10 Tips To Make The Most of Your Alice Springs Trip

The Ultimate Alice Springs Travel Guide 

Alice Springs is the third-largest province in Australia comprising desert landscape but embedded in a rich cultural heritage. Alice Springs received its popularity because of the diverse local traditions, Aboriginal culture and majestic desert-like landscapes. The beautiful venue offers diverse outdoor experiences, places to see and people to meet. The article below aims to provide a see, do and safe travel guide when travelling to Alice Springs.

1. Places to See

Alice Springs provides a rich cultural-heritage visible by viewing the diverse places to see. Some places to see include Adelaide House at Todd Mall. The structure originally displayed the first local hospital and developed during 1920-1926.
Hikers and walkers who love exploring wildlife should visit West MacDonnell Ranges. The natural landscape provides opportunities to observe the surrounding geological features and the freshwater pools in the area. People can visit Tnorala and appreciate the over 140 million years old crater or take a jump in the Big Hole for a cool swim.

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2. Things to Do

Visitors who enjoy markets most definitely need to visit Alice Springs. The Todd Mall allows for once a month Sunday or Night Market experience held during different times in the year. Sunday venues seem to be popular between February to December and the Night events happen from August to November during the lovely warmer months. These markets offer opportunities to take part in viewing or purchasing of different local products, foods, clothing and gifts.

Besides the markets, diverse cafes and social venues provide a rest for the tired traveller to rejuvenate and relax. Tourists can enjoy local or international menus aligned with preferred tastes and choices.
Nature lovers can enjoy a visit to the local desert environment and view the different natural landscapes. These landscapes include cultural and environmental heritage typical of the Australian desert. The park provides opportunities to take part in walking trails and view the diverse animal species that made the landscape their home. In addition, one learns from the local Aboriginal population about their culture and traditions that developed over many years.
People who love historical architecture should visit the Old Telegraph Station Reserve originated during the 19th-century. The historical built environment played a key role during the set-up of the original telegraph line between Adelaide and Darwin.
People who enjoy golf should visit the Alice Springs venue and experience the diverse courses available for use by all levels of sportsman experts. Visitors can play golf by appreciating a view of the surrounding MacDonnell mountains.

3. Budget-Friendly Things to Do

Anzac Hill in the CBD provides a few minutes’ walks to reach the memorial erected to commemorate the WWI soldiers. The hilltop provides a significant view of the surrounding settlements and mountain ranges.
Simpsons Gap presents an opportunity for our fitness experts to take part in walking, running, or cycling alongside the path. The 17 km long trail provides an opportunity to exercise while on holiday.

4. What to Pack

Depending on the focus of a travellers journey, it becomes important to include the following in your bag:
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Shampoo
• Swimming costume
• Walking boots
• Casual clothing for the relaxing evenings out
• Smart wear if you intend to visit a boutique do
• Underwear
• Something cool to sleep in
• Something warm if the weather becomes nasty
• Deodorant and your favourite perfume
• Medical kit
• Anything else that may make your journey a lot easier

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5. Best Places to Stay

Alice Springs present diverse places to stay from motels, backpackers to holiday parks. People who prefer motel complex living can book accommodation at the Desert Palms that comprise diverse verandas, kitchen facilities and surrounded by a tropical atmosphere. The venue allows for easy access to the local golf club or nearby restaurants.
The BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park offers an opportunity to individuals or families to enjoy a view of the majestic mountains. The park support staff provides guidance during times of need. In addition, the venue surrounded by shops, restaurants and places to see offers the younger ones, a holiday day without boredom.
The adventure low key traveller looking for backpacker accommodation can book at the Alice Lodge accommodation. It allows sleeping places for the traveller, even if you a loner. The location provides an easy 10-minute walk to the town area and various tours leave from the site.

6. Best Shops to Visit

Talapi offers access to diverse local art pieces and focuses specifically on Aboriginal artwork. If you a book lover, a visit to the Red Kangaroo Books may offer all you need. The venue provides access to tourist guides, novels, fiction, and non-fiction reading material. Take a visit to Yeperenye Shopping Centre and dive into the diverse trading store experiences. Yeperenye offers restaurants, clothing, games, nails and many other services a traveller needs. Art lovers can also visit the Gallery Gondwana to receive a taste of local creative environments.

7. Weather

Alice Springs presents weather patterns that can easily change to the extreme desert environment. The best time to visit includes the months from April to October suitable to take part in outdoor events. The November to April months offers the rainy season that can change from comfortable to intensive wet conditions. Depending on your holiday, it always helps to understand the diverse weather patterns.

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8. Transport

Tourists can use diverse transport methods to reach their favourite destinations. If you stay at the holiday park or neighbouring overnight places, one can walk to town. If you aim to explore a bus leaves from the Yeperenye Mall to reach the School of the Air and other hotels or accommodation places in the area. If you want more private care, one can book a taxi or hire a car or hop on the red bus pick an up spot at Old Ghan Museum. Active tourists can easily book a bike to view the area by cycling or take the train between Adelaide and Darwin.

9. Enjoy the Culture

Alice Springs presents a unique cultural heritage and environment. To really participate in the local landscape and appreciate the social environment, one should visit the iconic Uluru landscape. Tourists interested in Aboriginal cultural heritage should book the Cave Hill experience where the 4×4 guided tour allows for a first-hand learning event. Tourists receive insight into the cultural storytelling of Aboriginal communities and view the Pitjantjatjara landscape. The traditional experience allows for participation in the indigenous food specialities and view of the rock art resources.

10. Safety Tips

Alice Springs presents a beautiful local environment, but general safety tips apply. Prevent from walking around at night and stay away from dark corners or places. When hiking, keep the medical supplies with you and make sure to drink lots of water.

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Fun Fact

Is Alice Springs worth visiting?

In fact, you’ll find that when you visit Alice Springs there’s not too much to do here beyond Uluru and the canyon. It’s a very, very small town. But the town does have tremendous natural beauty, offering visitors scenic bushwalking trails, beautiful gardens, and lots of historic buildings.

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