What Is Melbourne Most Famous For?

Iconic Things About Melbourne

If you’re going to travel to a major Australian city, then Melbourne is a great choice. There really is so much going on every single day of the year that you’ll never find yourself bored in Melbourne.

It’s a city that never really sleeps and has something to offer every traveller’s unique tastes when it comes to entertainment, sightseeing, dining out or simply just taking it easy with a cold drink in a trendy city bar.

Melbourne is very well known for a number of things, so let’s tick off some of those in this article.


The MCG is the “Melbourne Cricket Ground”. It’s one of the biggest sporting arenas in the world and can hold a crowd of more than 120,000, which is massive. Despite the name, more sports than just cricket are played at the ground, with the most popular being Victoria’s favourite winter sport – Australian Rules Football.

To experience this incredible stadium and soak up the atmosphere when it’s filled to capacity really is a thrilling experience, even if you know very little about the sport you are watching at the time.

The vibe inside the MCG – particularly at night – is nothing short of electric. Victorians love their sport and really get behind their teams, so it’s a vocal crowd no matter what the state of play.

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Arguably there is no better city in the world than Melbourne to sample a truly eclectic mix of cuisines from all around the globe.

While some cities are famous for the local cuisine of their country, Melbourne is legendary for top quality food choices from all cultures. It’s a multicultural city and that shines through in the smorgasbord of choices you have, whether you’re dining in a restaurant or just looking for some snack food.

Along with excellent food, you can choose from some of the country’s best bars and cafes to have a coffee or a drink. Just explore the city’s many quaint laneways to find some hidden treasures.

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The Melbourne Cup

This is Australia’s premier thoroughbred horse racing event and it’s held on the first Tuesday in November each year. The 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival actually runs for a week, and that’s a week of parties, fashion and fun for everyone, young and old.

It’s so much more than just a horse race, although the entire nation does stop what its doing to watch the race on the Tuesday afternoon.

It’s one of the world’s richest and most glamorous horse races and well worth being in town to experience it for yourself.

Culture, Arts and Events

Just like the city is renowned for its food, coffee and drinks, Melbourne is also famous for all its cultural events and music festivals.

It really doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit this southern Australian city, you’ll likely find there is a major event taking place somewhere; whether it’s a comedy festival, music festival, food and wine festival and more.

Any day and night of the year visitors and locals can be entertained by musical theatre, opera, live bands, or tame it down a little and check out one of the many fantastic art galleries in town.

Melbourne is the cultural heart of Australia, no question, and you’ll always find something to do and something going on.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Maybe a trip to the gardens doesn’t sound as exciting as a music festival, but it’s a great way to chill out and unwind.

Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens are massive, and the land is located just a stone’s throw from the CBD.

There are nature and rainforest walks, massive landscapes of stunning gardens, Australian wildlife roaming free, and several lakes with grassy banks that are perfect for having a picnic.

You could literally spend all afternoon wandering these gardens and still not see everything there is to see.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the city’s most iconic features.

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The Wrap

As you can see there are some great things happening in the city of Melbourne, and this post has only highlighted a select few. To discover what else is going on, you’ll have to plan a visit to Melbourne and see for yourself.

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