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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on History. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on history.

History Joke 1

“Why are the all the best tales and moments of the past known as History?
Because we have no reason to pay attention to her-story..”

History Joke 2

When people ask me what my Granddad did during the war, I tell them he was a deserter. He was actually a pastry chef but I think deserter sounds much more wind swept and interesting.

History Joke 3

“Everyone knows Christopher Columbus was responsible for one of history’s biggest blunders.
Discovering America.”

History Joke 4

“””Obama and wife too later congratulate newly weds Harry and Kate””
could this be the first time Americans were late to support the British in a national event?”

History Joke 5

“When it comes to marriage, I’m very old fashioned and traditional.
I have them beheaded if they can’t give birth to a boy.”

History Joke 6

“Bonfire night parties.
Making it Ok to be drunk and in charge of explosives since 1605.”

History Joke 7

In 2000 years time, historians studying the national census will think we murdered all the Jedi.

History Joke 8

“I just changed history
Oh I do love Wikipedia”

History Joke 9

“Well its that time of year to go out joy riding…bonfire night.
Its the only time they don’t send out the police helicopter.”

History Joke 10

The time when the suffragettes were campaigning for the vote was the only time many women stuck to their diets.

Jokes on History

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