How to Make Money on Youtube?

Are you frequent Youtube user? Love to get paid for your time spent on this social media platform? 

In short, Are you planning to earn online and looking for ways to earn money from home? Why don’t you create an active channel! which will not only be a good time pass for you and others but will also become a way to generate a passive monthly income.

Youtube – A source of Online Income

You must be thinking, how and why Youtube? Well, do you know, this video sharing platform gets one billion unique visitors every month. That’s a massive audience on any social media site. This huge monthly traffic can be converted into cash and if you are not aware of this all, you’re missing tons of dollars!

How to Monetise on Youtube?

Creating a Youtube channel is pretty easy. Just visit this guide and get started!

The real issue is the creation of interesting content for the humongous audience. That’s where we step in!

8 Creative ways to generate income from Youtube

In this guide, we will show creative ways to earn money on Youtube!

Let’s get started!

1- Escalate Traffic For You Blog Using Youtube

If you have started a website or blog with a notion of making money online. Then traffic is the foremost thing you need. Recently, Google has hit the various types of the website with Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird updates. If you have experienced a drop in the web traffic, it means your blog has been targeted too. To regain the traffic, you can seek help from Youtube!

Because of the blog, you already have the content. The only thing to do is repurposing the content into videos. Just start your channel and start uploading videos. Don’t forget to add website link in each video you share; this will drive targeted traffic towards the site.

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2- Promotion Of Products

You would pay attention to a salesperson who is giving the live demo. Same applies to Youtube videos. If your product is worthwhile and valuable, give it a shot on Youtube. Create videos and promote it online. You can give the live demonstration on how to use the product? Why is it beneficial to the user? etc.

You must have an online shopping cart or store. In each video, please add the link of particular product or shopping store.

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3- Sell Products as an Affiliate Marketer

You don’t have a product, no need to worry. You can move to affiliate programs. Thousands of large enterprises are offering heavy commission if we successfully make the sale. Most popular affiliate programs include eBay, Amazon, ClickBank or Commission Junction.

The question is how to do it with Youtube? Just pick the desired niche. Choose products, make informative videos on them like how to use ABC product? What are key features of the product? etc. In the description section, leave the affiliate product link.

4- Create A Web Series

Are you fond of telling stories? Why not create them? No one is going to stop you. On Youtube, you have complete freedom to express your thoughts and emotions. Whether you want to make comedy or drama series, you can host it on  Youtube. You are limited by your imagination only. If you manage to get massive views, who knows you will be the future director or filmmaker? Not to mention, you will earn on the videos via Youtube monetization program.

5- Become A Youtube Celebrity

Of course, you can’t gain authority as presenter or celebrity on Youtube in one day. The key is to come up with unique and genuine content that people want to see. If you think your tricks are interesting enough, or, you have tremendous amounts of knowledge about something? It is worth sharing on Youtube. Maybe, you become the next big thing!

6- Monetize Your Videos

Once you have uploaded a significant number of videos on the channel, and they are getting a substantial number of views. It is time to monetize them. The process is pretty simple; you just have to initiate the Youtube Partner program. As earnings, you will share the advertising profit with Youtube, as other celebrities do.

7- Share Your Knowledge

If you are an expert at doing something, you can earn heavily by just teaching others. For instance, beauty experts are making huge margins just by showing how to do makeup. You can check the popular channel of Michelle Phan, who has received over 1.3 million views.

8- Turn Your Pet Into A Star

For a successful channel, you don’t have to be a singer or artists. You just have to make videos that are unique and amazing. For instance, Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub started their journey on Youtube. Today, the world knows them as international celebrities. In fact, they are making book deals. So, always keep your camera with you! You may shoot something viral!

A Final Word

You can use different ways to earn money. The key is to get relative and huge exposure. Youtube earnings come from advertising fee that has been the charge to companies for displaying their ads. You can’t collect enough dollars without getting sufficient views. So, whatever method you choose, make sure it is getting attention!

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