20 Music Festivals in Australia To Experience in 2020

20 Music Festivals in Australia To Experience Before You Die

Australia offers diverse opportunities to local and international visitors who love music, art and culture. Some festivals offer an opportunity to enjoy a few days away from everyday life. It presents diverse festival opportunities from a rock, Indie, slow, blues, and an alternative to sixties music genres. The article below summarises a list of music festivals local or international visitors can attend.

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1. Lost Paradise Festival

Lost Paradise Festival happens during the end of December to the start of a new year at Glenworth Valley NSW. The event occurs 80 minutes’ drive from Sydney and allows visitors to camp in the area. People can refresh their minds, bodies and souls by taking part in the event. The festival displays respect for the local indigenous groups and their traditions during the event. One can also view the different food and diverse stalls set-up for additional entertainment. I give the Lost Paradise Festival a number 1 on the 20 music festivals in Australia to experience before you die.

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2. Share the Spirit on Australia Day

Share the Spirit on Australia provides an indigenous dance and music festival in Melbourne. This Australia Day event provides access to rock, soul and hip-hop music. The event comprises a history of over 10 years that represents the original Survival Day Celebrations historically known to occur in Victoria. The day presents an opportunity to experience the unique local culture and traditional landscapes. I give the Share the Spirit on Australia Day Festival a number 2 on the 20 music festivals in Australia to experience before you die.

3. Byron Bay Blues Festival

The Byron Bay Blues Festival scheduled to occur mid to late April provides a music event to thousands of people. The event managed by Peter Noble occurs in Tyagarah about 11 km from Byron Bay. Diverse international celebrities attend the event to take part in the magic festival and provide support to local music. The opportunity normally happens over Easter and presents occasions for Blues artists to show their talents. I give Byron Bay Blues Festival a number 3 on the 20 music festivals in Australia to experience before you die.

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4. Strawberry Fields

The Strawberry Fields festival happens in the Victorian Wildlands with a focus on electronic music and providing access to diverse artistic sounds. People can also visit the different galleries and beach lounges places for entertainment. The event occurs in the centre of the Australian bush landscape next to the Murray River. The known towns that border the landscape refer to Victoria and Tocumwal in NSW. Besides the music, visitors can enjoy access to art, creative clothing and crafts to keep the visitor interested. I give the Strawberry Fields Festival a number 4 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

5. Falls Music and Arts Festival

The Falls Music and Arts Festival occurs in Byron or Marion Bay, Lorne and Fremantle with some added camping opportunities. The music festival offers opportunities to listen to rock, blues, electronic, hip-hop or Indie music. One can also take a walk alongside the closest beaches or view the dance, comedy, cabaret and other creative performances presented during the event. I give the Falls Music and Arts Festival a number 5 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

6. Cooly Rocks on Gold Coast

The Cooly Rocks Festival on Gold Coast presents an opportunity to re-live the 50s, 60s, or 70s. Australia offers an opportunity to music lovers to return to these interesting times. The nostalgic music experience scheduled to occur between 3–7 June presented by the Southern Gold Coast. Combined with the music event, visitors can also appreciate a view of historical cars and participate in different dress-up occasions. I give the Cooly Rocks on Gold Festival a number 6 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

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7. Beyond the Valley Experience

From early to late January, music lovers can book Beyond the Valley Experience situated 2 hours from Melbourne. The relaxed event provides people from across the world to drive to the parklands of Lardner and experience this event. The festival allows access to diverse art and crafts galleries, diverse food stalls, or camping in style opportunities. The festival offers many opportunities to music, arts and crafts lovers. I give Beyond the Valley Experience a number 7 on the 20 music festivals.

8. Rainbow Serpent Festival

The Rainbow Serpent Festival offers a combined traditional experience characterised by whole day music events. The Rainbow Serpent presents a western pursuit layout between 24 to 27 January each year. The event offers a 4-day open-air electronic music festival environment scheduled during the Australia Day long weekends. The festival received its popularity for chill, techno and trance music types. It also allows access to art and diverse market stalls. I give the Rainbow Serpent Festival a number 8 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

9. St. Kilda Festival

In St. Kilda, second Sunday in February, closed to traffic, musicians, sport, dance, carnival rides and many more. Australia’s largest free summer event presents an opportunity for Australian artists to show their talents at St. Kilda. The event attracts over 400, 000 people with a range of workshops, dances, entertainment, and carnival rides. The festival receives a number 9 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

