How To Survive a Nuclear War Or an Alien Invasion? Part 1

How to Survive A Catastrophic Nuclear War or A Scary Alien Invasion – Part 1

Well, this is kind of a tough one. If you watched that show “The 100”, then you probably think our only solution would be living in a space station. But the show’s creators might have exaggerated a bit, didn’t they? Either way, we’re not flying up to space. We are, however, going down – all the way down to an underground bunker. Of course, this only applies if we have a head start, otherwise – “boombye”!

There are many different bunkers you can buy and bunkers you can rent. We’ll now look over some of them that might interest you.

1. Vivos Bunker, Indiana, USA

This one is definitely not the most stylish, but hey, you’re looking to survive, not looking pretty. And it’s reasonably affordable. It protects you from a nuclear war and an epidemic. So you might want to check out our previous article as well in which we talk about staying safe in your own home to avoid a virus. This shelter can fit 80 people, and it has many different rooms for entertainment, leisure, a kitchen, etc. The best description would be: “Not great, not terrible”. Those who get it – get it.

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2. Underground Nuclear Bomb Fallout Shelter

This shelter is located in London and seems to have everything you need. In fact, it has more than the previous one. It’s buried to a depth of 4 meters and build to last for over 100 years – not that you’ll need that much, but fine, I guess. Although it looks kind of Iike an Ikea on the inside, that may be just a subjective impression. Check it out for yourself. However, if you want to know the price, you’ll have to contact them personally.

3. Rare Mosman House for Sale With Bomb Shelter in the yard

Now, this is an exceptional bomb shelter, as it comes with a regular home as well. It’s located in Sydney, Australia. The house itself looks truly amazing, and the shelter is located in the garden. Even though the home and the garden are fabulous, the shelter, or better yet – the bunker, is pretty basic and not so good looking. But still, despite its appearance, it will serve its purpose – to protect. However, no price is shown, yet again.

Anyhow, what you’ve seen here are more or less regular shelters, except the last one which is pretty much art. Now go see part 2 of this article and have your mind blown!


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Fun Fact

What Would Happen After Nuclear War?

Russia’s attack on Ukraine and its use of banned weapons in civilian areas has triggered new fears since the Cold War. Currently there are over 12,000 nuclear warheads among the nine countries that officially have nuclear weapons. Over 2,700 of them are deployed between Russia and USA alone.

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