Steps in Woodworking: Rings Symbolizing Love

When it comes to the ring, the public subjective perception is inclined toward diamonds, gold, or platinum products, accustomed to the value of the object to represent the emotional value. And for seasoned woodworkers, what you can do with your hands will never be asked for. Russell once said that the difference is the source of happiness. So today I’m sharing with you how to create our own love rings.

First, you can get a piece of cotton thread and wrap it around your (or your partner’s) finger, then measure its length with a ruler to calculate the radius B. Next, add and subtract a few millimeters to get the ring’s radii A and C. We can borrow a compass to draw these three circles and re-trace them again with a pen or a neutral pen. This is because the pencil marks are easily erased during the process.

1. Use a ball vise in order to hold the block of wood.

It is recommended to work with one-third of the wood exposed. Because the wood we chose is hard, if the fixed part is too small, it is easy to run.

It must be worth noting! When the ring is machined to be thinner, it must be carefully reinforced. Be sure to avoid breaking our work due to too much force from the bench vise.

2. Use a hand drill to make holes in the wood.

If the wood is too hard, avoid the use of too thin drill bit, because it is the hand in the force, will inevitably be crooked, and the drill bit will be very easy to break in. So it is recommended to use a coarse drill bit.

3. The wire saw is a good partner for us.

We put the saw blade through the hole just made, and then clamp the saw blade, which can flexibly cut the wood and dig out the inside of the ring. I will then share my own experience.

Let us observe the construction of the wire saw. There are two screws at each end of the saw, assumed to be called A and B. I used to unscrew screw A, pull the saw blade out and pass it through the hole I just punched. Then fasten on screw A and tighten this screw. That way, we’re stuck on both ends of the saw blade. For the third screw, let’s assume it’s called C. When this screw is loosened, the saw blade is not guaranteed to be taut. So now we have to tighten the handle between B and C, and at the same time tighten screw C. This way the whole saw blade is taut and ready for cutting.

4. Use a woodworking file to sand the outside of the

The woodworking file is a tool that I often use. Its performance is excellent, and the speed of grinding the target shape is extremely fast. 

Be careful with this step! Woodworking files are sharp and my advice is to wear gloves before operating. At the same time, this step is also very time-consuming and laborious. It is well known that friction increases only when the pressure is greater.

5. Sanding with sandpaper

Sandpaper can be used from 300 grit to 5000 grit to smooth the ring. This step is tedious, but be sure to be quiet. You may get a satisfactory ring after twenty minutes. After this, you can engrave some simple designs or initials of your loved ones! I used to use a pneumatic engraver for this crucial and personalized step. Did you know? It will make my ring unique!

Finally, I waxed my ring with natural beeswax to preserve it.

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