10 Great Australian Pizzas to Try in 2022

Toss the Pie: The Best Pizzas in Australia

When it comes to cooking, the mantra “less is more” is always good to follow. The use of fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods can always bring flavorful meals to our tables. Australia is slowly becoming a pizza-loving country. Many restaurant chefs and home cooks experiment with new techniques and different ingredients to create their own twist to this beloved recipe. There is something cathartic with making pizza – the act of kneading gives the dish a personal touch. From preparing the dough to making the sauce and deciding what toppings to put, pizza-making can be a personal or family activity. Here we have the top 10 of the best pizzas in Australia that will surely make you crave for another slice.

1. Via Napoli

Via NapoliOwned by an Italian who lived his earlier years in Naples learning about and selling pizza, Via Napoli one of the best pizzas to try in Australia. Luigi Esposito, the proud owner of this Sydney pizzeria, believes that everything starts with the crust and the oven. His pizzas are kneaded by hand, with thickness and diameter measurements closely followed for ideal baking. The pies are baked in domed ovens that have a surface made of lava stone that comes from Vesuvius, with fire made by wood at heat of 485°C, cooked between 60 and 90 seconds. A true Neapolitan, Luigi uses only the best ingredients for his pizzas. The simplicity of the Margherita and Marinara pizzas, best-sellers of the pizzeria, are a true testament to his root. The award-winning store offers has an ambience that reminds customers of the streets of Naples where the scent of charcoal, tomato, and basil. Complimenting the pizzas are other dishes that highlight the best and freshest ingredients that Via Napoli uses so head on down to one of their 3 branches and experience a true Italian pizza.

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2. 400 Gradi

There are few things that are more exciting than having pizza from the kitchens of a World Pizza Champion Chef. Founder Johnny di Franceso took up a job at a pizzeria when he was in his early teens and soon worked his way up the ranks. He developed his love for food and years after, the Gradi Group was born. His belief for baking pizza at 400 degrees (thus the name!) in a wood-fired oven for only 90 seconds and using only the freshest ingredients available has made his pies one of the best in the world. His Margherita, with the perfect blend of tomato, basil, and mozzarella, is one of the best sellers. What makes Gradi different from other pizzerias is that here, you can have pizza as your dessert. Yes, his sweet pizza dolce is also a favourite of customers. Expanding the business was the next step in Johnny’s mind, with businesses in other cities and countries, but 400 Gradi will remain to be a Melbourne institution.

3. Il Buco

Found in Byron Bay, Il Buco Café & Pizzeria stands proud as having simple and honest food made with love. What Il Buco takes pride in is that they really do their best to support local businesses. The authentic Italian pizzas, fresh salads, and Italian desserts use ingredients that are mostly locally sourced. Imported ingredients are brought in through local distributors. The philosophy of Il Buco is to stay as seasonal and as local as possible to cut down on their fuel emission. From antipasti to the pizzas to the dessert, the use of simple ingredients with big flavours will remain to be at the heart of Il Buco.

4. Borrusos

Whether you are looking for delicious wood-fired pizza complemented by sides and pasta or specialty pies with unique ingredients, you will never go wrong with Borrusos. Founded first in Sydney and later expanding to Crows Nest, Borrusos prides itself in their passion. They have been making their own pizza dough and hand-rolling their own pasta for the last 25 years. Borrusos is also known for offering a good vegan menu. Customers can still enjoy the beloved Italian flavours in an animal-free way. The dough for the vegan pizzas is made with only water, oil, flour, and yeast. The toppings are plant-based but customers can still enjoy the flavorful goodness of the pizza. The vegan selection also includes pasta dishes and desserts to cater to the clientele. If you are up for exploring unique flavours, you can also choose from the specialty pizza selection and choose from toppings like chorizo, chicken, prawns, or spicy salami.

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5. Scoozi

Established only in 2009, Scoozi is fast becoming one of the best places to eat pizza in Australia. This Mlbourne establishment prides itself in sourcing only the best ingredients, both local and imported, to come up with authentic Neapolitan pizza in this side of the country. You know that the Scoozi family is serious about their pizza because their wood-fired oven is hand-built by their pizza chef. This can only mean that only the best pie will come out after 60 to 90 seconds at 430 degrees. You can only expect an authentic Italian experience when Neapolitan Caputo flour is used, paired with San Marzano tomatoes that are grown in the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius, and the buffalo mozzarella imported fresh from Naples. The antipasti, pasta, sides, salads, and desserts will surely be perfect companions to the mouth-watering pizzas at Scoozi.

