Top 10 Movies on Netflix To Watch in Australia October 2019

Ten Netflix Movies to Watch October 2019

Everybody loves binging on movies, but which services are the best when you look at the various streaming options in Australia. We take a look at Netflix today and share our thoughts and recommendations with you.

Netflix Australia 2019; Hints, Hacks, Tips and Tricks

When you have a Netflix subscription, you have an entire ocean of entertainment options…with one major problem – what to watch. Have you ever experienced an entire evening going through Netflix without watching anything, that is because you took hours to scroll through Movies and Series to decide what to watch?
To maximize your Australia Netflix experience in 2019, we will share extras, shortcuts and tips that will help you to get the most out of your Netflix.
Irrespective of whether you want to cut down on data, finding a movie faster or hiding your viewing history, we share our tricks below.

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No More Viewing History

Simply because you watched one Jim Carry movie, it doesn’t mean you want to continue getting wack movie recommendations all the time. Moreover, what you watch could be private (or embarrassing) and you want to hide your private viewing moments from the rest of the family or your partner. Either way head to My Account under the Profile icon at the top right of your screen. Choose Viewing Activity and the list of what you have watched can be deleted from here by clicking the X button. The content you’ve watched disappear along with future recommendations based on what you watched previously.

When You Want To Watch While Offline

When you are not connected to WiFi you might have a problem to watch what you want without data charges. Solution! When your laptop or computer runs on Windows 10 or if you own an Apple or Android phone or tablet, you can download movies and shows (selected) when in a WiFi area. Watch this content later without having data or an internet connection. You need the Netflix App to download and titles that can be downloaded will be under the icon Available for Download. The shows, movies or episode that you want to watch later will have a button next to it. Follow the prompts and save it under My Downloads for later viewing.

Optimize The Quality of Videos

You might not realize that you are in Standard Definition while paying for Ultra High Definition or High Definition. When you notice your viewing isn’t as sharp as it should be, check under your Profile and go to your Playback settings. You will get to the HD toggle page where you can choose video quality that ranges from Low, Medium, High or Auto. Make sure you are indeed on High Quality when you are paying for an HD or UHD plan.

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Get More Info With Browser Add-Ons

When you do not feel like continuously toggling between IMDb and Netflix and searching for great material download Netflix Enhancer. It is an add-on browser that gives you more info about movies and shows that gives you besides the trailers and plot summaries also reviews and ratings. It is a free to use add-on that you can download from Google Chrome which you need to access via a Facebook or Google account.

Top 10 Movies to binge on Netflix in Australia in 2019

1. Army of the Dead

Director Zack Snyder is known for his great Sci-F-/Horror/Action movies which are the genre of Army of the Dead. Stars include Omari Hardwick, Garret Dillahunt, Dave Bautista, etc. The story follows a Las Vegas zombie outbreak. A group of mercenaries plans the greatest heist attempt ever to enter a quarantine zone. Riveting and a true thrill is on its way to Netflix Australia in 2019 if you love great horror movies.

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2. Avatar: The Last Airbender

If you loved the animated Avatar: The Last Airbender, you must watch out for the release of the live-action adaptation of the movie in 2019 on Netflix.

3. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

In 2018 the romance/drama from director Michael Fimognari, To All the Boys I Loved Before was well accepted and loved. If you are one of those, watch out for its sequel in 2019.

4. Brotherhood

From director Richard Bell comes the drama, Brotherhood about a group of teenage boys that have the adventure of their lives at Long Point Camp. It plays off in 1926 and during a storm, their canoe capsizes. Follow great stars like Brendan Fletcher, Dylan Everett, Jake Manley and Brendan Fehr on their fight for survival.

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5. All the Bright Places

Brett Haley is the director of the romance/drama about two young people, Theodore and Violet who meet and despite their struggles, physical and emotions scars from their pasts, find pleasure and discover life and love are possible.

6. The Witcher

With stars like Henry Cavill, MyAnna Buring, Joey Batey and Freya Allan, The Witcher is a must-see action/adventure. It follows the story of a solitary monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, who finds that people are often more wicked that the beasts he hunts.

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7. The Irishman

Everyone knows top director David Scorsese and he is back with the release of The Irishman in 2019. It is a biography/crime movie about the lives of the mob and a mon hitman’s story and his part in the assassination of Jimmy Hoffa. Outstanding A-listers include Robert de Niro, Anna Paquin, Jesse Plemons and Al Pacino.

8. The King

Follow the life of King Henry V who is a wayward prince prior to his father’s death. A great biography/history/drama with Robert Pattinson playing the young prince/king and co-stars like Thomasin McKenzie, Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet.

9. The Politician

If you are a Ben Platt fan, The Politician is a must-see. Since age seven, Payton Hobart knows that he will become the United States’ President. This musical comedy follows his life at Saint Sebastian High School en route to become the world’s most important man.

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10. Tall Girl

A great comedy about a very tall girl who is uncomfortable in her own skin. It follows her high school life where she is always made fun of, she always slouches and at one point she decides to accept her height and stand tall in confidence.

2019 Netflix Australia Prices

Basic at $9.99 with a standard resolution, one offline download devices and one simultaneous stream
The standard at $13.99 with high definition resolution, four offline download devices and two simultaneous streams
Premium at $17.99 with up to 4K resolution, four offline download devices and two simultaneous streams.
To break down these numbers for you; when you take the Standard plan, you can binge on your favourite adult series in your bedroom while your kids watch their kid’s movies in the living room.
When you choose the Premium plan, you can share with four groups of people at the same time and each watches their own movies and shows under their own profile on a single account.
Take note that when you join Netflix Australia you get 30-days free watching pleasure

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Final Thoughts

While this is our thoughts and recommendations, you might agree with our Top 10 Movies on Netflix To Watch in Australia in 2019 recommendations. While there are hundreds more, try our list and add what we might have missed.



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