Top 10 Free Events Around Australia in 2020

Ten Best Free Events to Attend in Australia 2020

Australia is heaven for nature-loving tourists from across the world. It is a popular tourist destination with many attractions to boast of, like its scintillating beaches, hundreds of marvellous National Parks, magnificent Rainforests and majestic wildlife. But what is also less advertised is the way Australians put up free shows and events that can astound any visitor. These free events happen all through the year and across the length and breadth of the country at a massive scale and gusto. Participation in these free events at various cities is tremendous and is to be seen to be believed. The onset of summer brings the best out of Australia with every major town and city participating in celebrations with free events and festivals, night markets, live music and light shows in non-electrifying atmosphere. Let’s check out 10 best free events to attend in Australia in 2020 that will make any backpacker delighted and contended.

1. St Kilda Festival

This is the Sunday Festival and is one of the best music events in Australia. The good news is that it is a Free Event. Elaborate stages are set up in the suburbs of Melbourne at the beachside. You can enjoy the festival with some of Australia’s best performing there. Then there are local bands and DJs and lots of funky acts. The entire esplanade of St Kilda gets packed with people partying on the streets. This happens generally on 2nd Sunday of February.
But St Kilda starts off partying from December onwards with Night Markets at Luna Park and continues till February. Here the locals and fun-loving people from far and wide come to enjoy the festive atmosphere with fire twirlers, cheap international food stalls, drum circles and lots of drinks in the Park. St Kilda Night Markets come alive from 5 PM to 10 PM, so make your plans accordingly.

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2. Sydney Festival

January heralds the New Year and Sydney breaks into festive celebrations like nothing else. Sydney Festival kicks off in January with a bang. It takes place in various locations in Sydney, hosting over 100 events. The events take shape in all forms with over 700 participants. You will certainly find an event of your choice to attend. Though the Sydney Festival is spread over various locations, the epicentre is Hyde Park. There is plenty of action for music lovers. You can attend the free concerts at Sydney’s Domain. The festivities carry on every day throughout January, except on Mondays. You will find live music, theatre, magic acts, pop up bars and loads of food stalls catering to all palates in a multicultural society. Keep your month of January free to enjoy Sydney Festival with all its frenzy and zest. Choose your free vents well because you will be hard-pressed for the time at this Festival.

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3. VIVID Sydney

Vivid Sydney has been the international highlight of this megacity for more than a decade. It is the much-awaited event of the city when the whole city glitters like a massive jewel in the ocean in the month of May. Every year you can expect some out of the world experience in the festival of light, music and innovative ideas. With millions attending this festival every year you need to book your stay well in advance. Thousands of lights are projected in the most innovative manner on Sydney buildings and public spots. VIVID Sydney festival transforms the famous Sydney Opera House into a fairytale spectacle of light accompanied by music. Talking of music, you can expect to enjoy world-class live musical performances ranging from classical to contemporary and everything in between, including fusion music. Public places like Taronga Zoo Sydney and Botanic Gardens look entirely different with giant eyes popping out through crafty light effects.

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4. Brisbane’s Green Jam Sessions

If you are in Brisbane then make sure you start your weekend at QPAC, Southbank, Brisbane at dusk. Every Friday night you can enjoy the best indie bands as also the promising upcoming talent at Southbank. There will be loads of options in terms of multi-cuisine delicacies from food trucks, thirst-quenching Pop-up bars and plenty of opportunities to chill on the grass as you please. You may also plan to go to Brisbane’s Southbank Markets on any Friday, again between 5 PM and 10 PM. Southbank of Brisbane comes alive on these Fridays with firework displays, live music, numerous market stalls and of course your favourite food stalls which offer delicacies at a very cheap price.
For a change, you can enjoy your weekend from 5 PM to 10 PM at Brisbane’s Boundary Street Night Markets. There will be a lot of quaint places to explore while having your drinks at the Pop-up bars. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere of the night markets while gorging on a food truck and also buy trinkets from various stalls. Of course, there will be live music to keep you entertained in this creative suburb of Brisbane’s West End every Friday and Saturday.

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5. Noosa Festival of Surfing

In the month of March, at Noosa Festival of Surfing, Noosa, Queensland you can watch the world’s best surfers in action. This is the ultimate show of world-class surfing. The story of the festival does not end here. The festivities will lure you to many bars and enchant you with live music, movies and other night entertainment. But the most fascinating thing to do will be to take a seat near the waves with your favourite drink and watch the world-class surfers do some marvellous feats in surfing. Watch them paddleboard, dog board, shortboard and also longboard with professional elegance.
You will have some more fun at Noosa with the start of Noosa Night Markets. You will be treated with the best local produce from local farmers. Local artists will floor you with their homemade art crafts. You will have the chance to splurge on gourmet food with live music and then satisfy your thirst at the bar there.

