How Much Do Cricket Umpires Get Paid?

Salary Details of Cricket Umpires

Cricket is a sport that has gained a lot of attention globally and has millions of fans. But, more than sports, cricket is a religion for many true cricket enthusiasts. Apart from players, bowlers, captains, wicketkeepers, and coaches, another role has gained more popularity over time, the Cricket Umpire. 

The Umpire is not a part of any cricket team. The Umpire’s primary role is to make the right decision about the game — the deliveries, wickets according to the Laws of Cricket, ensuring the game is played in the right way.

Two Umpires from different countries are appointed on the field during the matches. One Umpire stands behind the batsman and the other behind the bowler and uses various arms and hands movements to signal their decisions. During International matches, there are three Umpires on the field. 

Cricket is one such game that offers lucrative packages to all players, including the Umpires. The ICC Elite Panel Umpires make around USD 100,000 per annum. Let’s take a look at the International Umpires earnings who serve at International matches:

ODI: USD 3000

Test Match: USD 5000

T20: USD 1500

ICC Tournaments: USD 3000

Annual Earnings: USD 100,000

1. Richard Kettleborough

Country: England

Richard Kettleborough was the former England cricket player — top order left-handed batsman who performed 33 matches for Yorkshire and Middlesex, who made his debut in 1994.

Richard became an ECB member in 2006 for First Class Umpire and was in charge of numerous domestic gameplay. After three years, he was promoted as the International Cricket Umpiring and appointed his first match — the T20I between England and Australia. 

In 2011, Richard was elected for — Elite Umpire Panel and was one of the umpires out of 18 for the 2011 World Cup in India. In 2015, Richard won the award — ICC Umpire and was the first Englishman to earn it. Richard is one of the most distinct umpires who commanded the World Cup 2015 and the Champions Trophy in 2017. 

To date, Richard has umpired 22 T20Is, 58 Test Matches, and 83 ODIs.

2. Rodney Tucker 

Country: Australia

Rodney Tucker, famously known as Rod Tucker, was a former Australian cricketer who was an all-rounder player — left-handed batsman and fast-medium right-arm bowler. He made his debut in 1986 played for New South Wales, Tasmania, and Canberra teams. Throughout his cricket career, he hit 123 wickets and scored 5076 runs. 

Ron was part of the National Umpire in 2005; he umpired the first T20I match between Australia and South Africa in Melbourne. In 2009, Ron was promoted to the ICC International Umpire panelist, and he umpired the first ODI match Australia and South Africa in Hobart. In 2010, Ron was promoted to ICC Elite group of Umpire Panel. 

In 2017, Ron umpired his 50th Test Match — South Africa vs. Sri Lanka, and in 2019, Ron was selected as one of the 16 Umpires during CWC 2019 to stand in matches. To date, Ron has umpired 74 ODI, 35 T20I, and 59 Tests. 

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3. Kumar Dharmasena

Country: Sri Lanka

Former Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Dharmasena made his debut against South Africa in 1994 at 22. Kumar was an excellent batsman and bowler. During Cricket World Cup in 2016, Kumar was the key player who played a fantastic game lead to Sri Lankan Team to win the trophy.

Kumar retired in 2006 to pursue Umpiring, and in 2009, he was the youngest Umpire who made his debut in ODI between India and Sri Lanka. Kumar was also officiated CWC in 2011 and promoted to the ICC Elite Panel Umpires. During the 2015 World Cup, Kumar selected 1 of the 20 Umpires to stand in matches, and he umpired the final game. 

Kumar was awarded the David Shepherd Trophy for the best Umpire in 2012 and 2018. To date, he umpired 18 ICC World T20 and the most umpired done by anyone from Sri Lanka. 

4. Christopher Gaffaney

Country: New Zealand

Christopher Gaffaney, the former New Zealand right-handed cricket batsman who made his debut in 1996 at the age of 21 and played 83 First-Class, 8 Twenty20, and 113 List A cricket matches till 2010 for Otago.

In September 2010, Christopher debuted as the Umpire of the ODI match in Toronto — Canada vs. Ireland. In August 2014, he umpired his first Test Match in Harare — Zimbabwe vs. South Africa. Christopher was promoted to the ICC Elite Panel in 2015. 

During the World Cup 2019, Christopher was one of the umpires of the 16 that stand in matches. The following year, during IPL 2020, he was one of the 15 umpires in matches and stood during the final game as well.

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5. Marais Erasmus

Country: South Africa

Marais Erasmus, the former South African first-class cricket player who was part of the Boland Cricket team, made his debut in 1988. His best score was 103 and not out against Warwickshire Team in 1991–92, and his best bowling score of 6/22 against New Zealand in 1994–95.

Marais pursued his Umpire career and began umpiring in the 2002–03 season. His first T20 watch was South Africa vs. Australia in Johannesburg in 2006. His ODI debut was in 2007, Kenya vs. Canada in Nairobi. Later, the following year Marais was appointed in ICC Umpires International Panel. In 2010, he was promoted to Elite Umpire Panel of ICC. 

Marais umpired the ICC World Twenty20 2009 and 2010, also 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. Marais completed his 100th Test Umpired — England vs. West Indies in 2017 and was awarded David Shepherd Trophy in 2016 and 2017.

6. Aleem Dar

Country: Pakistan

The former Pakistani first-class cricket player, Aleem Dar, is now one of the famous umpires who got the David Shepherd Trophy for three consecutive years 2009, 2010, and 2011. Until 2017, Aleem Dar was one of the umpires who received the award along with Kumar Dharmasena, Simon Taufel, Marais Erasmus, and Richard Kettleborough.

Aleem made his ODI Umpiring debut at 31 years and umpired ICC Cricket World Cup in 2003, 2007, and 2011. Aleem is the first-ever Pakistani Umpire who is a part of the ICC Elite Panel. 

In CWC 2015 and 2019, Aleem was one of the Umpires to be in matches. In 2019 during the second match of the Ireland Tri-Nation Series, Aleem was the third Umpire and the first Umpire from Pakistan to be umpired in the 200 ODIs.

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7. Nitin Menon

Country: India

Nitin Menon is the Indian Cricket Umpire who was the former righthanded List A cricket player. Nitin pursued his Umpire career at the age of 2007 and made his Umpire debut in January 2017 in the T20 match India vs. England. Later in March, he umpired his first ODI match Afghanistan vs. Ireland.

Nitin has umpired the T20 Women’s World Cup 2018 in West Indies and 2020 in Australia. Nitin promoted in ICC International Elite Panel 2019–20. 

To date, Nitin has umpired 7 Test Matches, 27 ODIs, and 19 T20Is. During England Tour in 2021, Nitin was honored by the Cricket Fraternity for his umpiring skills.


Umpires are the ones who ensure the matches run smoothly and unbiasedly. Apart from the per match pay, the Umpires also enjoy other perks such as bonuses and cash prices around USD 10,000.

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