Top 10 Blue Chip Shares To Buy In Australia In 2020

Ten Blue Chips Shares for Australian’s 2020

When you look at a tip sheet for stocks, you will find it has a large variety of blue-chip stocks. If you are new to the stock market industry you might ask what is a blue-chip stock. These are the most dominant and largest companies which hold up irrespective of a downturn in the Australian economy. This is what makes blue-chip shares attractive, they are stable. The stability comes from its maturity and duration in business and investors have a good idea of what to expect and understand it better.

Blue Chip Share Types

It is usually a company that is a household name. For example, Woolworths and the Commonwealth Bank in Australia or Apple in the United States. We know and you know as well that these are big names and that these giants are stable and therefore a safe investment. What we want to share with you today are top companies that will perform well now and in 2020.

Which Blue Chip Shares are the best to buy in Australia in 2020

1. Westpac Banking Corp

Westpac Banking Corp

Going according to the weekly economic reports, this giant in the banking industry believes that by February 2020 the cash rate will be sliced to 0.5%. recent comments and data performed by the Reserve Bank indicate that this is a forecast that will be true. This means that by 2020 the term deposits and savings accounts interest rates will be the lowest than ever before.

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2. Transurban Group

 Transurban Group

The Australian toll road giant showed a 26.3% revenue increase only from its ordinary activities. In addition, it announced a $700 million equity raising that will be used to purchase the remainder of M5 West. If you buy shares in 2020 it will equate a 4.15 forward yield.

3. Scentre Group

Scentre Group

Scentre owns Westfield properties in ANZ and reports indicate that 2020 will provide a massive distribution growth and deliver solid income. This group owns 7.5% of all Australia’s retail sales with an occupancy rate of 99.3%. this is indeed a very good blue chip share to buy in 2020.

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4. Fortescue Metals Group Limited

Fortescue Metals Group Limited

During 2019 this group has been the best performer with an 85% gain. The gain is due to the sharp rise in the price of the iron ore due to supply issues in Brazil and Australia.

5. REA Group Limited

REA Group Limited

Looking at the local Australian market the best to buy in 2020 will be REA Group shares. This is due to the expected rebound in the 2020s housing market. It is estimated that the growth in the housing market will continue through 2019 and accelerate with the recovering house prices and listings growth will increase too.

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6. Magellan Financial Group LTD

Magellan Financial Group LTD

Throughout 2019 the blue chip share price was an impressive performer. It had a gain of 77.2%.

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7. Dulux Group Limited

Dulux Group Limited

Since the beginning of 2019, the share price has steadily increased to 48% higher than the beginning of the year. This is due to the takeover by Japan Nippon Paint which boosted it with $3.8 billion. This is a mutually agreeable takeover which is great and in the interest of current shareholders and a great idea for you to get some blue chip stocks in 2020 as well.

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8. Xero Limited

Xero Limited

Since the beginning of 2019 for the last nine months, the share prize climbed 48% higher. This cloud-based accounting software and business provider has caught the eye of many investors.

9. A2 Milk Company Limited

A2 Milk Company Limited

Since the beginning of 2019, the share prices have been rising by 38.2%. This is due to the increasing demand from china for the fresh milk and infant formula. It is expected to continue to rise.

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10. Charter Hall Group

Charter Hall Group

This is another excellent and recommended blue chip share to invest in as its share price stormed to a 405 higher rate since the start of 2019. It continues to rise and growing stronger and it is expected to boom throughout and in 2020 the year to buy your blue chip shares.

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This article provides only general, and not personalised financial advice, and has not taken your personal circumstances into account.  Please remember that investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Australia Unwrapped does not guarantee the performance of, or returns on any investment. This article should be enjoyed only for informational and entertainment purposes.


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