Stunning Mosques to Visit in Canberra

Add These Best Stunning Mosques to Your Must-Visit in Canberra

Canberra, being the capital of Australia, contains bulks of monuments, museums and galleries embellished with the traditional Australian heritage and culture. One can expect to have a lot of fun in this city, too.

Muslim people have certain reservations that they want to eradicate before they visit a new city. But, Canberra has it all covered! It has some of the best halal food eateries, and is also ranked as the ‘Third Best city’ in 2008 by Lonely Planet. Muslim tourists are able to locate their religion-friendly services, such as halal food or prayer mosques all around this city. Even a few Universities offer full-fledge prayer facilities, with in-built prayer rooms for Muslim students.

Here is a list of some of the best mosques to visit in Canberra:

1. London Circuit Musallah:

This mosque is located at 180 London Circuit, and the nearest Landmark includes the famous Canberra Museum and Gallery. This mosque has a separate female prayer corner. Parking facility for cars is also available. Furthermore, ablution has been made easy as there are areas for both males and females to perform Wudu.

Address: 180 London Circuit, Canberra City, ACT 2601.

2. Canberra Mosque:

This mosque is the second most continuously used mosque in Australia. It is one of the oldest mosques in Canberra. The building is a depiction of gorgeous architecture. This place has soulful and spiritual vibes which have managed to attract many local Muslim resident families, and even tourists who want to pray. On Fridays this mosque usually gets over-capacitated.

Address: 130 Empire Circuit, Yarraluma ACT 2600, Australia.

3. Gungahlin Mosque:

This is a soulful place, with beautiful architecture, located for Muslims all around Canberra. It provides all the facilities required for Muslims to pray with utmost ease and comfort. Wuzu facility is available outside of the mosque. On the first floor, there is Women separate praying area. Parking facility is made available so the local Muslim Residents or the tourists can pray with peace of mind. Religious classes for both Adults and Children are offered here. Moreover, an annual Open Day is held. on this day, sporting activities are also organized. Muslims of all sects and faiths are welcome here at this mosque!

Address: 140 The Valley Ave, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia.

4. Masjid Al Taqwa:

This is another beautiful mosque you will find in Canberra. You will find this mosque after an eighteen minute drive to Spence. The nearest landmark includes Canberra Dance Development Centre. This mosque is rich in Islamic culture, as it is also known as Islamic Society of Belconnen.

Address: 4/55 Crofts Cres, Spence ACT 2615, Australia.

5. Queanbeyan Musallah:

This mosque is technically allocated in South Wales, but it is merely 20 kilometers from Canberra CBD, hence the tourists can go visit this mosque any time they want to! This mosque has currently construction going on because it has been planned in near future to expand it’s building to accomodate more people for prayers.

Address: 185 Gilmore Road, Queanbeyan West.

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Main Image Source : Pixabay

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