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The Police System of every country makes it all the more strong. The crime rate of the nation is controlled, the people are protected and the police remain in the service of the nation 24X7. The Australian Federal Police is one such strong police system the world has today. It is the federal police agency of the Commonwealth of Australia. The AFP was created as a result of the amalgamation of three Commonwealth law enforcement agencies in the year 1979. Yet the Australian Federal Police finds its history from such law enforcement agencies that dated back to the Australian federation of six diverse precursor colonies in the year 1901 that was solely governed by the British.

The History of Australian Federal Police: –

The Australian Federal Police came into existence on the 19th of October in the year 1979 and it owes its establishment to the Australian Federal Police Act, 1979. The existence of AFP came post the merger of the Australian Capital Territory Police with the former Commonwealth Police. This establishment gave rise to the review of the anti-terrorism capacity of Australia which was then headed by the former Commissioner of Metropolitan Police in the UK, Sir Robert Mark and was commissioned by the Fraser Government after the Hilton bombing happened in the year 1978. The Federal Narcotics Bureau was later transferred to a fresh agency in November 1979. Then in the year 1984, the component of protective service of the Australian Federal Police was cut down forming the new Australian Protective Services. The same was transferred back to the AFP and is now finally called as the AFP Uniform Protection.

Important Roles Played by AFP: –

All the important roles and priorities of the Australian Federal Police are set by the Minister of Home Affairs and Justice of Australia by the way of ministerial discretion. The AFP aims to enforce the federal law as well as the national interests from crime in Australia as well as overseas. The Australian Federation Police also aids community policing to the Jervis Bay Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island and the Cocos Islands.

Criticism Faced by the Australian Federal Police: –

The Australian Federal Police faced huge flak when Mohammad Haneef was arrested in the year 2007 without any charge under the anti-terror laws. Likewise, the Australian Federal Police has received great criticism for some of its activities. However, it still comes out as one of the strongest, and robust police systems of the world.

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