10 Ways To Earn Money From Home

10 Lucrative Jobs to Earn Money from Home

There are various ways in which one can earn money from home, online or offline. The key is outlining all the possible ways from freelance writing jobs to starting a business online or offline. You can then pick something flexible that works for you.

Here are a few ways you can earn money from home, part-time or full-time.

1. Tutor

You can tutor at your home or online. There are numerous teaching opportunities which you can take advantage of either in your own living room or online. The grade level is also diverse from high school to university. There are a lot of different websites that help children to learn mathematics, where you can try yourself as a tutor. Numerous math websites for kids are popular with huge benefits. 

10 Ways To Earn Money From Home
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Online opportunities are often more flexible and pay good money. You can work at any hour on any time-zone with different kinds of students from all over the world.

2. Freelance Writing

You can also write and sell some of your work online. You can choose to blog for yourself or someone else. Write for online or offline magazines and newspapers. Bid for writing gigs on freelance writing websites or sell some of your work on them.

The better your writing skills the more you stand at getting writing jobs fast. You can simply create an account now and get the job depending on your aptitude and creativity.

3. Home Business

You can also run a home business that is close to your hobbies and talents. It can be anything from hand-made crafts, sewing, baking, photography and even party planning. As long as it brings an extra coin, it is worth it.


You can even start an online shop to sell some of your home-made goods.

4. Virtual Assistant

You can always sign-up for a virtual assistant job or customer representative for some online companies that outsource employees. However, avoid any company or place that requires an upfront sign-up fee. Some great places to start from are Express Jet, J. Crew and IRS.

5. Online Surveys

You can also earn money from home by taking different kinds of surveys online. It is fun and earns you a little bit on the side. In addition to the cash you can collect some prizes and gifts.

You can even watch ads, redeem coupons as well as play some online games. However, stay away from those which ask for payments of any sort.

6. Telemarketing

You can also spend some time doing some cold-calls for companies that outsource third parties for such work. But you need to be resilient as it is not an easy job.

Your voice should also be on point and clear. Excellent communication skills is also a necessity. It pays by the hour, so make it count.

7. Online Expert

This involves giving advise or guide on any area, especially one in which you excel in. You need to have great communication skills as well as impeccable grammar. You can sign-up at websites like, or among others.

8. Data Entry Jobs

You can also earn money from home by doing simple data entry, data research, translation and testing. In case you find so much information on the internet and you have no idea where to start. You can start at Clickworker and the Smart Crowd. The pay is modest per hour, $5-$6.

9. Rent out Space or Ride

You can also earn money from home by renting out a living space, garage or even your ride. It can be on a daily/hourly basis or weekends, your choice.

You can also use some online rental agencies like Turo and Getaround for some help. Though they will retain some percentage of the income.

10. Share Your Views

You can help companies improve their products and sales by giving out your opinion and views online. It will not make you rich instantly but it will help you earn money from home easily.

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