Top 10 Series and Movies in Australia’s Netflix in August 2019

Ten best Netflix Series Australia August 2019

If you are a fan of new series and new movies every now and then, then you must have Netflix installed. Netflix is an easy way to get to your most favourite series and movies at an affordable price. Different series as well as movies released every year and are uploaded on Netflix for the users. The year 2020 is bringing a lot of new series and movies which are expected to be on air on Netflix. Meanwhile, there are many shows going on in 2019 that are best to be watched in 2020 too. This piece of writing discusses all such movies and series which will be on Netflix in 2020 in Australia and you do not have to miss them during your stay in Australia.

1. Another Life

One of the most favourite TV science fiction series whose first season was ‘Alien’ and second was ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, has come back in the form of ‘Another Life’ as season 03. In this season, actor Katee Sackhoff from the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ is returning to space. She will play the starship commander Niko Breckinridge, who is on a mission to track the origination of mysterious alien objects and mysterious things in the space. In the season, Selma Blair will play a reporter and a social media celebrity. Justin Chatwin would be playing Niko’s husband and also a military officer who is working with a government organization. This organization has its own agenda for an expedition in space. Another life is expected to run for a long time due to its big cast and open-ended premise.

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2. Orange is the New Black: Season 7

Orange is the New Black is one of the first biggest series debuted on Netflix. It was first started six years ago. This series is based on funny and often dark women prison comedy and drama. It captures issues and questions including class, gender, race and sexuality. The seventh season, which will be released in 2019 and will end in 2020 is expected to be the last season of the series. After six successful seasons, the series is expected to be making further high records. It is eventful storytelling, which is the cherry on top of the series. And if the last season is unable to deliver what is expected of it, still it would be an emotional experience as we have to say goodbye to these women for the last time, who was involved in making our days better even from behind the bars.

3. Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’

The Monty Python is under the process of further addition by Netflix. This time we will be able to see Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’. The Meaning of Life will join earlier titles like ‘Life of Brian’, ‘Holy Grail’ and many more live performances as well as anthologies. This is a 1983 sketch comedy film is one of the most expensive episodes of Troupe’s 1970s ‘Flying Circus’ series. This movie will target python foils like fatuous upper class and proles, with its hilarious jokes and comedy. And while the movie unfolds, we will see that how the fatuous upper class and easily swayed proles hilarious jokes turn into the vision of humanity.

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4. Cities of Last Things

Cities of the Last Thing is a Taiwanese movie written and directed by Wi Ding Ho’s who is a Malaysian born. The movie revolves around the same suicidal man, who is playing three different roles. The plot of this movie begins in reverse chronological order from the time of the character’s death. The death is projected in three different styles in three different chapters of the dramatic movie. As the movie starts, it focuses on dystopian science fiction, then as it proceeds it becomes a moody police procedure and later on it ties everything together. The final moments of the movie are basically about a protagonist teenager. The movie combines a lot of genre from thrill to science fiction and much more. This science fiction series is surely going to be your favourite.

5. You’ve Got Mail

This movie is a romantic comedy of 1998’s ‘You’ve Got Mail’, written and directed by Nora Ephron and co-written by her sister Delia. The movie stars Meg Ryan as an independent bookshop owner, who flirts with a man, character played by Tom Hanks, in 1998. This man runs a chain of big-box bookstores. The plot of the movie is expected to grab the audience. It is predicted to be a reliable and crowd-pleaser movie. Interestingly, in the movie you will come to see an accurate portrait of today’s America in the late ’90s.

6. The Red Sea Diving Resort

The historical drama movie, ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’, is based on a true story. It has been directed and written by Gideon Raff who has brought up a brilliant cast for this movie. The Red Sea Diving Resort is based on Mossad agents who are smuggling Ethiopian refugees into Israel through an abandoned Sudanese vacation spot. Chronologically, the movie is based in 1981. The cast includes, Chris Evans who is the leader of the mission, Michael K. Williams who plays a man who is risking his life to make local arrangements for this smuggling. Some other big names in the film include Alessandro Nivola, Ben Kingsley, Michiel Huisman, Greg Kinnear, and Haley Bennett. This is surely going to be one of the favourites on Netflix Australia.

7. Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix is streaming the season 03 of ‘Stranger Things’ after the successful completion of the first two seasons of the series. We can say that Stranger Things is a throwback on the classic Amblin films of the 1980s, the only difference is that, it is a little bit nostalgic and scary as compared to Amblin films. According to the plot, Will, a young boy, played by Noah Schanpp disappears from a small town of Hawkins in Indiana. There is no trace of the boy, and his disappearance is still a mystery, when a young girl appears in the town. She is dressed in a hospital gown, looks scared and is unable to speak. The girl then joins Will’s squad of friends to find out the missing person. Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, is Will’s mother, she has to confront the terrifying forces in the hope to see her son again. Let’s see what happens. Either we are able to get Will back or not. The Stranger Things Season 03 starts in 1985 and is introducing new characters as well as new threats. A new flashy location in Starcourt mall, which is based on ’80s is also introduced in this season. There are 08 episodes per season and each episode spans on 60 minutes. So if you have not watched season 01 and 02, then you should start watching it, it won’t take much time and is full of entertainment.

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8. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is undoubtedly one of the most favourite dystopian science fiction series. It has been written by Charlie Brooker. The series constitutes of some caustic tales about the perils of technology, human nature, and shady politics and governments. Netflix has nabbed the original seven episodes of the show in two series, besides its Christmas special. It has also funded three more seasons of Black Mirror. Every single episode of the series has something to show up to our society in a satirical manner. The episodes cover topics like, social media pros and cons, new games that start to feel real, and technology going awry. The comedy in this series is pitch black and sometimes the darkest, but it is a must-watch for people who have a devil’s sense of humour and are technology-oriented. The 5th season of Black Mirror has three episodes and we expect dark and dystopian tales with dark comedy. Each season constitutes of 3 to 6 episodes and every episode spans 60 minutes.

9. Lucifer

If you are waiting for the best thing on Netflix in Australia, then your wait over, because ‘Lucifer’ has now been uploaded on Netflix. The broadcast was cancelled on television due to some untold reasons. After which, now this show has found a new home in the form of Netflix, where it has brand new four seasons. The Lucifer is basically a devilishly comedy series. It has been produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who has also produced Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Armageddon. Tom Ellis has starred in the series with the name Lucifer Morningstar and he is seen to abandon the hell to start a nightclub in Los Angeles and to start his work as a consultant for LAPD. Besides the fourth season, first three seasons of the series are also uploaded on Netflix. Every season has 13 episodes and the running time of an episode is 43 minutes.

10. After Life

If you are bored by watching the ever famous romantic comedies, then After Life is for you. We can say that Ricky Gervais, the director, writer, and actor in the series, has revived Netflix with the After Life. He has played the role of a journalist, Tony Johnston in the series. The plot unfolds as the wife of Tony, Lisa, played by Kerry Godliman passed away due to cancer, and Tony becomes honest with everyone. His honesty level is so high that it is unapologetic. It is seen that Lisa has left a video for Tony, but Tony gives up and does not let anyone help him cope up with the loss. Although he is shown to be extremely rude, he has found only kindness in the people around. The story then leads to a number of heartbreaking yet hilarious experiences. Besides the main characters, the cast includes Tom Basden, Paul Kaye, Tony Way, Penelope Wilton, Ashley Jensen, Tim Plester, Roisin Conaty, David Bradley, Diane Morgan and Mandeep Dhillon.


You want to watch anything depending upon your mood or nature, Netflix Australia is here to save your day. There is an immense range of content from series to movies on Netflix Australia, which you can enjoy on your weekends and lazy days. And we are sure that once you start watching any of the above shows, you will be glued to the Netflix and will be binge-watching all the series and movies. Netflix is continuously updating its library to add more and more content of your choice.

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