Dog Registration in Canberra

All You Need To Know About Dog Registration in Canberra

In the Australian Capital Territory, dog registration is mandatory. From 24 May 2019, there’s a new law that states that every dog owner needs to register their dog on a yearly basis. So if you want to get detailed information regarding Dog Registration in Canberra then read the article carefully.

Which Dogs Must Be Registered in Canberra?

  • all dogs that are eight weeks old or older
  • all dogs that have been in the Australian Capital Territory for more than 28 days
  • all dogs that have a keeper who is a resident of Canberra for 28 days or more

Both domestic dogs and guide dogs have to be registered with DAS (Domestic Animal Services).

Cost of Dog Registration in Canberra

On this website you can find a complete list of all the fees related to dog registration. Some of the most common ones include lifetime registration of a dog at $56.15. Registration for a trained assistance dog is free. Microchipping costs $40.35.

How Many Dogs Can I Keep in Canberra?

Under the ACT Government’s dog laws, it’s legal to keep less than 4 dogs. If you want to keep 4 or more dogs, you have to register for a license. The application for this license costs $122 and you have to go through a professional assessment which will determine if your home is appropriate for housing 4 or more dogs.

Licenses for keeping more than 4 cats are also necessary. This license costs $58.85.

Can I Keep a Dangerous Dog in the ACT (Canberra)?

In order to keep a dangerous dog in Canberra, you need to apply for a license. You will have to prove that the dog is highly trained and the application costs $750.

Which Dogs Are Considered Dangerous in ACT?

There are no specific dog species that are automatically listed as dangerous in Australian Capital Territory. Rather, there are several conditions that apply when registering a dog as dangerous. The dog either has to be a guard dog, have a history of attacks or harassment of persons or animals or is noted as menacing and aggressive.

For racing greyhound owners, there’s also a special license application.

In the ACT, all breeders have to have an issued license as well. The application for this license costs $413.70.

The new Dog Law is all about responsible dog ownership. So, what exactly does this imply?

1. Registration

All dogs over 8 weeks that are kept in the ACT for over eight weeks have to be registered. As of recently, dogs have to be registered on a yearly basis.

2. Desexing

It’s a strict offence to own a dog that’s not been desexed and that’s older than six months. Desexing is important because it reduces the number of stray dogs, and improves dogs’ behaviour and reduces aggression.

3. Microchipping

Microchipping is a process where a silicon chip is implanted under the dog’s skin. It enables quick dog identification and allows DAS to quickly return the dogs to their owners. Microchipping is mandatory in Canberra.

4. Keeping 4 or more dogs

Keeping 4 dogs or more in Canberra is an offense, expect if you have a license. In order to legally own more dogs, you have to apply for a license.

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