10 Random Funny Jokes About Stupid – Jokes that Ain’t Woke

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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Stupid. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on stupid.

Stupid Joke 1

“Dear Walkers Crisps,
Your crisps are really tasty. When will you be making a full bag?”

Stupid Joke 2

“I used to be in a band called ‘Missing Cat’.
You probably saw our posters.”

Stupid Joke 3

“At the start of the exam, the invigilator says, “”You have exactly 2 hours. I will not accept any papers after this time has elapsed.””
Two hours later, the invigilator calls out, “”Time’s up, Ladies and Gentlemen.””
One student is still scribbling away ten minutes later when the invigilator has all the collected papers in a large stack front of him. Slowly, the student finishes up and walks over to hand in his paper, but the invigilator refuses to accept it. The student puffs up his chest and says:
“”Do you have any idea who I am?””
“”No,”” says the invigilator.
“”Great,”” says the student as he slips his paper into the middle of the stack.”

Stupid Joke 4

“I took this personality test on the internet, and it said… “”Describe yourself in one word.””
I answered, “”Not good at following instructions.”””

Stupid Joke 5

“A policeman knocked on my door this morning, but I just locked it and sat there in complete silence.
After 20 seconds he knocked again, but I just continued to ignore it.
The knocks got louder and more frequent but I was determined not to move in the hope that he would just go away.
Then he decided to look through the window.
He shouted, “”Do you think I’m stupid? I can see you in there, sir. Open the door.””
I said, “”You’re not coming in mate!””
He said, “”I don’t want to come in, I just want you to step out of the car.”””

Stupid Joke 6

“I was walking down the street the other day and I saw these two blind blokes squaring up to fight. I shouted “”My money’s on the one with the knife.””
You should have seen how fast they both ran off.”

Stupid Joke 7

“Sky News: “”Emergency services were afraid they could be swamped by a torrent of melted ice.””
I believe the technical term is “”water””.”

Stupid Joke 8

“I’m sure my mates like me but sometimes I don’t understand them.
Like, just this morning I looked in the mirror and they had written ‘TNUC’ on my forehead.
What does that mean?”

Stupid Joke 9

“My mum ran off with the milkman when I was eight years old.
Watching them drive away on his float were the worst three hours of my life.”

Stupid Joke 10

“I said to my housemate, “”Wanna hear a joke?””
He goes, “”Alright then.””
“”What’s the difference between a toilet and a fridge?””
“”I don’t know,”” he said.
“”You’re disgusting.”””

Jokes on Stupid

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