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National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery – Australia is a country that never fails to showcase its love for all kinds of arts and artists. A number of art destinations are located in the country. Here, all the art lovers gather along to celebrate the beauty of flourishing art in the country. One such perfect destination for art is the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. This gallery of the country focuses its attention mainly on the portrait art. This gallery is nothing but a foremost collection of various portraits of the notable Australians. The Gallery was opened in the year 2008. And it is located at the King Edward Terrace, Parkes.

The Aim of National Portrait Gallery: –

The building of the National Portrait Gallery was designed by the famous architect Mr. John Pilton Walker. He had put his best foot forward in giving this building a magnificent structure and design. This building extends up to an area of 14,000 meter squares that provides an exhibition space for around 500 portraits . The National Portrait Gallery aims to accelerate the understanding of the identity, culture, history and creativity of the Australian People .

Other activities carried out by the gallery: –

The Gallery is not limited to merely showcasing and exhibiting portraits to all the art-lovers. You can additionally enjoy your day at the gallery sitting in the portrait café. It also carries out a number of events where the experienced team of this gallery works its hearts out to arrange all kinds of dinners, conferences, cocktail functions and all other kinds of events for you.

National Portrait Gallery: An overview: –

A number of portraits, paintings, photographs and other kind of artistic media are made available at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. You can propose your portrait in this gallery by simply sending your work via email. It is one wonderful destination for all kinds of people who look forward to appreciating good piece of arts.

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