Top 10 Teams to Watch in 2020 ICC T20 World Cup

Ten Best Cricket Teams 2020 T20 World Cup

Based on MRF Tyres ICC Men’s T20 Team Ranking, International Cricket Council has announced the confirmed teams which have qualified directly for the T20 Cricket Men’s World Cup 2020 on 1st January 2019. As per the set criteria, 10 teams have secured direct qualification, out of which 8 of the top teams have secured direct qualification for the super 12 stages of the tournament, whereas 2 teams will have to fight with other six teams in the group stage for qualifying. Out of the eight teams playing, four teams from the group stage will make it to the top 12. The fact that the 2020 ICC T20 World Cup is happening in Australia makes it even more fascinating, due to brilliant grounds and stadiums in Australia. Top 10 teams worth watching in the tournament are described in this piece.

1. Pakistan

Pakistan is the one unlucky team which has lost its spot in the semi-final in ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup. The team got the fifth position and lost its chance to play semis with just one spot. However, now the team will turn its eyes towards ICC T20 cricket world cup 2020 and will focus on making sure to win it. The former World Champions T20 World cup is the hot favourite in the upcoming T20 world cup. Pakistan team is kept in Group 1 of the competition in top 12s. Team Pakistan has qualified with 138 points in the tournament, which are the topmost points by any team. The team will face Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and two other teams which will qualify the group stage. Green Shirts will play their first game against Australia in Sydney Cricket Ground on 24th October 2020. The team is expected to give brilliant performances like before.

2. India

India recently had a hard-luck as it’s lost its place in finals due to losing semi-finals to New Zealand in ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup. The men in blue lost semi-finals second time straight in World Cup. Now all eyes of the team are on 2020 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. The team has directly qualified in the top 12 of the World Cup due to its international ranking and previous performances. After 2007, India has been unable to lift the cup of T20 World Cup. In this tournament, India has been placed in group 2 where it has to play with England, South Africa, Afghanistan and two other teams which will qualify the group stage. Men in blue will play their first match of the tournament on 24th October 2020 in Perth Stadium with South Africa.

3. England

The third team to qualify in ICC T20 World Cup 2020, which has most eyes on is England. England is a strong team and is seen playing ICC 2019 World Cup with full zest. The team has qualified among the top 12 in the upcoming T20 World Cup and has been placed in group 2 in which its opponents will be India, South Africa, Afghanistan and two other teams. The team is expected to play its first match of the tournament on 26th October 2020 with one of the qualifiers.

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4. Australia

We all know that this 2020 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup is going to take place in Australia from mid-October to mid-November 2020. The games and teams have already been announced and all of us are now just waiting for the mighty event to happen. The team Australia has qualified with 117 points in the tournament. Being one of the most favourite teams in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and unluckily not making it to the final, there are many eyes on Aussies game in the upcoming tournament. Australia is favourites in this tournament too. The team has been placed in Group 1 and will play its first match against the competitor Pakistan on 24th October 2020.

5. South Africa

Another team to be among the favourites is South Africa in the upcoming world cup 2020. The team has scored its place at number 5 by gaining 114 points. There are many hopes with South Africa for the T20 Cricket World Cup, because the team was unable to show any brilliant performance during the cricket world cup 2019. So it is expected that the team will give an amazing game during the 2020 tournament. South Africa is placed in group 2 and would be playing its first game against India on 24th October 2020.

6. New Zealand

After its eye-catching performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, New Zealand team is the new hot favourite in 2020 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. We are expecting the same performance from New Zealand in T20 World Cup as it gave in the World Cup 2019. The team has amazing all-rounders and fielders. The team has not yet won any T20 World Cup, so it is hoped that we will get to see amazing sports by New Zealand. The team has scored 112 points to qualify for the World cup. After winning the World Cup 2019, let’s see if New Zealand can bring the second trophy in 2020 home or not. The team will play its first match against West Indies on 25th October 2020.

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7. West Indies

West Indies is the team which has one the most T20 Cricket World Cups. The West Indian team brought T20 Cricket World Cup trophy home two times, first in 2012, hosted by Sri Lanka, and then in 2016, hosted by India. The team is undoubtedly the most entertaining team in cricket tournaments. West Indies has scored 101 points to qualify for the T20 Cricket World Cup 2020. It will play its first match against the competitor New Zealand on 25th October 2020. This team is among a few teams which put phenomenal games in T20 World Cups. So let’s hope it is the same this time, even if the West Indies wins the World Cup or not, we surely are going to enjoy the matches.

8. Afghanistan

The eighth and the last team to qualify directly for the 2020 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup is Afghanistan. The team has scored 92 points to secure its position in the T20 Cricket World Cup. Afghanistan has been placed in the group where it will compete with South Africa, England and India, and two other teams which will qualify in the top 12 of the tournament. The Afghani team is naive, but great performances are expected from the team

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9. Sri Lanka

Being a one time champion of ICC T20 Cricket World Cup, it has been hard luck for Sri Lanka to have not qualified for the top 12 of the tournament directly. The team has got potential and has also won the 2014 T20 World Cup by playing against India. A team which has played three finals and has won one, it is not expected. The Captain of Sri Lankan team, Lasith Malinga has mentioned that it is disappointing for the team to not have scored more points for making it up to the top 12. But it is expected that the team will pull off and will give the best of the performances during the whole tournament. The team has scored a total of 87 points to make it up to the 9th position.

10. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is another unfortunate team to have not gotten in top 12 teams during the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2020. However, it has scored 77 points and is expected to be in the top 12 after playing knockouts. The team, however, has never played any final match in previous T20 Cricket World Cups but watching Bangladesh play, is a treat for the eyes.



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