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6. White Night Melbourne

On the lines of VIVID Sydney, White Night Melbourne is celebrated for one night in August. All landmark buildings and public places of Melbourne are bathed in lights and transformed into magical structures, with accompanying music. You should walk the streets of Melbourne and take in this festive show. You are sure to be transfixed and spellbound with the magnificence of this show of light and music.
In Melbourne, you can also take part in the festivities of Queen Victoria Summer & Winter Night Market. In this inner-city market, you will be most interested in the lovely international cheap foods stalls, plenty of variety in drinks and live music. There will be flavoured tea, roaming performers and endless choices in entertainment on every Wednesday night, starting 5 PM onwards.
In the months of January and February, you have another option in Melbourne. Every Thursday night from 3.0 PM onwards you can celebrate the summer at South Melbourne Night Markets. There will be lots of clothing, trinkets and jewellery to lure you, apart from the wide variety of cheap food stalls and Pop up bars, accompanied by live music.

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7. Sydney’s Chinatown Night Markets

There is no place on earth to beat Sydney in relation to markets. There are plenty to choose from, like Paddington Markets, Bondi Beach Markets, Rocks Markets and so on. However, Sydney’s Chinatown Night Markets draws a huge crowd with some very Asian experience to offer. There’s lots of colour, sounds and aroma to give you a very exotic Asian indulgence. You can have loads of tasty Asian treats and tons of entertainment here, every Friday from 4 PM to 11 PM, throughout the summer months.
Sydney comes alive with celebrations of Lunar New Year in the latter half of February. The celebrations take place all across Sydney with numerous events. The festive season is best enjoyed at Chinatown and the restaurants there offer you very cheap exotic food that will satisfy your soul. You must go to Sydney Harbour on the opening night of the Festival to become witness to the fascinating sight of glowing Lanterns released in the air and gently flying away in thousands. Then you must witness the Chinese New Year Street Parade and the Dragon Boat Races organized at Cockle Bay.

8. Sydney Easter Parade

Sydney is a busy city of free events. There are numerous free events that are organized in Sydney over the long Easter Weekend. Amongst them, the most popular and endearing is the Sydney Easter Parade, which is being organized over the last more than 20 years. Beginning from Hyde Park, Sydney Easter Parade travels to Sydney Opera house. Thousands join the parade from different backgrounds and celebrate the Festive Parade. All along the route of the Parade, there is live entertainment with participating children and cultural performances. The colours along the Parade is breathtaking. You will enjoy live music along the way. The Parade is a massive sea of people dancing and singing along the route. The spectacle of the festive spirit is infectious and visitors to Australia do not want to miss this event at any cost. This Parade is sheer entertainment at every step of the way, so come and participate to find out for yourself.

9. Cairns Markets

Want some tropical market goodies? Then head straight down to Cairns Lagoon. Here you can enjoy live music and take a swim in the Lagoon. While you are here you must enjoy the festivities of Cairns Night Market, which takes place across the road of Cairns Lagoon. It is a fabulous place to collect souvenirs to take back home. There are also options for shopping for cheap clothes and shoes, the Australian style. And of course, you will have plenty to eat and drink from the food stalls and Pop up bars. You may also like to undergo cheap massages to tone up your body muscles.
Throughout the year Cairns offers you, free fitness classes. This is very interesting as the classes are held on Cairns Esplanade from Monday to Saturday, round he year. Classes start early at 6.30 AM for an hour or so. You will have aerobics in the Lagoon on Mondays and Fridays, yoga on Tuesdays and Saturdays, boot camp on Wednesdays and pilates on Thursdays. It’s a great way to start your day, all for free.

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10. Sydney Mardi Gras

By far the biggest event of the year, Sydney Mardi Grass is a festival celebrating Gay and Lesbian lifestyle and freedom. The festival is the centre of attraction for thousands across the globe with the full participation of the locals. It is a three-week event starting with the hoisting of the rainbow flag from Town Hall by City Mayor, symbolizing solidarity with the movement. The rainbow flag flutters in the Town Hall for the duration of the festival. There are more than 100 events conducted across Sydney at various venues for the duration of the festival. This festival celebrates all things that are gay, airing an expression of freedom, equality and self-respect for the LGBT community. The festival culminates on the first Saturday of March with the famous Sydney Mardi Gras Parade. The parade winds its way through Kings Cross and passes Flinders Street. There are more than 10000 participants, and about 200000 people are attracted to this Parade from all over the world, so you have to make your plans early to find a place to stay.

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There are plenty of free events in Australia for visitors of all ages and proclivity. There is always some free event happening for you in all major cities and towns, whether you are with family or single. Here we have discussed some of the best free events to attend in Australia in 2020, so pick your choice and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

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