Amazing 5-6 Days Australia Hike Places

Best Places to Hike in Australia for 5-6 Days

Are you a hiker set to explore the mountain ridges, rainforest, lakes and oceans of Australia? Worry not because we’ve set out to help you get amazing places to hike for more than 5 days.

This guide offers you a comprehensive guide on the awesome hiking places in Australia.

Get your boots ready and let’s go!

Cape to Cape Walk, Western Australia

Located in the southwestern corner of Western Australia, the Cape to Cape Track is one of its own kinds. It stretches 135 kilometres cutting through the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

You have the option of embarking on this seven-day walk as an individual or going through it as a guided tour, courtesy of Inspiration Outdoors. For a trouble-free experience, it is advisable to carry a day pack – transport and accommodation is included.

The unique thing about this track is that you get to cross beautiful beaches and climb cliff-tops as it almost follows along the coast. There are a number of inland loops that go through the karri forest.

Great Ocean Walk, Victoria


It is now 10 years down the line ever since Great Ocean Walk first gave us an opportunity to explore its namesake road.

The Great Ocean Walk track stretches 104 kilometres from Apollo Bay as it meanders its way through the eucalyptus and gum forest. Its seamlessly unending elongation traverses sand dunes, cliff-top tracks and beaches as it reaches Cape Otway Lightstation.

Along the way, you meet shipwrecks that allow you to have a detailed inspection of the eye-appealing limestone sea stacks (the Twelve Apostles).

Just as the Cape to Cape Walk, you get both individual walks and guided walks as you desire. For individual walks, you may find the shuttle service transporting gear from one stop to the next very helpful.

Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory


One can never overstate the emotional impact of walking through a rugged landscape for fun. That is exactly what Larapinta Trail, located in Northern Territory, offers you.

As walkers head westward, they wave goodbye to the Alice Springs so that they can experience even more tantalizing moments of the Ormiston Gorge, Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm and cap all these by ascending Mount Sonder.

Group walks are best advised in this track considering it is uniquely located in a remote area.

The Australian Walking Holidays organizes all the walks and provides support vehicles to help you cover the 223 kilometres. In total, you get a classic six-day experience.

Six Foot Track, New South Wales

Image Source Pixabay

The experience you get as you walk on this historical six-foot-wide track is phenomenal. It was first marked out in 1884 so that horses could smoothly pass each other as they were transported from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves.

Stretching from Explorers’ Tree, the 44-km track can be covered in three days and two nights. As you continue with the exploration, you pass through the amazing Megalong Valley and cross the Coxs River.

Walkers encounter challenging climbs that force them to the Black Range ridge after which they had to the caves.

There are both independent and group walks. Life’s adventure will assist you to erect a tent so all you need to carry is a day pack.

Overland Track, Tasmania

Amazing 5-6 Days Australia Hike Places
Image Source Pixabay

The Cradle Mountain Huts six-day walk is a fabulous journey within Tasmania’s World Heritage Area. Following the famous Overland Track, the walk extends from Cradle Valley to Lake St Clair through a variety of spectacular landscapes. Cradle Mountain Huts is known for its environment-friendly lodges.

Walkers are allowed to trek independently but must book with the Parks & Wildlife Service. There is also the option of using guide-walk operators.

If you get some good weather, then be sure of great views of Cradle Mountain, the alpine plateau and the beautiful D’Alton and Ferguson Falls. The challenge posed by the Overland Track is worth your time, so be ready for once in a lifetime experience.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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