Top 10 Must-See Tech Stocks 2020

The Ten Incredible Tech Stocks of 2020

The Ten Best Technology stocks of 2020 increase daily and depending on an investors’ interest, it provides an interesting environment to operate in. Continuous research shows a change in tech stock types with a significant increase in cloud-based services. Using cloud-based and mobile services changed the manner in which people think or operate. The examples below provide the best technology stocks identified as suitable to buy in 2020. This article is not in anyway advisory.

1. E-Payment: PayPal (PYPL)

Top 10 Tech Stocks 2020

An increase in the e-payment technology market transformed the manner in which consumers buy or merchants pay. PayPal one of the number 1 technology stock opportunities played a significant role in the e-payment environment. For example, with an extensive increase of active accounts and presenting over 13 million traders, it offers continuous changes to their services provided. The significant increase in payment volumes allowed PayPal to take a significant stand in the technology stock environment. Increased online shopping impacted the PayPal market shares significantly. It presents a stable and long-term technology stock status. PayPal maintains an average stock price of $121.

2. Real Time Analysts – NetSuite (N)

Real Time Analysts - NetSuite

NetSuite receives a number 2 best technology place with providing cloud-based opportunities to real-time analysts. Significant growth to over 4 million organisations provided the technology company with an opportunity to grow their market. NetSuite focuses on the provision of diverse applications related to accounting, customer relationship management, professional services automation and human capital management. NetSuite presents an average stock price of $26.

3. Benefit Determination – BenefitFocus (BNFT)

If a user becomes interested in benefit analysis programs, Benefitfocus receives a number 3 popularity number. BenefitFocus received a high-level interest from diverse large-scale employers with a reaching revenue of more than $54.8 million in proceeds. BenefitFocus offers diverse applications based on management, scale and exchange of benefits. It became especially popular with the insurance broker market, suppliers, employers, and consumers. It presents an average stock price of $25.

4. Business Sales – Criteo (CRTO)

Business models focused on performance received a good ranking from various sales companies. Criteo receives a number 4 best technology ranking with focusing their operation on payment after sales method. Criteo receives an over 40% increase in market growth. Criteo offers an online marketing opportunity to Internet users using a specialised approach. Criteo presented vulnerable shares since the start of the year but seem to stay popular in the stock market. Shares decreased to a level of $17, but the online marketer presented various steps to overcome the challenges they face.

5. Auto – Mobileye (MBLY)

Significant increases in the provision of collision avoidance technology programs allowed Mobileye to grow their market interest. Mobileye, number 5 ranking, seemed to grow their technology growth to over 20 involved clients with an increased interest in their auto-specialty field. Mobileye known for its development of high-technology driving with a focus on the use of radar, LiDar and high definition mapping tools presents the future for safe vehicles. Attempts to break into the self-driving vehicle opportunities received significant interest by engineers across the world. It provides an opportunity for growth in the camera focused auto environment. The average stock price stands at $63.

6. Shopping – Shopify (TSX: SHOP)

Shopify at number 6 provides online shopping experiences for consumers and sellers. Shares climbed significantly to over 96% and enjoyed growth in the e-commerce market. The Ottawa based company started to focus on providing services to the international community using alternative languages than English. Shopify provides an average stock price of $317.

7. Computer – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE, number 7, stays one of the familiar known technology stocks used by consumers at home, the office or the larger scale companies. HPE generated a wealth growth of more than $129 billion dollars and may proceed with increasing their market. HPE offers a variety of technology products related to software management, enterprise and finance services. It seems to present an increase in market share during 2019 and stands at an estimate stock price of $21.

8. Reading – Amazon (AMZN)

The Ten Incredible Tech Stocks of 2020

Amazon receives a number 8 ranking not because of its less popular technology-based programs, but because of its existing well-established market name. Amazon’s growth seems to develop in the cloud-based “Prime” environment and receive steady growth from both the traditional or more millennial types. Amazon’s diverse interest in diverse cloud and technology products allowed them to stay well-defined in the stock market. It presents an excellent stable opportunity to invest in with an estimated stock market cost of $2006.

9. Mobile / Computer – Apple (AAPL)

Top 10 Must-See Tech Stocks 2020

Apple at number 9 best technology stock list received various negative comments, struggling with keeping their profits and markets going. They still maintain a loyal customer group. As a result, their technology market stays a popular place to invest in. Apple’s product range offers diverse opportunities to a wide range of people, but with a significant price tag. As a result, the giant technology company needed to re-look their market and sales to ensure survival. Apple faces many battles in terms of client trust relationships, affordability and innovation of new products. Still, the brand seems to withhold the interest of their loyal customers. Apple’s stock price stands at $203.

10. Chronic Disease Treatment – RESMED (RMD)

Top 10 Must-See Tech Stocks 2020

RESMED at number 10 offers a cloud-based approach to medical care. Medical practitioners use RESMED technology to treat patients who suffer from sleep sickness and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The digital approach significantly decreases health costs during the treatment of chronic disease patients. RESMED presents a significant growth in South America with a focus on sleep sicknesses and lung diseases. The technology giant presents a stock market price of $123 and form part of the 10 Best Technology Stocks of 2020.




This article provides only general, and not personalised financial advice, and has not taken your personal circumstances into account.  Please remember that investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Australia Unwrapped does not guarantee the performance of, or returns on any investment. This article should be enjoyed only for informational and entertainment purposes.

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