Does ACT have a State Government?

Does Canberra have a State Government?

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is located within the Southern Tablelands district of New South Wales in southeastern Australia. It is formerly known as Yass-Canberra. ACT is a landlocked federal territory in Australia that includes Canberra and the neighbouring towns.

Federation of colonies of Australia

The federation of colonies of Australia was established on January 1, 1901. Under the Australian Constitution, Section 125 provided the rules for the Australian Capital Territory. There are two existing territory governments: ACT (1988) and the Northern Territory (1978), as established by the legislation of the Federal Parliament.

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The constitution states that both state/territory and the federal government will assume different powers and responsibilities. Also, state/territory governments have a separate system of local government. However, ACT is unicameral, with only the Legislative Assembly as the only parliament responsible for state/territory and local government functions.

State Governments

State governments are responsible for raising revenue through indirect taxes such as banking and public transportation, excluding income taxation. They also manage the distribution of water, gas, and electricity.

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