Money Heist Korea, Everything You Need To Know Right Here!

Everything You Should Know About The Korean Money Heist

Money Heist, a Netflix sensation, ended in 2021, but the narrative is far from done. Following the show’s positive reviews, the streaming service said that Berlin (Pedro Alonso) will star in a spin-off series and that a Korean adaptation of the Spanish smash will debut in 2022. With the introduction of Squid Game, a series that surpassed Money Heist as the most-watched non-English show on Netflix, interest in Korean dramas increased. The adaptation offers a chance to win over those whose hearts yearn for more of the complex bank heist story and to increase interest in original Korean films.

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View the trailer for The Money Heist: Korea

A teaser trailer featuring a first look at the actors and the official title of the Korean version was released alongside the information that filming ended in early 2022: Joint Economic Area: Korea Money Heist. In a quiet office, the Professor is seen gazing at a wall covered with traditional Korean masks that are frequently shown during dance-drama performances that are a component of shamanistic rituals in Korea. 

These masks are displayed beside the typical Salvador Dali mask, making us wonder if the series will eventually adopt a different show. Before the teaser video turns to the several actors who will play the well-known characters from the Spanish film, we also see the task force conducting the theft investigation.

When Is The Release Of Money Heist: Korea?

In November 2020, news about the Korean remake was released. However, further information wasn’t made public until TUDUM on December 1, 2021. (a Netflix event sharing exclusive clips, interviews, and release dates to forthcoming productions from the streaming service). Actor Park Hae-soo of the Squid Game said in a video that he will portray Berlin in the Korean adoption.

On June 24, 2022, Netflix published the first half of Money Heist: Korea Season 1.

On May 20, 2022, a second teaser trailer with more narrative specifics was published. The tale seems to begin with the unification of North and South Korea and the creation of a new currency. The teaser illustrates that while it could seem like a significant improvement for the peninsula, it just serves to make the wealthiest on both sides richer while the poor continue to suffer. Despite being set in a little more fictitious environment, it appears that the Korean remake will likewise address significant societal concerns like the original series.

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Did You Know?

Hahoe masks, which are traditional Korean masks from Andong expressing a sense of humour and mocking the wealthy and powerful, are used by thieves in Korean adoption.

What Do We Know About The Money Heist: Joint Economic Area Of Korea’s Scheme?

The Korean adaptation will follow the same format as the original because it is a fresh rendition of the beloved Netflix original. This implies that a crew of thieves commanded by the Professor will attempt to carry off a sophisticated theft without being discovered. However, as the program’s title suggests, it will focus on the socio-economic struggle in Korea between the two sides of the border. The term “Joint Economic Area” refers to a recently developed (and fictitious) territory where the North-South boundary is really located.

The second teaser indicates that a new economy, replete with a new currency, will be developed by the newly united government of Korea utilising this Joint Economic Area as a basis. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems like our gallant band of criminals will attempt a crime identical to the one in the Spanish edition. This time, they’ll target the recently-issued Korean won. It’s undoubtedly an intriguing interpretation of the original narrative. The fact that the series is set in a more dramatised setting raises the prospect of some novel perspectives being explored in the program.

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