Top 10 Australian Road Trips for 2023

Top 10 Adventurous Road trip Destinations in Australia you Cannot Miss

The diversity of Australia and its land deserves appreciation in true sense. There is a lot you can miss if you travel by air rather than taking the road. Now is the time to skip the air travel, leave that boarding pass behind and grab the road map. If you want to enjoy the amazing beaches, remote lands ad deserts of this Great Southern Land, then pack that backpack, jump into your car and get set go.

Following are 10 adventurous road trip destinations in Australia you cannot miss. Let’s find out what this beautiful land has to offer us.

1. Brisbane to Cairns

The road trip from Brisbane to Cairns is an amazing way if you want to enjoy the view of Australia’s most primaeval beaches.  The route from Brisbane to Cairns will reveal some remarkable scenic highlights. The view of Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays is worth watching.

This route also passes through Queensland. Queensland is the adventure capital of Australia and it has various adventures to offer such as bungee jumping, rafting, and skydiving. So, these fun activities make this route the best way as it keeps you engaged and fresh.

2. The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road Top 10 Australian Road Trips for 2020

Australia’s most famous road, The Great Ocean Road stretches from Torquay to Allansford in Victoria. The Great Ocean Road is famous for the scenic beauty it provides along the way. It runs along magnificent coastlines, rainforests, shipwrecks and on the top of all, the most popular “Twelve Apostles”.

The 243km stretch of The Great Ocean Road also passes through some pretty beach towns and cliffs. So, you have got a lot to explore and discover along the way. The road finishes at the Port Fairy town which is known as “Aussie town of the Year” for 2019. With these amazing destinations on the way, The Great Ocean Road is one of the remarkable tourist destinations.

3. The Great Alpine Road

If you love mountain ranges and then this great and highly accessible road is the right one for you. It passes through a series of mountain ranges, wine regions, deep valleys, and waterways. This picturesque beauty is interpolated with quaint historic towns with the famous ones being Omeo, Bright and Beechworth.

The Great Alpine Road will also take you to the Alpine village which is Victoria’s highest village. This village offers amazing downhill skiing, trekking, trails, fishing, and horse riding.

However, make sure that if you are planning to take “The Great Alpine Road” during the winter months then you must have chained wheels in your car. Moreover, make sure that your fuel tank is full and you are a pro driver.

4.  The Nullarbor

The Nullarbor route starts from the goldfields of WA and ends at the Eyre Peninsula in SA. It is known as the legendary route with no trees at all. This plain route extends to the sea cliffs of the Great Australian Bight.

The Nullarbor is also famous for its wildlife such as kangaroos, camels, dingoes, and emus. The Nullarbor national park is one the must place to visit. Moreover, it also has several caves thus offers you the true wildlife experience.

This amazing route also passes through the ruins of Eucla Telegraph Station. This station was built in the 1870s and is one of the historic places to visit. If you want to stay while taking this route, then you will get the options of camps, cottages, and roadhouses. 

5. Red Centre Way

Let’s talk about another unforgettable experience of the “Red Centre Way”. This route, which is 1135-kilometer-long takes you to Alice Spring, Kings Canyon, West MacDonnell Ranges and above all Uluru. Your road trip experience is not completed without seeing the scenic beauty of Uluru. Thus, the whole trip is magnificent with tons of great locations on the way.

This sealed and unsealed route will take you further into the spirited lands of spinifex and red desert earth. Red Centre Way is one of the richest one in terms of its diversity and scenic beauty.

Moreover, if you love walking and exploring on your feet then this route provides you with the Kings Canyon which is another special place. Here you can enjoy the views of Watarrka National Park and Finke Gorge National Park.

6. The Gibb River Road

If you are in search of wild landscapes free of clichés, then this route is a great option for you to discover these outback scrublands. If you choose this way, you need to take a 4WD with you since the whole way consists of epic but dusty and rugged tracks.

Moving through the Kimberely region, which lies in Western Australia, this road will pass through Derby to Kununurra. Here, you can discover some of the amazing geological locations such as the Bell, Emma, and Windjana.

This region is also rich in history which goes back to over 60 thousand years. The Gibb River Road takes you through this fascinating historic place and great art sites like El Questro and Mitchell Plateau.

7. The Savannah Way

If you have plenty of time and you are hitting the road with a passion for adventure then take the Savannah Way. This road stretches from Cairns to Broome and goes all the way up to 15 national parks and many World Heritage areas. The drive is just 2300 miles.

However, you need a 4WD for this impressive trip since the roads are sealed. There should be spare fuel and lots of freshwaters as there are many rugged areas you are going to experience.

8. The Big Lap

The Big Lap will take you around the edge of entire Australia. It is around 9300 miles in total. However, you need a good amount of time to explore it entirely. It is no doubt of the best drives in the world and you can get a good chance to pass through the nation’s capitals.

9. The 75-Mile Queensland Highway

The 75-mile Queensland Highway is situated on the World’s biggest sand island. There is so much to praise about this place. The Fraser Island, the native humpbacks and the appealing fusion of dunes and perched lakes.

There are many cafes, restaurants, rest places and shops on the way. So, make it your next destination if you are looking for an adventurous trip to Australia.

10. The Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is around 900 kilometres long and stretches from Sydney to Brisbane. It passes the Central Coast on the way. It is one of the popular and most visited destinations in Australia. From the breathtaking beaches to fascinating seaside towns and various national parks, there is so much to explore between the two cities.

The place is also home to several remarkable restaurants as well as cheese, chocolate and olive producers. To explore this coast entirely, you need at least five days.

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