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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Sarcasm. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on sarcasm.

Sarcasm Joke 1

“When I left home, my mum said, “”Don’t forget to write.””
I thought, “”That’s unlikely… It’s a basic skill, isn’t it?”””

Sarcasm Joke 2

“I can’t believe that Ryan Giggs missed training in the week of the Champions League final.
It’s almost like he doesn’t understand the meaning of commitment.”

Sarcasm Joke 3

“I was walking past my local Asda and I saw a sign on one of the doors saying, “”Exit Only.””
I pushed it, went in and walked up to customer services.
“”You’ve seriously underestimated that door’s use.”” I told them.”

Sarcasm Joke 4

Astrology: because millions of planets and stars have spent billions of years lining themselves up just to let her know that she’ll “meet someone with nice eyes today.”

Sarcasm Joke 5

“Is there anyone called Phillip here?
I found your screwdriver.”

Sarcasm Joke 6

“Read this joke by weeman160:
According to BBC, University students can now take a course studying comedy.
What a joke!
You might want to consider applying.”

Sarcasm Joke 7

Women, I wish to thank you for placing those “Child On Board” stickers in the back of your cars, as they obviously make me realize that I value the life of your child far greater than I do of my own life. Before you started doing this, I simply slowed my own vehicle down by ramming it into the car in front of me. I shall now use my brakes and refrain from having a large rear-end collision with you in the future.

Sarcasm Joke 8

“I said to girlfriend, “”Everybody thinks I’m too sarcastic.””
She said, “”What makes you say that?””
I said, “”My mouth.”””

Sarcasm Joke 9

“I noticed in the song, “”Do They Know It’s Christmas?”” there’s a line that says, ‘and there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time’.
Well, I’m no weather forecaster but I don’t know many areas in the Southern Hemisphere that are going to get a lot of snow at all during their summer.”

Sarcasm Joke 10

“Wife: “”It’s started snowing outside””
Husband: “”Good. I hate it when it snows inside””.”

Jokes on Sarcasm

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