Busselton – Western Australia

Busselton is a beautiful regional city situated in the South West region of. This city is considered as one of the fastest developing cities of Australia in the last ten years. Today, it entertains a population of approximately 20,000. This city is situated at a distance of 220 kilometers to the south-west of the capital city of Western Australia, Perth. Interestingly, this city has been voted as the top tourist destination of Western Australia three times. Thus, this fact certainly makes Busselton one of the best destinations in Western Australia. There are a number of activities that could be done by tourists in this beautiful city.

History of Busselton:

Busselton, the city of Western Australia was founded in the year 1832 by the Bussell family. Needless to say, the name of the city has been adopted by this family. This city is considered as one of the earliest settlements of the Western Australia region. The early history of this city focuses its establishment and expedition by the French in the year 1801. Nicholas Baudin, a French explorer came into this city along with his ships to the Western Australian coast. Busselton was finally settled down by the Bussell family who relocated to this city from the Blackwood River area.

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One Amazing Tourist Destination:

Being an amazing tourist destination in Western Australia, there are a lot of tourist activities that could be enjoyed at Busselton. You can sit down at the beautiful seaside cafes to munch on your favorite meal and sip your favorite drink. There are a number of bars and restaurants that serve the best local food found here. The walk on the sandy beaches is certainly a great idea. There are plush accommodations, holiday and recreational parks, etc. Being a tourist, you can have the time of your life by involving yourself in the fun-filled activities like whale watching, cycling on the beach, scenic drive or merely hitting the beach.

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