10 Most Beautiful Australian Islands for a Perfect Holiday

Ten Stunning Australian Island Locations You Must Visit in 2020

Everybody loves an island getaway and Australia is a big island, therefore, are locals already living on an island. However, when you consider a getaway away from the mainland there is an abundance of extraordinary islands for a perfect getaway. You are not short on options when you consider there are more than 8, 000 islands in Australia.
Australia’s got you covered whether you are looking for a family-friendly holiday, an island filled with activities and adventure or a tropical paradise to relax with your partner.

1. Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is the Great Barrier Reef’s most famous island and Whitsunday’s crown. It is in the middle of the Queensland coastline an 887km north of Brisbane. It is a 740 hectares island and you can access it via private boat, passenger ferries or direct flight from Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Here is a myriad of activities that ranges from Golfing to walking trails and even see koalas. The reef experiences, however, is what Hamilton Island are known for best with excellent snorkelling and sailing. It is great for a family island holiday.

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2. Bedarra Island

When you are looking for a private getaway with your partner, you can get a private patch of island-utopia when you take a Bedarra Island break. It is a small island of 45 hectares, 140 km south of Cairns and 10 km from Mission Beach. It gives n excellent castaway vibe as it is far enough not to see the mainland. You can get here easily with a ferry or private boat from Mission Beach. It is best known for its romantic seclusion and it is likely that you will not encounter other guests as it only has ten villas. It is one of the most gorgeous tropical oasis in Australia.

3. Rottnest Island

Rottnest is car-free and a haven of 63 outstanding white beaches, 18 km from Perth. It has gorgeous flora and fauna and superb offshore reefs. It is an adventurer paradise with plenty to do like fishing, swimming, kayaking, surfing and bike riding. You can also experience the Aboriginal culture with a tour of the Aboriginal prison.
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4. Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the largest sand island in the world. It stretches over 123 km and from here you can witness the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal. It is perfect for adventure seekers and family holidays with plenty of activities that include scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and four-wheel-driving.

5. Moreton Island

Moreton Island is north of Stradbroke Island and an idyllic paradise with unspoilt nature, tropical beaches and steep sandy dunes. It is amazing for thrill-seekers, families and adventurers while it is equally suitable for a romantic holiday. It is here where you can witness the series of shipwrecks, the Tangalooma Wrecks. It offers the most amazing diving opportunities. You will not be bored for a second on this piece of heaven with activities like hiking, surfing, fishing, dolphins and sand tobogganing.

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6. Lady Musgrave Island

One of Australia’s most picture-perfect islands in Queensland is the Lady Musgrave. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and National Park with very little modern amenities. Here the beauty lies in the natural raw attraction of gorgeous beach and unspoilt nature. When you come here, you camp on the beach. It is small at only 14-hectares but you will find that the entire island is surrounded by 1, 992 hectares of gorgeous reef.7. Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is one of the remote tropical islands where you need to book well in advance. You cannot simply pop over for an island holiday and decide on Lord Howe as only 400 visitors are allowed at a time. With a number of upscale resorts, this protected paradise has crystal clear waters for excellent marine spotting which also makes swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkelling and diving popular activities.

8. Tasmania

Tasmania is Australia’s most populous island and one of the largest as well. It is an island that is filled with white-sand beaches and inland verdant rainforests. Here you will also find 19 national parks, glorious towns with an abundance of attractions. Hobart is home to cultural and natural attractions, while you can explore historic colonial mansions in Launceston. Tasmania with its 19 national parks with the extraordinarily beautiful coastline is a great holiday island throughout the year.

9. Hayman Island

Hayman Island is the northernly Whitsunday Island off Central Queensland. It forms a large part of tourism in Australia. It is a small island of 400 hectares owned by Reginal Ansett but it is open to tourists and holidaymakers. Hayman Island is a prime destination as a honeymoon and leisure destination.

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10. Haggerstone Island

If you are lucky enough to get accommodation on Haggerstone Island, you will stay in one of five beachfront villas with stunning ocean views and complete privacy. It is a great destination for couples that wants privacy and a romantic breakaway. You can also choose one of the exclusive villas on the hills, a hut overlooking the Coral Sea and Big Lagoon and more secluded accommodations for privacy. Excellent adventure awaits including fishing, swimming diving, snorkelling and spearfishing.


These ten islands are only a drop in the ocean of exclusive and exotic islands for a perfect holiday in Australia as it is home to islands that will truly blow your mind.

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