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Don’t Miss These Best of All Times Australian Movies

All of you will agree with me that the Australian based and Australian made movies are best out there. When we talk about Australian movies, we don’t only talk about glamour, but also adventure and thrill in them. These movies are so perfect that we can easily relate them to the scenarios. Some of the Australian movies also teach us history, especially the movies which are based on true stories. Some of the best all-time Australian movies are described in this article. Let’s see if your all-time favourite Australian movie makes it up to this list or not.

1. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

In 1994 the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was released and it was a blockbuster. It still is among some of the most-watched Australian movies. The movie revolves around three men which are played by Hugo Weaving (our very own Agent Smith from the Matrix), Guy Pearce (Mike from Neighbors), and Terence Stamp (General Zod from Superman). These three men dress up as women and drive a bus across the continent of Australia. This movie is all about an adventure road trip and it delivers the audience what is needed, that is an adventure, thrill, and nice entertainment.

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2. Chopper

Chopper, a movie released in 2000 is another amazing movie in Australian industry. Chopper stars Eric Bana who later gained fame after the Hulk movie and different road romantic comedies. Chopper is basically based on the autobiography of Mark Chopper Read. It is a crime film. Mark Chopper Read was a famous person from the age of 16 years in the Australian prison system. The movie unfolds as he gets involved with the politics and gangs in the prison. When Mark Chopper was released from jail, it was difficult for him to adjust to the civil lifestyle again. The movie provides a look at the brutal criminal system in Australia. This movie is intense and Eric Bana, with his superb acting skills, has nailed the movie.

3. Mad Max

In 1979, Max Gibson started his career with this blockbuster Australian movie based on post-civilization. Still, when we watch this movie, we learn about dystopia in Australia. As the movie was based on a dystopian future, we have seen it come true now. During the movie, murderous gangs cause unrest on the highway, which is true for today’s Australia in a perspective that most of the city dwellers these days are scared about crossing the street before the walk signal illuminates.

4. Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is another crime drama given by Australian film industry released in 2010. The genre is beautifully covered in this movie, thus making it a blockbuster. When the Animal Kingdom was released, it was criticized widely. In the movie, Jacki Weaver plays a protagonist grandmother and her role is very much appreciated around the world. The plot of the movie is somehow inspired by real-life events which took place in Melbourne’s Pettingill family. The main character of Animal Kingdom is a 17-year-old Joshua Cody. Cody is found to be involved with a criminal family. This family is the same, in which previously his mother was involved and later died due to an overdose of heroin. The story which unfolds later is quite complex, but it has so much thrill that you will not lose your interest even for a minute. It shows different styles and shades of the criminal underworld and how the police try to capture them with their efforts.

5. Rabbit-Proof Fence

In 2002, another blockbuster movie by Australian filmmakers was released. The Rabbit-Proof Fence tackles on the breeding out of Aboriginal mixed-race children in Australia. Phillip Noyce, the director of the movie has developed the storyline based on true life events. It is a true story of three kids, who actually tried to outsmart the authorities. During the movie, they travel back to their hometown, which is a 1500 mile journey on foot. The movie unfolds the drama and thrill in the events which take place while these three are travelling back home.

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6. The Babadook

The Babadook is one of the recent movies which has covered the horror film genre very beautifully. This movie is the basis of putting Australia on the list of the producer of some amazing horror films. Released at the end of 2014, the movie got famous due to its ability to make its audience scared because of the content. These days, due to increased horror movie making, the audience is becoming desensitized of the horror material and are difficult to get scared. Babadook by Jennifer Kent is honestly one of the most terrifying movies. The movie has the ability to keep its audience in suspense throughout the plot. Essie Davis can be seen in the movie in lead role and has done justice with her job. Babadook is surely among the finest films in recent years, not only in the horror genre but overall its performance was incredible.

7. Moulin Rouge

In 2001, Moulin Rouge was released in the background of the year 1899. The movie describes the time of 1899 when the Bohemian revolution was taking place over Paris. The director of this movie, Baz Luhrmann has covered drug-fuelled and prostitute infested underworld in the movie. Moulin Rouge is home of Can-Can and other different exotic dances which are done by the ladies in the house. The house is quite glamorous and attracts underworld. As the movie unfolds, Ewan McGregor who is playing Christian falls in love with a stripper. Now he finds that he is in a love triangle with Satine played by Nicole Kidman and the Duke played by Richard Roxburgh.

8. Gallipoli

The Gallipoli is among the earliest movies of Mel Gibson before he made his way towards the stardom in Hollywood. Released in 1981, Gallipoli is plotted on the story of several men in a rural area in Australia who are enlisted in the army during World War I. these men are shipped to the Ottoman Empire of Turkey. Gallipoli is a blockbuster movie of the time when the people were displaced and the country was destroyed. The movie tells about the friendship of these men during the hard times and how they keep on backing each other. The movie tells about the theme of Australian identity and loss of innocence during the times of war. It creates a worth historical experience which is very well choreographed.

9. Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek was released in 2005 and is based on a serial killer who is despised as a tourist. John Jarret plays the serial killer in the movie. Australians usually get irritated by the arrival of so many tourists, but no one has given such a take on tourists as Mick Taylor did. The movie shows this serial killer who is hungry for the backpacker tourists in the outback of Australia. Initially he is very kind to his prey and then his kindness is converted into intoxicated captivity which leads to a cruel murder. There is a very famous scene with severed spine or ‘head on a stick’ in this movie. This movie is not only thrilling but is good enough to send a chill down your spine.

10. The Man From Snowy River

In 1982, The Man From Snowy River was released. It was based on a storytelling poem which has 13 stanzas. The movie is actually a family feature film and the story revolves around relationships, adventure and the responsibilities of becoming a man. At that time when the movie was released, it was the most popular Australian film of all times and it was discussed everywhere. Although Kirk Douglas plays the leading role in the movie, the movie is very much Australian and the country is proud of this stunning piece of art. The history shown in the movie, especially the perfect backdrops and horse-riding scenes has added to bring out the best of the films from Australia. The movie is an international success due to its popular and relatable story.

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Although Australia is known for its vibrant cities and spectacular beaches, its visual arts is something we should talk about more often. The Australian film industry is one of the most active film industry in this world. The casual cinema-goers in the world would know that the Australian film industry is more than Crocodile Dundee or Baz Luhrmann. Some of the best movies are a gift from Australian industry. If you want to watch the best Australian movies before you visit the place, then make sure that these 10 movies are on your list. The movies will also help you gain insights into the history, culture and the beauty of this country.



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