When is The Fireside Festival Canberra 2022

The Fireside Festival Canberra

Fireside Festival is one of Australia’s most famous celebrations for vacationers and locals alike. Fireside Festival is held during winter in Canberra. With heaps of flames around, you can appreciate great smoked food, the best wine, and listen to the best exciting music. More than 10 wine producers will take part in the festival. Among classes and tastings, you will actually want to see much better the delicacy of the wine. Smooth mushroom soups and simmered pork will be the ideal dishes to go with your wines. Vegetarian choices are additionally included. Consistently more than 4,000 people come by our show from both all over.


The Fireside Festival is an annual occasion that is happening from 2006 in Canberra, Australia based on advancing in excess of 50 local wines with an alternate topic every year. The entry fee is $12, and the celebration goes on with a contribution of meals, masterclasses, and road trips all through the Canberra region.


31 July – 31 August 2022


Will Be updated soon

There is a most extreme request of 4 tickets for every individual.

This occasion is over 18s

You might be expected to show an ID




Canberra Wine District, ACT

Some Best Inclusions:

Payne’s Rise Wines

Pie & Pinot

De Bortoli Wines

Smoke Salmon

Smoke cod with DIY cheese

It’s tied in with having a discussion with inspirational individuals by the fireside or participating in a progression of melodic encounters for a definitive winter music sesh, all while snuggled into a larger than average seat with a glass of Pinot Noir, ensuring that you have the best of the cool environment wines to keep you fortified this colder time of year.

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