Adding a Lot of Backlinks or Using Just Quality Ones: What’s Right For You?

If you have been following SEO lately, you must know backlinks are meant to drive traffic to your website. It means when you place your site link on various third-party websites, you might get readers redirected to your brand platform in a convenient approach. 

Not only that, but you will attain a better position in the search engine rankings! But how? Well, in the case of search engines, they see backlinks as ‘recommendations’ to your site. Thus, it adds more credibility to your brand, which in turn translates to a better ranking in the SERPs. 

Therefore, seeking link-building services is a common practice among most online business owners. If you are one with the idea of using backlinks, you have the liberty to redirect traffic to your homepage, landing pages or blogs. But the point of consideration is not every backlink holds the same value!


It is because some websites might be authoritative enough to help your brand earn a reputation when you get linked to their content. On the other hand, some poor websites might hurt your brand presence when their content links back to your brand platform. 

Therefore, deciding on whether to go with quality backlinks or use them in high quantity, is a big choice to make. Therefore, before you hire professionals to help you with link-building services, read this article till the end to conclude whether you should get a lot of backlinks or stick with just the quality ones. 

What do You Understand by Quality Backlinks?

Let’s start from scratch! For your online business, a backlink is categorised under the quality tag when it comes from authoritative sites. Every website that holds a recognisable reputation in its respective niche can be preferred for SEO link building, such as Forbes. 

In simple words, if people already trust a website for its valuable and fact-centric content, they will care to click on the links added to their content. If you have leveraged quality backlinks, you will draw positive traffic to your website, which will increase your rate of conversion. 

To determine if a website increases your quality SEO link-building quotient, there are a few things you must take note of, which include:

  • The domain rating of the website should be high, which directly expresses the optimal authoritativeness. 
  • The loading speed of the website should be high, which implies a better experience for the users. Thus, you can consider integrating your link-building services with such quality websites. 
  • Use specific tools to specify the average count of visitors to a potential website that you are considering for SEO link building. 

What Do You Understand by Quantity Backlinks?

Now, let’s try and understand the other side of the coin, quantity backlinks! If you are planning on hiring link-building services in Australia, you must understand the difference between the quality and quantity aspects associated with it. Let’s start with the general definition! 

You are now aware of what quality SEO link building is! In contrast to that, quantity backlinking is the strategy where you generate links from ample websites, irrespective of their authenticity. In this approach, the monthly traffic, site relevance or domain rating aren’t taken into consideration. 

But this doesn’t actually mean that the experts offering quantity link-building services in Australia will approach any random website. Even though your instruction is to focus on quantity, the experts will still keep out the harmful websites from the list to acquire backlinks from. 

Spammy, unsecured, or any such website is a bad consideration, even for the quantity of link building. Your SEO company knows it and will make sure to stick to getting backlinks mostly from websites with low, medium or high domain ratings. 

In the process, they will ensure that the blogs they are referring to have valuable content that adheres to Google’s algorithms. With the right efforts to keep out the harmful websites, your SEO company will make sure to enhance your domain rating, even through quantity backlinking. 

Why It’s Better to Rely on Quality Backlinks Over Quantity Counterparts?

When you seek to hire the best SEO company in Sydney and take their suggestion on what’s better between quantity or quality backlinks, they would always recommend the latter. Why? Well, quality backlinks are better for a lot of obvious reasons, which include better SEO rankings and higher domain authority. 

When you prefer to integrate quality backlinks over quantity counterparts, you won’t have to be worried about hurting the site rankings. As your web development company in Melbourne, which offers SEO services, will be analysing the websites for their reliability and trustworthiness, your link-building strategy will undoubtedly be foolproof. 

If you are relying upon the best SEO company in Sydney for your quality link-building services, here are some benefits that you will definitely avail yourself:

  • You will be drawing the attention of a quality audience to your brand site, which will boost your brand authority. 
  • Getting quality backlinks from authoritative websites will ensure your link is being mentioned multiple times across reputable blogs, which will add more value to your brand. 
  • When credible sites link your domain, it establishes a sense of trust for your brand across the search engines, which scales your SEO proficiency. 

Parting Words

With this, you might have clarity on why you should encourage dedicated experts from the best web development company in Melbourne to help prioritise quality backlinking. Acquiring quality backlinks might indeed bring in slower progress, but the brand value will grow gradually and exponentially. 

On the other hand, quantity backlinking might be faster, but you might feel disappointed by the growth rate of your brand value. With the right measures and assistance from experts offering high-end link-building services in Australia, you can achieve success in both approaches. 

But, as far as SEO proficiency is concerned, your online business will benefit better when you rely on quality link building, especially if you are just starting a new business. Now that you are educated about what link building actually is, keep no room for delays in adopting dedicated strategies. 

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