic vistas that can entertain all visitors. Moreover, the region serves as the start point of cruises and tours to the reef regions like the Fitzroy reef, Lady Musgrave Island, Bustard Heads Lighthouse, Pancake Creek, Eurimbula, Deepwater, Round Hill, Mount Colosseum and others.

Getting there

Reaching Seventeen Seventy takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes and if you are riding a hired cab, the cost will come to around $300 for a one-way journey.

9. Botanic Gardens

Sprawled over 27 hectares, the Botanic Gardens is located on the northern fringes of Bundaberg on the Mt Perry Road and is known to be the home to more than 10,000 shrubs and trees. Additionally, the garden includes an expansive water body that is the habitat to about 114 species of birds, dedicated picnic areas, a wedding chapel children’s playground, Japanese gardens, themed boardwalks and much more. Moreover, the Fairy Mead House, Hinkler House, Australian Sugarcane Railway, Bundaberg & District Historical Museum, Railway Museum, etc are located within the precinct.

Getting there

A short drive of about 12 minutes will take you to the Botanic Gardens from the Airport and cost about $25.

10. Shopping

Shopping for gifts and souvenirs is one of the most important activities at most places of travel and knowing the right place will help get you the best things at the best price. The city center of Bundaberg boasts of two distinct, diverse shopping experiences at the Hinkler Center and Sugarland Shoppingtown respectively. Both markets are easily accessible and include a number of retailing and wholesaling options along with two newly established supermarkets. Additionally, if you are in Gin Gin on a Saturday, you can even opt to visit the Wild Scotchman Country Markets in the region to buy local crafts and produce.

Getting there

Getting to the Hinkler Central and Sugarland Shoppingtown takes about 10 minutes from the Airport, while Gin Gin is a short drive away.

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