10 Amazing Amazon Products Available in Australia

Moving the Market with the Top Amazon Products in Australia

The onset of technology has gripped the entire world. The internet has made almost everything easier, from communication to learning, and from looking up for directions to getting the things we need. It has truly made the world smaller. The effects of technology can be greatly seen in sales and trade. The retail industry has been disrupted so much by technology because of online selling. Online retail companies started with a specific end in mind – to make buying and selling easier for both sellers and consumers. Amazon is one of the pioneers of online trading in the world. With countless companies and enterprises trusting them to use their platform as a marketing and selling tool, it is no doubt that Amazon has also become a trusted site for both the buying and delivery needs of the customer. Within the confines of our homes, we can buy our basic groceries and indulge in some personal shopping as well. We do not need to go out anymore, eliminating the need to look for transportation and additional expenditure like dining outside. It is hard to keep track of what’s available online but here are the top Amazon products in Australia that continue to make waves in our market.

1. Bulldog Original Face Wash

Surprisingly, one of the top beauty products in Amazon is not makeup but a men’s product. The Original Face Wash by Bulldog is a favourite among Australians. Bulldog is a company built on the belief that men should be considerate of their skin in the same way that they are considerate of their bodies. It is an all-natural product, containing no artificial colours and no synthetic fragrances. The company also doesn’t use ingredients coming from animal sources. The Original Face Wash contains a blend of 8 essential oils plus other natural ingredients, giving the product a fresh and light masculine scent. Paired with other Bulldog products like moisturizer, shave gel, shampoo-and-conditioner, beard balm, and beard oil, Bulldog is fast becoming a top contender among the beauty brands on Amazon.

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Nostalgia plays a big role in vying for the best-selling Amazon products in Australia. Among the top products is LEGO. This iconic brick toy has been around since the 1930s. Having many benefits that help the development of children, it is no wonder that generations who have played with LEGO pass it on to their children. And because every brick is part of what is called the LEGO system, one set can be played with another set. Children and adults as well can build anything they can imagine brick by brick, encouraging creativity and innovation in players. Among the top sellers are the Classic LEGO of colourful bricks and special edition sets that are made in collaboration with other companies as models, like the Mini Cooper and Harry Potter sets.

3. FitBit

The health and wellness craze in Australia has caused a surge in the sales of wearable technology gadgets such as FitBit. The company is committed to fitness and health, creating products that will track your health progress. These products are designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, thus the emergence of wearable and wireless gadgets that will help you track parts of your day related to your health, including your exercise, diet, weight, and sleep. This encourages you to make small steps towards the achievement of your health goals. With advanced technology, FitBit can be connected to your mobile phone where your personal health data can be stored and monitored. With so many designs to choose from, everyone in the family can choose a FitBit that is fit for them.

4. Avengers: Endgame

Nowadays, you can buy movies and television series on the internet, wait for it to be delivered, and enjoy them endlessly in the comforts of your home. There is no need to go to record stores and spend time looking for the star of your movie night. The top product of Amazon Australia in the movie category is Avengers: Endgame in BluRay. The thrilling ender to the Avengers saga gripped the hearts of millions, making it one of the best-loved movies in the series. Other series that dominate the sales in this category are Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, movies that can be now considered classics in the film industry.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

When buying products in Amazon Australia, we cannot, of course, discount products made by Amazon. Because more people are looking for options to have their favourite books right at their fingertips, e-books have become popular and Amazon was right there at the start to provide for the need of storing these e-books. To answer this need, tablets were developed and Kindle was born. The top Amazon product is Kindle Paperwhite. Tablets are very popular in Australia and Kindle is one of the leading brands, with lighter models compared to other brands. The newest Kindle model boasts of no glare on the screen because of sunlight, bigger storage that can hold over a thousand books, longer battery life, and waterproof case. These make for functional, convenient, and enjoyable reading for its consumers.

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6. Nintendo

Another nod to childhood is the growing sales of Nintendo consoles. Established in the 1980s, the Nintendo Entertainment System changed the whole industry of video games. From the Game Boy to the classic consoles, Nintendo continues to develop its gaming system to fit the dynamic needs of its market that is certainly not confined to children. The Nintendo Switch holds the top rank among the top Amazon products in Australia. The Switch can be played in three modes – handheld, tabletop, and tv mode – making it the ultimate product for a go-gamer who still wants to continue playing at home. The Switch is popular for its Joy-Con controllers, removable hand-held controllers that allow more flexibility. The Nintendo Switch has options for multi-player gaming, allowing you to play the thousands of games available in the entertainment system with your family and friends.

7. Renpho Scale

The heightened consciousness of Australians regarding health and wellness extends to home appliances. Renpho Scale is among the top Amazon products in Australia because of its many purposes. It is not only a weighing scale but also your body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. It also syncs with many health-related gadgets such as FitBit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Google Fit. This means that when you weigh yourself using Renpho, it will automatically update the data in your phone. It has a user-friendly application that allows Bluetooth connection, making it easy for you to synchronize your Renpho with other health gadgets in use. With many models to choose from, you can choose one that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

8. Nutribullet N9c-0907 Select 10 Piece Nutrient Extractor Set

Complementing the increasing demand in Australia for health-related products is the Nutribullet N9c-0907 Select 10 Piece Nutrient Extractor Set, the latest in the line of Nutribullet blenders that is known for its Nutrition Extraction mechanism. More than juicing and blending, Nutribullet uses the extraction mechanism to break down vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and other plant foods down to a state that can be best absorbed by the body. This means that the vitamins and minerals in these foods will be released, ready to be digested and absorbed. The latest Nutribullet set comes with accessories like the Colossal cup that comes with a lip ring for easy serving and drinking. Nutribullet also comes with a recipe book that will guide you in your health and wellness journey, making it an easy favourite in Amazon products.

9. Ultra Quiet Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs

Our furry friends also benefit from the convenience that Amazon gives us. The Ultra Quiet Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs is designed to aid in dog hygiene while keeping in mind that our pets can be sensitive as well. It is built with a mute motor that will not scare the dogs during nail grooming. The newest design uses a USB recharging system, allowing for wireless use during nail trimming and convenience for charging. There are also three different ports for different dog sizes. The grinder head is made of durable material that can withstand the strong nails, especially of big dogs. This is the ideal nail grinder for trimming, shaping and smoothening of pet nails.

10. Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals by Everyone

Authored by world-famous restaurateur and chef Jamie Oliver, Veg is one of Amazon’s top products in the book category. While there is an emerging trend in self-help and development books, recipe books that contain easy and well-loved dishes never go out of style. Veg is Oliver’s successful attempt at engaging his readers with vegetables, laying out how comforting, tasty and easy it is to cook vegetables. The book widens the reader’s repertoire of dishes, encouraging them to experiment with vegetables more with the assurance that the final meal will taste good. The inventive, brilliant, and easy-to-follow recipes inspire everyone to celebrate good food and a healthy lifestyle.

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Technology has greatly shaped the way we live. In the comforts of our home, we can now reach our family and friends from the other side of the world, watch movies that were previously available only in cinemas, and purchase products that we need in our daily lives. Amazon has stepped up to answer this need of consumers for product availability with a wide array of choices, payment options, and hassle-free delivery. The selection of products that Amazon holds range from home products to electronics, from food to clothing, and from toys to pet supplies. For many Australians who lead a busy lifestyle with limited time on their hands, shopping at Amazon is a convenience that we surely enjoy.



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