How To Creatively Earn Money While Sleeping

How to Creatively Earn Money. Can we do it?

How to creatively earn money while sleeping. The secret to creating a wealth generation focuses on the identification of income streams that generate returns for you. It requires some creative thinking but remains possible. These income opportunities allow you to create funds even when you in dreamland. If you keep investing your savings, your money grows while you experience a good night sleep. So let us look at some of the most common ways to create passive income.

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1. Can We Invest Savings in Stocks?

This is one of the most common ways to earn passive income. If you have savings and some knowledge about how the stock markets work, you may invest in companies listed. Remember, you need some knowledge to understand how the process function. Maybe read about it first. The other options include the appointment of a financial broker to assist you, but they charge fees for their professional advice. Investing in shares can create a passive income stream that grows. You need to show some patience if you are interested in stock market investments. Also, keep in mind the risks, if companies struggle during economic declines.

Overall stocks help you earn money in two ways. First, most stocks carry an annual or periodic dividend. A dividend is the annual share of profit the company gives out to all shareholders. The more shares you have, the higher your dividend income will be. Second, shares help you grow your wealth through capital appreciation. You sell the shares and cash out to benefit from capital appreciation.

How To Creatively Earn Money While Sleeping


The graph shown above illustrates the share value trend for Amazon. Amazon has a policy of not paying any dividend. So why do people still invest in the shares of Amazon? Because the company reinvests all the profit back into product research and development, and this increased the shareholder value over the years. You can see, at the start of the millennium the share value of Amazon was around $200 and now it reflects $2150.

The share value of Amazon increased by over 970%, this means that investors who invested in Amazon, in the beginning, must have seen their wealth increase by over 970% over the last two decades!

This is how shares can make you earn money as you sleep, but it is extremely important to invest smartly. It remains critical to invest in different stocks and not place your funds in one basket. A good investment strategy is to divide your investment into risk categories. Invest some in high-risk shares, others in medium risk and some in low-risk shares.

2. Attempt To Take Part In Peer-to-Peer Lending

You can also invest your savings into P2P lending platforms and earn a steady rate of income over your investment. P2P lending has been around since at least 2006, it is a way to bring together investors and borrowers without the intervention of any bank as a financial regulator. This allows borrowers to find investors willing to lend to them regardless of their credit score, and it allows investors to earn a higher rate of income as compared to banks.

Surely, if there is no bank to regulate the whole process, does it make investing in P2P risky? No, because the P2P lending platforms consist of their own control measures in place to prevent loss for the investors.

When you invest your money on any P2P platform and sign up, then all of your investment is not credited out to single investors, instead, they loan the money out to multiple borrowers in a series of micro contracts. This significantly reduces the risk of loss because even if one or two investors default on the payment, the loss will be minimal. Furthermore, many P2P platforms reserve funds in place to compensate investors for their loss.

Some P2P platforms allow investors to choose the borrowers or the risk category they want to be assigned to, so you choose a loan out option aligned with high-risk or low-risk loans. High-risk loans carry a rate of return up to 9%-14% whereas low-risk loans consist of a rate of return from a modest 3%-4%. This makes P2P lending a safe form of investment where you can earn money as you sleep, literally.

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3. Invest in REIT stocks

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) are companies that own or provide finance for real estate that generates rental income. They list REIT’s in stock exchanges like any other company, but they have a different business model. By investing in a REIT, you receive a direct claim to the rental income of that REIT proportionate to the number of shares you have invested in. Thus REITs allow investors to own a stake in real estate. Real Estate has a very low-risk profile compared to shares of companies, and REIT stocks are a separate class of assets on their own. So REIT stocks are yet another way to use your savings to earn passive income.

4. What About Banking Your Savings?

Bank deposits are probably the least risky way of earning passive income on your investment, but you most probably will experience slow growth. It depends on the rate of interest prevalent in your country. USA, UK and New Zealand, for example, display a very low rate of interest right now and thus in a country where interest rates are moderate, keeping your investment in the bank to earn interest become counterproductive. It gives you easy to earn and a higher rate of interest by investing your savings elsewhere.

If, however, you live in a country with a high rate of interest, like many countries in Africa and South Asia, then you earn a return as high as almost 16% on your investment.

Central banks use monetary policy as a tool to manipulate interest rates. Meaning a high rate of interest suggests that the government wants people to store their savings in banks so it can receive more money, whereas a low rate of interest suggests that the government wants to boost investment spending.

5. Let Us Invest In Gold

Most people will not recommend this to earn passive income, but the opportunity exists. Gold is an option for protecting your investment from economic shocks. All the above options except for bank deposits are at risk when looking at the economic impacts.

Economic shocks or impacts are events that have the potential to make the markets go into a free fall. The stock market crash of 2008 presented a major financial crisis. One needs to show some care.

Gold has the tendency to keep its value in times of economic crisis.

We can clearly see that the value of gold in the last two decades increased from $400 to almost $1600. Roughly estimating, this comes close to a 400% increase in value.  This means that if anyone invested in gold at the start of the millennium and held their investment, then their wealth inflated by almost 400% during this time.

Thus, while gold can protect your investment from economic shocks, it can also increase your wealth while you sleep. The only condition is that you must have the patience to hold your investment for the long term.  You can still make a profit in the short term by liquidating your investment when the gold touches a high value, but doing so will not result in massive wealth creation undefined.


How to creatively earn money, we conclude this, that earning money requires some skill and creativity, especially in the world we live today. But these opportunities allow you to grow your funds while you sleep. What you need is the ability to find opportunities and grasp them. Many people spend their lives without understanding the opportunities that come their way.

So be on the lookout for opportunities, manage your finances wisely, save money and invest it into profitable investment options. Always execute proper due diligence before investing your money. Never invest your savings blindly into an option just because it appears good. Hopefully, this article assists you to make an informed choice.

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How To Creatively Earn Money While Sleeping

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