10 British Reasons to Visit Australia

10 Reasons Why The British Love Coming to Australia

For the British, Australia is a second home. There are so many similarities between the way of life in Australia and Britain that the British find Australia as an extension of their homeland. The reason is not difficult to fathom. Native British have come and settled in Australia in droves after the Second World War. They have carried their customs and ethics along. So you will find similar-sounding names of streets, similar food habits and even similar drinks. Mores and Customs are similar as also the language. The British find themselves in a familiar environment when they come visiting Australia. The bond gets so strong that many such visitors up stick from Britain and decide to settle in Australia. Besides the strong commonalities, there are many pluses of Australia over the negatives of Britain. Hence we find scores of British who keep coming back to Australia, having savoured the fabulous experiences in their first visit. They also become ambassadors for Australia when they encourage their friends and family back home to undertake an Australian trip. Here we will discuss the various reasons why the British love coming to Australia.

1. Absence of Cultural Shock

Going to a new country and a new continent can be stressful to the mind. One has to mentally prepare oneself for a cultural shock. For first time travellers, the cultural shock in a new country can be very intimidating and is the reason for many such travellers to vow never to go back to such a country. Not so for the first time British travellers to Australia. From the time they set foot on Australian soil they are greeted by happy go lucky Australians in the same tone and language they are used to in their native land. As they order food, they are presented with almost the same menu as they find in their metropolitan cities like London. When they step into a departmental store they find many of the popular brands of Britain displayed prominently on the shelves. Most importantly, they can meet many British expats who will make friends easily and welcome them into their homes. Local tips obtained from them come handy in making their holiday even more pleasurable.

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2. Festival Spirit

Australia enjoys a wonderful climate and weather is pleasant throughout the year. This is an added factor boosting the Australians to enjoy outdoor activities. To support his culture of great outdoors, Australia arranges massive national and international festivals of all kinds around the year. As a British tourist, there is a great attraction in international music festivals. These music festivals have an immersive chapter where you can enjoy your international celebrities in cafes, churches and town halls for free. You have festivals for everyone, like the Mardi Gras for Gay and Lesbian communities, Food and Wine festivals for gourmet visitors, Italian Food Festival, or simply Lamb and Potato Festival. There are Agricultural festivals where British Tourists can revel in the spirit of their own countryside that they hold so dear. With the same atmosphere as fairs back home, the British tourist enjoys these events in a foreign land with a sense of familiarity and homecoming.

3. Incomparable Locales

Australia treats you with incomparable locales. Go in any direction, you will find nature at its majestic best. The range of fabulous locations is massive. From scintillating sea coasts, rainforests, mountain ranges to deserts, the islanders from Britain find all in one place. It is an amazing country which maintains nature at its pristine best. The British find the 500 odd, well maintained national parks fascinating. The culture of cleanliness and neatness that the British hold so dear is fast vanishing from their country. But this very culture is amply demonstrated in cities and hinterland of Australia. This endears the British traveller to no ends. Wildlife in full display and rare flora and fauna bring out the adventure side of the British to the fore. They simply love the wild that Australia has to offer with all the modern facilities available for a tourist. With all that one cannot fault the British to keep coming back to Australia to recoup their mental energies.

4. Exploring Adventures

As a tiny coastal creek that is thousands of years old, Glenrock Lagoon is a favourite among biking and biking enthusiasts. As you research the simple bush walks, you may spot waterfalls, rivers, and a fantastic collection of creatures and plants — it is just like the ultimate outdoor date for couples and families alike. Biking and walking trails are well-maintained so hikers and physical fitness enthusiasts will enjoy every moment in this hidden jewel. Try out swimming in the lagoon but do not forget to make a powerful mosquito repellent for security. Drawing its catchment out of Flaggy Creek inside the Glenrock State Recreation Area and the Awabakal Nature Reserve, the little lagoon is very shallow. It’s connected with all the Tasman Sea via a tidal station. Aboriginal habitation in the area has been obtained from archaeological findings which have shown campsites and other evidence which confirm the fact that even beyond this area there was aboriginal presence. It is a historic spot for visit, so do not miss it.

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5. Spoilt for Food and Wine

You can go anywhere in Australia and you will find wine-yard and breweries. Every state in the country grows wine with over 60 designated wine regions. British find his wine culture very welcoming. They love to be invited to Cellar Doors for free wine tasting and get floored by the Italian hospitality that they have been used to in their continent. Whether it is international brands or cheap local wines handcrafted within their sight, they adore these wine pilgrimages. Breweries give them the option to change track and here again, there is no dearth of options. Then the British who are so accustomed to multi-cultural cuisines back home, have no difficulty to change the taste at every meal in Australia. The range of food available here makes them feel at home. Baked treats and delicious pies available in Australian cities and towns titillate the British palate. These are things which have been part and parcel of the British way of life. And it’s all there in Australia. How can the British miss home while in Australia?

