What To Do in Canberra in September

Enter September – What To Do in Canberra?

The month of September marks the beginning of spring in Australia! Just like the world of nature, social events and festival start blossoming in the city as well. After Canberra’s winter full of indoors activities or snow hiking, it’s time to enjoy some springtime fests and have a great time! If you want to know full detailed information about What To Do in Canberra in September then read this article carefully.

Generally, September is considered to be among the best periods to visit Canberra. The weather is really great with spring temperatures, but it’s not as hot as it gets in the summer. This is the perfect month for international tourists as well. Visiting Canberra in September will give you a chance to see the city in its full glory.

September brings about a real explosion of the events in the social life of the city. You can find much more people outdoors and in nature. Here are some of the coolest events you can visit in Canberra in September:

So What To Do in Canberra in September

With a long-standing tradition from 1988, Floriade is Canberra’s biggest flower festival. It starts in the middle of September (14 September 2019) and lasts for a month.

This is one of the biggest spring festivals in entire Australia, and definitely the biggest one in Canberra. During the fest, you can see flowers in all parts of the city and on most public surfaces.

This tradition started to back in 1988 to mark 200 years of Australia and 75th birthday of Canberra. Ever since then, this remained a beloved Aussie festival attracting tourists from all over the world.

World Bonsai Masters

At the very beginning of September, you have a chance to meet and work with some of the best world’s experts of the bonsai art. The event is held in Canberra’s National Arboretum:

It’s a great way to connect with nature and mark the beginning of spring.

Concerts in Canberra in September

Next to outdoors-y activities and reconnecting with nature, September is also a great time for the Canberra music scene.

In the city’s bars, cafes, clubs, all the way to concert halls, you can enjoy all types of music imaginable any night of the week.

For September 2019, there are some amazing classical music performers scheduled to play in Canberra, such as the Australian String Quartet, Australian Haydn Ensemble and Canberra Youth Orchestra.

Canberra Moon Festival

The Moon Festival in Canberra is another celebration of spring and the time of harvest held in September. It’s inspired by Asian public festivals and celebrations which pay a tribute to the elements of nature.

The event takes place in Canberra Exhibition Park, and attracts over 60,000 visitors each year. In 2019, it’s expected that the records will be surpassed, as many tourists are now switching from Asian Moon Festivals to the Aussie ones. Just like its Asian counterparts, the Canberra Moon Festival features food and drink stalls with mooncakes, colorful decorations, parades, contests, games, dances, and various other activities.

In this 2-3 day festival, you can celebrate togetherness, reunion, nature and fortune. Relax and enjoy a couple of days of pure bliss and contentment!

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