What Are The Tallest Buildings in Australia in 2023?

Living the High Life in Australia’s Tallest Buildings

It may be a surprise to know that the first skyscraper was completed in the late 1800s. The former APA Building which has since been demolished is recognized as one of the tallest buildings during its time. Together with Canada and the United States, Australia was one of the first nations to participate in the so-called skyscraper boom. It was in 1967 when the first skyscraper of the country was recognized by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The Australia Square Tower, found in Sydney, stands more than 150 meters. With many high rise buildings spread across the country for both commercial and residential purposes, we will take a look at Australia’s tallest buildings.

1. Q1

Found in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Q1 is currently the tallest building in Australia. It stands at 322.5 meters and has 78 stories. Construction for the Q1 started in 2002 and was completed in 2005. It is currently one of the world’s tallest residential structures. This award-winning establishment boasts of world-class facilities. You can book a vacation and stay in one of the spa apartments and enjoy the amenities that the building has to offer. Enjoy a relaxing day at the Q1 Day Spa or be adventurous and visit the SkyPoint Club. The Club is considered to be the highest external building walk in Australia. Spend a romantic dinner at SkyPoint Observation Deck, the highest entertainment and dining centre in the city. The relaxed yet elegant ambience will surely give you a memorable experience as you enjoy the different array of cuisines that one of Australia’s tallest buildings has to offer.

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2. Eureka Tower

Melbourne plays hosts to the country’s second-tallest building, the Eureka Tower. When you plan to visit the tallest buildings in Australia, Eureka should be on your list. It gives the highest vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere. The glass of the building’s top 10 levels is plated in gold, adding to the sensorial experience when guests visit Eureka. Many activities that the whole family can enjoy awaits the visitors in Eureka. The Skydeck offers educational and interactive activities that children can participate in. Adults can also enjoy Eureka Vertigo, an optical illusion activity where it would appear that you are falling off the building. What is perhaps most exciting about this building is the Edge Experience. Here, guests are suspended in the glass cube at almost 300 meters above Melbourne. Whether at night or day, there is no better time to visit Eureka.

3. Aurora Melbourne Central

One of the tallest skyscrapers in Australia can be found in the central business district of Melbourne. The Aurora Melbourne Central, standing at 270.5 meters, is one of the most significant mix-use buildings. Expected to be completed in 2019, it boasts of residential units, serviced apartments, and commercial and office units. The exclusivity of the Aurora can be seen in the residents-only amenities, including the underground access that directly connects to the Melbourne Central Station and to one of the largest shopping centres of the city. Guests at the serviced apartments may enjoy facilities such as a gymnasium and dedicated pool. Companies who will take office in its commercial units will enjoy being at the heart of the CBD, a location that will be beneficial for staff and clients alike.

4. 1 William Street

Next in the list of Australia’s tallest buildings is 1 William Street. Located in the central business district of Brisbane, it is close to the Parliament House in proximity. Most of the floors are used by the government while the rest are leased to the private sector. It boasts of offers and services exclusive to its tenants as they form a community in the building. The lower ground floor is home to food establishments that offer an array of cuisines. There are bars, restaurants, caterers and cafes that will surely have whatever you crave for. A convenience store is also a resident of the building, offering sustainable and organic products that fit your healthy lifestyle. The business professionals that make up the residents of 1 William Street will surely appreciate the convenience that the building’s organization has to offer.

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5. 120 Collins Street

Accessible by public transport, 120 Collins Street is one of Australia’s tallest office buildings. Standing at 265 meters, the striking entry of the building gives way to the postmodern style of the establishment, honouring the Art Deco buildings of New York like the Empire State Building. The building was completed in 1991 but was refurbished to make it more energy-efficient. This iconic landmark is a coveted address in Melbourne because of the easy access that it gives for tenants to visit other retail facilities. The building is home to many multinational companies that deal in banking, steel and other services. The high-profile tenants of the building add to the prestige of being a tenant of 120 Collins Street.

