Essential Skateboarding Tricks Every Beginner Should Master

Skateboarding is all about mastering a variety of tricks and maneuvers. If you’re a beginner looking to get started, here are some essential skateboarding tricks to work on:

1. Ollie:

The ollie is the foundational trick in skateboarding. It involves popping the tail of the skateboard while jumping, allowing the deck to level out in mid-air. This trick is the basis for many other tricks.

2. Kickflip:

The kickflip is a popular flip trick where you use your front foot to flick the edge of the skateboard while jumping. This causes the board to flip horizontally beneath you and then land back under your feet.

3. Heelflip:

Similar to the kickflip, the heelflip involves using your heel to flick the skateboard’s edge, making it flip horizontally. Mastering both kickflips and heelflips adds versatility to your trick repertoire.

4. Pop Shove-It:

In this trick, you pop the tail of the skateboard while simultaneously making it spin 180 degrees underneath you. Your front foot stays over the board, guiding it as it spins.

5. Frontside 180 and Backside 180:

These tricks involve a 180-degree rotation in the air while keeping the skateboard underfoot. In a frontside 180, your front shoulder leads the spin, while in a backside 180, your back shoulder initiates the rotation.

6. Boardslide:

A boardslide is a grinding trick where you slide the bottom of the skateboard’s deck along an obstacle (like a rail or ledge). You should approach the obstacle at an angle and use the tail or nose to slide.

7. 50-50 Grind:

This grind involves sliding both trucks (the axles) of the skateboard along an obstacle. Approach the obstacle straight on, balance over it, and keep both trucks on the edge.

8. Manual:

A manual is a trick that involves riding on the back two wheels of the skateboard while balancing. It’s a test of control and balance and is often used as a transition between tricks.


Remember that skateboarding takes practice and persistence. Start with the basics and gradually work your way up to more advanced tricks. Always wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet and pads, and practice tricks in safe areas like skateparks or empty parking lots. Skateboarding is not only a fun sport but also a rewarding one as you progress and learn new tricks.

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