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10. Electric Gardens

Visitors who enjoy electric sounds, outdoor environments and range of arts should visit the Electric Gardens Festival in Centennial Park Sydney. This event scheduled for the 22nd of February 2020, promises to allow a magnificent opportunity. Celebration of life, music, tradition, and cultural festival showcasing some of the best artists in Australia. Electric Gardens offers a boutique-like an experience for all visitors. The festival receives a number 10 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

11. Groovin the Moo

Groovin the Moo provides an annual music opportunity across the diverse Australian provinces. The festival normally happens during autumn to allow the energies from flowing. The music festival typically happens in Maitland, Wayville, Townsville, Bunbury Bendigo or Canberra. The music festival aims to provide support to local talent and allow them to showcase their diverse talents. Groovin the Moo receives a number 11 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

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12. Woodford Folk Festival

The Woodford Folk Festival offers a music event about 70km north of Brisbane, Queensland in beautiful Australia. It presents an audience of over 120, 000 visitors per year who participates in diverse music activities. The venue offers an art feel positioned in a semi-rural landscape. People who enjoy art combined with music should book a visit to enjoy colourful performances. Woodford Folk Festival receives a number 12 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

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13. Golden Plain Festival

The Golden Plain Festival scheduled to happen over 3 days in Victoria, Australia. The festival organisers attempt to combine the event with Labour Day a public holiday’s, but an online review of the dates becomes available before the time. The closest rural town is Meredith. The festival normally happens over autumn and presents an opportunity to take part in the local music environment. Golden Plain Festival receives a number 13 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

14. Tamworth Country Festival

The Tamworth Country Festival scheduled to happen in January each year occurs in New South Wales, Australia. The event provides a combination of local heritage, traditions and culture known to the diverse people and landscapes in the area. Visitors who love the culture, history and traditions should book a visit to experience the Tamworth Country Festival. Tamworth Country Festival receives a number 14 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

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15. Mona Fona

Mona Fona offers a yearly music festival opportunity for a visitor to attend in Launceston, Tasmania. The event normally happens between the 11th to 20th of January. People from all over the world can participate in this colourful event. The creative curation developed by Brian Ritchie offers new and old art music to entertain visitors from across the world. The Mona Fona Festival receives a number 15 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

16. Southbound

Southbound presents a breakaway music festival for visitors from across the world. Music lovers who enjoy time away with good music and art should book a ticket to take part in this opportunity. The music festival allows people to camp and relaxingly take part in Busselton, Western Australia. The event occurs yearly around the New Year festivals at Sir Stewart Bovell Park. The Southbound Festival receives a number 16 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

17. Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple Music festival occurs in Woombye, Queensland and presents a range of artists from different music types. Thousands of visitors across the world can enjoy and take part in this event. The Big Pineapple forms part of the Sunshine Plantation Co-owned by Peter Kendall. Tourists and locals who love hip-hop, Indie, rock and dance music require a booking at this event. The event takes place at the Sunshine Coast during May each year. The Big Pineapple Music Festival receives a number 17 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

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18. Split Milk

Split Milk Music Festival allows a much-loved music experience in Canberra and Ballarat. It normally happens during the beginning of December every year. Split Milk originally established by Kicks Entertainment allows for the magnificent musical experience. Music lovers who enjoy an outer space or sonic type experience should book a ticket to take part in the event. The music also relates to alternative rock, Indie, hip-hop rock. The Split Milk Festival receives a number 18 on the 20 music festivals in Australia to experience.

19. Good Things

The Good Things music festival scheduled to happen in most major places in Australia offers an unbelievable experience to their audiences. The music relates to punk rock, metal and emo combined with creative performances. Music lovers can enjoy a good life at the beginning of December and book tickets on their website. Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney appear on the list for music festivities. The Good Things Festival receives a number 19 on the 20 music festivals in Australia to experience before you die.

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20. Party in Paddock

Party in Paddock always amazes their visitors by presenting a much-loved music experience. The event takes place at the White Hills outside of Launceston between 6 to 8 February. Party in Paddock Tasmania presents many opportunities for people to enjoy the event and take part in a chilled environment. Some names refer to Press Club, Jack River and Matt Corby. The Party in Paddock Festival receives a number 20 on the 20 music festivals in Australia.

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