6. Brisbane Skytower

Located at the central business district of Brisbane is the Brisbane Skytower, one of the tallest buildings in Australia where you can stay for a vacation. This skyscraper, offering a stunning view of the city, sits in the heart of Brisbane. It is accessible by public transportation and within walking distance are establishments that are easily the best that the city can offer. You can walk to different restaurants, malls, entertainment centres and gardens. The apartments for rent boasts of world-class amenities. The luxurious spaces are fully equipped with kitchen amenities while the living area is designed with everything that you will need. Those who visit Brisbane alone or with their family can choose from one-bedroom or two-bedroom units that come with free wi-fi and laundry services. Whether you’re a local or a traveller looking for a luxurious place to stay, the Brisbane Skytower’s services will surely make your experience unforgettable.

7. 101 Collins Street

Another skyscraper at 260 meters in the heart of Melbourne is the prestigious 101 Collins Street. Residing at the famous Paris end of Collins Street, 101 is home to influential companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. It is not a surprise why some of the country’s most influential businesses reside here, because working at this building is a luxury that is known only to its tenants. They have redefined what it means to get ready for work with the changing rooms accessible only to its office community. The rooms are equipped with toilet, showers and lockers. Services such as drying and ironing as well as towels are provided. Truly, 101 has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers by setting a benchmark for the best workplaces in Australia.

8. Prima Pearl

Melbourne’s newest iconic skyscraper is Prima Pearl, completed in 2014 and standing at 254 meters. This residential business is the perfect mix of accessibility and luxury. The apartments have been designed to allow natural light to enter during the day and to capture the majestic view of the Melbourne skyline at night. High-quality fixtures were used in the finishing of the apartment units, giving it a style that is both enduring and easy to maintain. Residents have access to the many amenities that Prima Pearl offers. There is a game room, pool, gym and even a virtual golf area that residents can spend their leisure time in. A spa is ready to help you relax while private dining areas and the sky lounge offer spaces for your parties. Prima Pearl also boasts of a 17-seater cinema that can be booked for a world-class movie experience. Truly, living in Prima Pearl is high-class living.

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9. Infinity Tower

Considered Brisbane’s tallest building until 2016, Infinity Tower is another residential establishment that offers the best amenities at the heart of the city. Standing at 249 meters, Infinity is accessible by public transport. Living there will give you easy access to the different establishments in the city, be it for your business, dining or professional needs. Cafes, galleries and entertainment centres are also within walking distance from the building. Infinity boasts of over 500 carefully designed units that are finished with the best quality fittings and fixtures, with other facilities such as a pool, spa, sauna and private gym accessible to its tenants.

10. Rialto Tower

Rounding up the list of the tallest buildings in Australia is Melbourne’s Rialto Towers. Standing at 251.1 meters, it was the country’s tallest building until 1991. This iconic landmark stands in the famed Collins Street, home to many of the world’s leading law, finance, consulting and investment companies. The rich history of Rialto, with its first building being built in the late 1800s, is seen in the architecture of the building that is both aspirational and visionary. It offers several services such as social networking and concierge to its tenants. The so-called regeneration of Rialto was completed in 2017 as it continues to innovate and keep up with the needs of its customers. The building also houses several restaurants and bistros that offer different cuisines to satisfy the craving of its customers. The dining experience is paired with the finest selections of beers and wines, perfect for winding down after a hard day’s work.

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Whether you need a home for you and your family, office space or simply a place to relax during a vacation, Australia has many establishments that will cater to your needs. Some of the world’s tallest buildings are in the country, residing in the central business districts of different cities. Designed to showcase the beautiful landscape of the area, these skyscrapers are home to some of the world’s leading financial and business companies while some are called home by the meticulous residents who only want the best services that can be offered to them. Staying at one of these buildings will surely be a feast for your senses, as you can enjoy not only the facilities it can offer but also the easily accessible establishments that the city brings.



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