Review Of The Movie Thor: Love And Thunder: A Witty Marvel Sequel That Recognizes Its Own Silliness

Critics Have Generally Praised The Most Recent Thor Film, Calling It Silly

Thor: Love and Thunder have a more difficult challenge than other Marvel movies since they are all destined to be followed by another Marvel movie. The studio’s endearing new defender’s immediate predecessor was Thor: Ragnarok, the film snob’s favourite Marvel feature from 2017. It was praised by both audiences and reviewers for its excellent comic treatment of superheroism.

Also, See Thor: Love and Thunder runtime make it the shortest Marvel movie in years.

Now, director Taika Waititi and actor Chris Hemsworth have come together for more of the same that is also daring enough to push things a little bit farther. In the interim between episodes, the filmmaker created Jojo Rabbit, which married the absurd and abysmal in Nazi Germany. Dedicated fans of that movie exist. Others may believe that the tonal high-wire act is better executed in this droll dayglo blockbuster starring Russell Crowe as an orgiastic Zeus, including a realistic depiction of terminal sickness and a tunic that closely resembles a tutu.

Christian Bale plays the villain, exuding ghoulish terror even in a picture this blatantly ridiculous. Guns N’ Roses’ inclusion on the soundtrack and Hemsworth’s smiling declaration of “another iconic Thor adventure” serve as punctuation. Without making fun of the audience, the numerous prior examples are summarised with perfect self-awareness, teasing the déjà vu of comic-book movies. It’s Waititi’s trade secret. The Thor: Love and Thunder jokes are always entertaining, and everyone is welcome to join in. If we have to elaborate on that one point, let’s say that Waititi handles comedy more like an actual comic world, where everything has the potential to be funny. This contrasts with how Marvel directors would have dealt with the situation, giving Jeremy Renner canned jokes.

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The Sequel To The Adored Thor Film By Taika Waititi Russell Crowe In An Almost Tutu, Terminal Sickness, And Tremendous Silliness All Featured In Ragnarok.

Stage-four cancer being used as a jest is undoubtedly a first for Marvel. Still, a significant character receiving such a diagnosis goes beyond shock value. Waititi subtly challenges an existing taboo by allowing the terminally ill to continue participating in life with agency and one-liners on a vast stage.

A nitpicker like me would point out that the studio curse of sluggish pacing still exists today. No one is flawless, to quote Some Like It Hot. Love might be stretching it, but after so many late nights with Marvel in the past, the movie is so charming and lighthearted that you want to kiss it.

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