6. Australian Weather

In Australia, you will find sunshine round the year. This is most fascinating for the British. It is so pleasant to find that you won’t have to make changes in your holiday schedule because of the weather. Back home, the British get fed up with frequent changes to their plans due to inclement weather. It is part of life in Britain. You can understand from the statistics itself. While Australia gets an average of 3000 hrs of sunshine annually, Britain, on the other hand, enjoys only about 1400 hours of annual sunshine. This means Australia enjoys more than twice the sunshine days to that available in Britain. This apart from the fact that Britain has severe winter with rainfall can toss your outdoor plans out of the window to your utter frustration. That is absent in Australia with winter temperatures remaining in the range of 7-degree Celsius, which is equivalent to the refreshing autumn temperature of Britain. Who would fault the British for loving that in Australia?

7. Sparkling Ocean and Beautiful Beaches

The British have the sea in their blood. For centuries they have conquered the sea, which has been instrumental in their rise to world power. It is the sea which shapes their temperament and mood. Here in Australia, they find resonance to their core ethos, that is love for the sea. Ocean in Australia is a sight to behold, sparkling and almost untouched by human excesses. Great pains have been taken to keep many areas as protected for rare sea creatures like sharks and sea turtles. Tourists can go for scuba diving or just snorkel beneath the waves to see the wonderful world of sea creatures. His excites the British and makes them love the Australian shores. The Australian Beaches abound the country, each well kept and naturally endowed with beauty. The water is warm so you can swim to your heart’s content. The British love idling around the seashores and Australia provides all these facilities in a beautifully clean manner.

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8. Reasonable Cost of Living

An Australian vacation is not heavy on the British purse. Food prices at comparable places are as they find in London. The wine and beer are quite cheap as compared to Britain. In fact, you can be quite satisfied with a free wine tasting that you will be welcomed to do at various cellar doors. Most of the visits to National Parks and adventure spots are free. In places you have to pay, it is a very reasonable price for all the activities and training that they offer you. Then you have free Barbeques at parks and near beaches which are fuelled by the Government. These Barbeques are well maintained, even though they are free. You can cook your own tea or some burger for a quick bite. What else would a touring British citizen want, when he knows he has to pay through the nose to avail any public facility back home? He acknowledges the love-and-care for tourists that Australian Government showers by making repeat trips to this wonderful land of sightseeing and adventure.

9. Outdoor and Welcoming Culture

It’s a great outdoor culture that Australia is famous for. To combine it with a welcoming culture, you have a powerful concoction. The locals are very friendly and welcoming in nature. Its an immigration country with the bulk of the population comprising expat Brits. So the British traveller is especially welcome in this land. And the locals love being outdoors. At an average, the Australians spend a couple of hours outdoors, which is great for interacting with the friendly locals at the beach or cafes or at a recreational centre. Then there are numerous outdoor concerts and sporting activities. Music lovers have the best of time in Australia where there are year-round music festivals scheduled in numerous venues across the country. This welcoming culture with love for outdoors resonates with the British and they keep coming back to Australia. Some love this culture so much that they finally decide to settle down here with their family.

10. Coffee Culture

The Brits have started loving their coffee over tea. But whatever is their refreshment brew, they find it here in Australia. The unique Coffee Culture of Australians is amazing to the British. Australians have taken their cafes to an all-time high. The cafes have expert baristas and the best espresso coffee that you can find on this planet. They are finical about the quality of their coffee, so much so that Starbucks with such deep pocket and international presence could not compete with local neighbourhood cafes which dot the Australian landscape. The variety of coffees that these cafes offer is simply astounding. Here the Brits who love tea will find Chai, the aromatic tea with herbs, which is gaining popularity with the locals also. The laid back community ambience in cafes attract the British, which is a far cry from the hectic schedule of cities in Britain. It is the perfect backdrop for the British to come to unwind.

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Australia for the British is so very similar to their native land that they simply merge into the lifestyle of the locals there. This gives them an exciting experience of making friends and getting welcomed in a foreign land which offers so much for a tourist. We have seen the various reasons why the British love coming to Australia. The list goes on and on since there is cultural and historical affinity that makes the British love Australia.

Fun Fact

Why do British go to Australia?

Thousands of other British settlers also migrated to Australia. They were attracted by the easily available land (which led to conflict with the aborigines). They could make a living raising sheep or by catching seals and whales. In 1826 settlers began colonising Western Australia.

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