Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Broome

Breathtaking Sights to See in Broome

Amazing Places to Travel in Australia – Broome – If Cape York unravels the wild beauty of nature in northern Australia, then the Kimberley region is its counterpart in Western Australian. Encompassing an area of 423,000 sq. km, the Kimberley region unfurls nature at its best – with beautiful gorges, mesas, ranges, floodplains, expansive wildlife sanctuaries, thundering waterfalls, beautiful beaches, rugged islands, diverse marine and coral life and so much more. The untouched, quaint wilderness of the region is manifested at the numerous tourist attractions that spread over the entire region.

So, if you are planning to get close to nature this vacation, arrange for a tour of Broome in West Australia. With a very low human population density, you can have a peaceful holiday at Broome while still being able to experience the real, natural bounties of the region. In case you find it difficult to chalk out your itinerary to this piece of heaven on Earth, then here is a simple guide to the Top 10 must-see attractions of Broome. Miss, any of these and you will miss one of the best offerings of nature. Sure you do not want that!

1. Cable Beach

Taking its name after the cable lines between Java and Broome, the Cable Beach serves as a heavenly gateway to the Kimberley region and a star attraction of Broome. Stretching over a length of about 22 Kms, the Cable Beach is one of the treats of this region with turquoise, clean waters of the great Indian Ocean at the borders, red ochre cliffs in the backdrop and shimmering white sand. A day spent at the Cable beach is totally worth it, given what it has to offer. You could take a camel ride, experience the aboriginal culture and shop for precious pearls at Broome or even gaze at the moon at night. If you are simply lazy to do all these, do not fret. Just laying and sunbathing at the beach while soaking in the beauty of the place is equally enchanting and worthwhile.

Getting there

Getting to the marvellous Cable Beach is easiest from the nearby town of Broome and if you are at the international airport in Broome, then you could simply opt for a cab ride that will take you to the beach in about 6 minutes, with fares ranging between $15-$20.

2. Dampier Peninsula

If you want to relax and unwind at the secluded beaches or enjoy some pleasant water activities, then a visit to Dampier Peninsula will make you feel spoilt. With vast stretches of untouched beachfronts, you can just stroll, roam about, fish or even try snorkeling for fun. You can also get familiar with the culture and traditions of the locals and or take a boat Cape Leveque to spend a leisurely day. While you may do practically anything at the pristine beaches and the surrounding terrains, you have to abide by the rules that secure the privacy of the locals and the aborigines. For those who are interested, the local guides will take you on mud crabbing

Getting there

If you are in Broome, the best way to reach the Dampier Peninsula is via the Cape Leveque Road that runs south-north. Since road conditions aren’t ideal throughout most parts of the year, 4WD vehicles are recommended. You may also join expert tour operators.

3. The Roebuck Bay

Located to the south of the town of Broome, the Roebuck Bay is a tropical, marine embayment that stretches over an expanse of 550 sq. km. The bay is adorned with vast stretches of mangrove forestation along with red, sandy beaches, tidal creeks and varietyyy of animal life like marine crustaceans and fish, green turtles, dudongs, dolphins, etc that make up an ideal spot to explore during your trip to Broome. But that’s not the only thing that you can do in this region. To the north of the Bay lies a 2-6 m high, long and low red cliff that is basically formed of Broome Sandstone where occasional sightings of dinosaur footprints have been noted in the past. Isn’t that interesting? Go exploring the Bay region and beyond!

Getting there

The trip to Roebuck bay can be completed via short boat journey from the Broome Wharf. Access to the wharf is very easy, it being situated at a 9 Km distance from the International Airport in Broome.

4. Broome Bird Observatory

Lying in the northern coastal region of the Roebuck Bay is the famous Broome Bird Observatory that has been dedicated to the preservation and support of the shorebirds that visit the coastal areas of the Roebuck Bay, including endemic species Broome’s native birds. The Observatory is a step towards the study of these migratory birds and was initiated in the year 1988. As a tourist and a bird watcher, the Broome Bird Observatory will be a haven for you, it being amongst the top 4 best sites for bird watching. With varieties like Yellow Chat, Common Redshank, Asian Dowitcher, White-breasted Whistler, Dusky Gerygone, Broad-billed Sandpiper, red-collared Lorikeets and much more, you can hardly get enough of the place in a single day, which is why the observatory has accommodation options too for the tourists.

