What Would You Do If Internet Disappeared? (Top 10 Things That Would Change Forever)

Top 10 Things That Would Change Forever If The Internet Disappears Suddenly

We often forget and underestimate the gift of the Internet. Even though this would bring havoc and destruction and damage the whole world – economy, infrastructure, information transfer, communication, people’s lives, and so on – how would it affect you personally? Let’s see a few examples.

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1. No More “One Click Away From Anything”

Want to see what Leonardo DiCaprio is up to? Too bad, you can’t. Want to read a book online? Nope, you’ll have to visit the library. Want to google a word you don’t know? Sorry, open up a dusty, enormously sized dictionary.

2. No More “Netflix And Chill”

The new movie just came out. All you want is to cuddle up in your bed, with a bowl of buttery popcorn and a warm blanket. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to the cinema, listening to people cough, talk and blocking your view. Sure, some of you still like that, but most of us don’t.

3. Selfies Be gone!

Well, technically you could still take a selfie, but what would be the point? You can’t share it on your social media. You would have to show it to each of your friends, one by one. And that would be kinda cringy, wouldn’t it?

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4. International News – LOL

You wake up one morning and think: “Jee, I wonder what’s happening in the Middle East. I’ll just go to CNN International.” Oh, wait… Sure, you could turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper, but that news usually takes a while longer when they’re across the ocean.

5. Pretending to be Smart

Hello Wikipedia! *sighs sadly* Goodbye Wikipedia, and hello Encyclopedia!

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6. Tinder, Here We Come!

So many beautiful ladies/gentlemen to choose from… Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to visit a bar and meet people old school style. Embarrassing, I know.

7. It’s Gaming Time

Sure is, but only board gaming time.

8. It’s “Me” Time

No, it’s not. Or at least not in that way. But, hey, you’ll at least improve your creativity and imagination.

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9. “How to” YouTube Videos

Nope. You’ll just have to change that lightbulb yourself. All the horror!!!

10. Pay/Buy/Sell

Pay your bills without waiting in some long line? Sorry, better add leg day to your workout routine. Buy that hot new useless item? Well, at least that’s a plus. Sell your used laptop? Just hit the streets man, what can we say…

Moral of the story – appreciate what you have before the dystopian novel becomes a reality.

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