6. Station Bar + Wood Fired Pizza

Having your meal at Station Bar + Wood Fired Pizza is an experience in itself. They want you to enjoy their dishes as they come out from the oven that they don’t do takeaways. The laid back ambience at the restaurant perfectly complements the atmosphere of the Blue Mountains. Rated among the top pizzas to enjoy in Australia, Station Bar transforms into a lively entertainment place during the weekends. Both classic and artisan pizzas are available on the menu. The wood-fired pizzas are made using only the best and freshest ingredients. You can choose from a wide variety of toppings – from the classic Napolitana with basil, tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella to creative ones like roasted pumpkin, smoked salmon, kangaroo fillet, lamb and even roast duck. Enjoy your meal with their selection of wines, beers, and cocktails for a truly relaxing pizza experience.

7. Bistro Bellavista

For the perfect mix of Italian meets Mediterranean experience, visit this cute pizzeria in Perth and revel in the cool atmosphere that the restaurant brings. Bistro Bellavista is an award-winning establishment. They are fully licensed as an Italian/Mediterranean-style bistro, an accolade that this family-owned restaurant takes pride in. Their wood-fired pizzas come straight from the oven, served by a friendly staff that will cater to your needs. The expansive menu will surely have something for everyone – from antipasti to main dishes to sides and salads to pasta, but the pizzas will surely make you come back for more. Both classic and specialty pizza dishes are even offered at lower prices during their Specials Night. Choose from a selection of toppings from this family-friendly restaurant that even has a kids’ menu, something that your little ones will surely enjoy.

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8. Beagles Pizza

Found in Queensland at the heart of Airlie Beach is Beagles Pizza. They pride themselves in making the best pizzas that will not break your budget. Their wide range of pizza and side dishes ensures that there is something for everyone. Choose from their selection of classic pizzas that are offered in both in a deep pan and thin crusts. Sharing your pizza with someone else but you can’t decide on the flavour? Enjoy their half/half pizza for the perfect compromise! If you are feeling adventurous, you can even create your own pizza! Take away your pie with some of their side dishes and enjoy an afternoon or evening of good food with good company by the beach.

9. Pizza E Mozzarella Bar

In the heart of Adelaide is a rustic bar that is committed to serving authentic Southern Italian dishes. Boasting of cheeses that will melt in your mouth on light pizza that will not give you a bloated feeling, Pizza E Mozzarella Bar cooks with only the best seasonal ingredients. The relaxed and warm atmosphere centres around the two wood-fired ovens that have been handcrafted to fit their needs. The first oven is dedicated to making their bread and cooking the meats while the second oven is always fired up at 400 degrees, always ready to bake your pizza. The team of chefs they have is so committed to food that when they are not serving customers, they are experimenting with ingredients to make their own bread flavour or their own sausages. While the mozzarella plates are not to be missed, the Bar is unique that it offers cooking classes so that pizza lovers can get their own hands-on flour and make their own pies from dough that they themselves kneaded.

10. La Svolta

Last but not least is a pizzeria that serves authentic Napolitana pizza in Melbourne. Born from the dreams of two best friends to bring Italian flavours to Australia, La Svolta prides itself in serving seasonally driven and regionally-driven menu to its clientele. Dining at La Svolta is an experience in itself. The establishment has a homey atmosphere, bringing a feeling that you are enjoying food from an Italian family kitchen. Only the best ingredients are used in making the pizza – from the hand-kneaded dough to the San Marzano tomatoes and from the fior de latte mozzarella to the fresh vegetables used for toppings. Enjoy your pizza with the other dishes offered in the antipasti, main and side dishes, perfectly complemented by their wines. Truly, La Svolta will bring you the Italian dining experience while staying at Melbourne.

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You can now enjoy the taste of Italy from the many pizzerias in Australia. Offering a wide selection of pies cooked to perfection, the wide array of pizza toppings that you can choose from will surely satisfy your cravings. Using only the finest ingredients sourced locally and from abroad, classic pizzas can be enjoyed alongside artisan ones. The traditional way of making pizza using wood-fired ovens, maintaining its high temperature and cooking for only 60-90 seconds is still followed by pizza chefs. The introduction of new ingredients and the development of dishes that will complement the pies have improved the pizza game in Australia, ensuring that everyone will have something to enjoy the moment they enter any of these pizzerias.




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