Getting there

The Bird Observatory is at a small distance of 25 Kms from the town of Broome and can be accessed via usual vehicles as well as cab, excepting the rainy season.

5. Horizontal Falls

Massive tidal flows across two closely aligned and narrow gorges in the region of the McLarty range gives rise to the phenomenon known as Horizontal Waterfalls or Horizontal Falls (also referred to as the Horries). As the ‘falls’ are caused by the tidal waters, hence the direction of flow is reversed with each tide. The most interesting thing about these falls is that since the tides in region reach even up to 33 ft at certain times, a huge difference can be observed in the levels of the water at both sides of the gorge. An air view of the falls shows the turquoise waters gushing in through the gorges and is often regarded as one of the best natural wonders of the world.

Getting there

If you want to reach the facilities of the air tour operators that conduct scenic flights over the horizontal falls, you can simply hire a cab from the airport and reach them in about 5 minutes with the ride costing about $15.

6. Cape Leveque

Situated 150 miles to the north of the town of Broome, the Cape Leveque is famous for being the ‘beachy’ home to the nomads from the past and possibly, the present as well. Even though remote, the Cape is still a hot attraction to the tourists for the incredible locations along the beach front and the impressive terrain as well. The sandy shores of the Cape attract sea birds as well as the turtles for nesting and feeding grounds. An impressive lighthouse has also been on the cape and together, these may a worthwhile day’s trip at the Cape Leveque.

Getting there

The Cape is located at quite a distance from the township of Broome and a 3 hour journey will take you to Leveque, costing about $500 for a cab ride.

7. Willie Creek Pearl Farm

One of the most interesting and awarded tours of Western Australia is a tour to the famous Willie Creek Pearl Farm that is known for the high quality pearls that are cultured here. If one look at the beautiful Australian South Sea Cultured Pearls make you swoon, then this place will make you go gaga as you gather firsthand experience about how these pearls are reared and processed for public use. Not only you get to know the basics, you can practically witness the various processes in progress and finally get a glimpse of those rare, stunningly beautiful pearls fitted into various jewelries. Dreamy, isn’t it?

Getting there

You can access the farms via self-driven vehicles, helicopters, coaches and even cruise transfers. Cab fares from Broome will be around $110.

8. Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Another of the most popular pearl rearing facilities is located at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula in the famous Cygnet Bay. Apart from the unparalleled beauty of the place, the pearl farm is also an important attraction of the region. You may choose to stay in the region or drive here for a tour during the day.

Getting there

Given the terrain of the region, its best to leave the driving to the best hands and enjoy the trip thoroughly. Tour operators conduct regular tours in the 4WD vehicles.

9. Rowley Shoals

Located 260 Kms to the west of the town, the Rowley Shoals are formed of three coral reefs that lie on one of the world’s widest continental shelves. Being affected by a vast tidal range the three reefs of the region – Clerke Reef, Imperieuse Reef and Mermaid Reed – boast of fantastic coral landscapes and great snorkeling and diving options. The pristine coral gardens are the refuge of the marvelous Maori Wrasse and Giant Potato Cod, with the shoals boasting 688 varieties of fish and 233 types of corals.

Getting there

You can avail charter boats that carry people regularly to the islands and also opt for tour operators that offer snorkeling and diving facilities in the region. Being amongst the remotest accessible marine areas, the Rowley Shoals maintain its untouched, pristine nature day by day.

10. Town Beach

Another of the must do activities in Broome is a trip to the Town Beach that is popular for a number of reasons. First, you can arrange for picnics or barbeques with your friends and family at the dedicated spots of the area. The next thing that attracts the tourists to the Town Beach is the relic of a Flying Boat that was wrecked in March, 1942 during the Japanese raid. You can also witness the famous Stairs to the Moon at Town Beach which is a natural phenomenon that occurs to the reflected moonlight. Close to the Town Beach, a hidden gem exists in the form of Shell House of Guy Street that displays a great collection of variety of live shells and more recently pearls, shell products and much more.

Getting there

The Town Beach is a short drive from the Airport and takes about 5 minutes via a cab.

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