Overview :

Imagine natural tranquility. What is the first thing that crosses your mind on its mention ? Serenity and seclusion, is it ? A place wherein you could be completely with yourself and mother nature ? A place which is as pleasantly bright as soothingly dark, as rugged as smooth, & as adrenaline-pumping as calmly restive ? Hark ! The place of your dreams might be somewhere on Cloud number 9, however, you can experience the same here on earth, in your mortal life, if you would just take the wee-bit trouble to set upon a journey towards Western Australia’s Karijini National Park.

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Some might find this analogy inaccurate on first-view, but an intrinsic exploration of the region will (and I repeat, WILL) rob the travellers of their weariness (ironic !). Located in the center of Hamersley ranges of Pilbara region, just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, in Australian state of Western Australia, it’s the state’s second largest national park with spanning 627,442 hectares. The park besides the signature flora & fauna of Australia, is notable for its stunning gorges, beautiful waterfalls, and spectacular rock displays formed over billions of years of geological activity in the region. A heaven for hungry hike explorers, the park offers an array of tourism activity ranging from adventurous, educational, to the nature-bonding kinds.

History :

Traditionally inhabited by the Banyjima and Innawonga Aborigines, the park was formerly named Hamersley National Park until 1991. First explored in 1861, by F.T. Gregory, and home to a unique ecosystem partly due to ancient Aborigine practices, and partly due to geological phenomena over ages, the display of Dolomite, Shale, and other formations are a tourist magnet for the region.

Features :

A land of contrasts and calm-inducing charm, Karijini National Park, welcomes its guests with a complete-package of varying activities on a single trip. Visiting seemingly unrealistic beautiful waterfalls ( Joffre, Fortescue, & many others) against the backdrop of colored, mineral-rich rocks is one-of-its kind experience. Water holes and pools are another major attractions, making the visitors feel the mentioned tranquility in nature’s lap. Several gorges in the region (Dales, Knox, Yampire, Joffre, Hancock, Wittennom etc.) are the places-to-be, offering a panoramic vista of several aspects of the region, making one wonder-in-awe about Natural forces responsible for creating the region as it is today. Klein Crater, some distance from the park externally is another recommended spot-to-visit. Apart from the geological vista, Karijini National Park is also a favorite among wildlife lovers. The rugged landscape is a home to one big Fauna family with Red Kangaroos, Euros, Wallaroos, Echidnas, Goannas, Legless Lizards, Pythons and several other varieties of Bats, Birds, & Snakes among others. A wildlife paradise, such a varied ‘collection’, makes it a hub to experience Australia’s natural rusticity first-hand. The views and lookouts from the gorges and surrounding highlands, makes the heart jump from excitement and adventure. Hiking trips, swimming and diving activities, several adventure sports, and wildlife trekking, all in one place, along with an opportunity to reconnect with self amidst peace and calm, driven by nature in a myriad of ways is more than a tourist can ask for. After all, you don’t get a chance to explore nature, physically and spiritually, everyday, all in a single place.

Inner peace is quite an individual subject. And if you think you’ve grown closer to nature, while visiting Karijini National Park, then who better than you, can tell the world of the amazing beauty, serenity & feeling of this park, through letting us take a peek into your personal stories and snapshots. So please comment your tales and opinions below or amaze the world by sharing your experiences, here.

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