10 Must-See Tourist Attractions On The Great Ocean Road

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on the Great Ocean Road to Visit

The Great Ocean Road represents one of the key heritage sites in Australia on the south-eastern coast. Besides the significant history, the area comprises unique natural landscapes, ocean views, waterfalls and diverse wildlife species. Different top-rated attractions allow visitors to enjoy the magic of the Great Ocean Road. Individuals can learn about the significant soldier history associated with road development during the early 1900s and explore the entertaining attractions surrounding the area. The article below aims to summarise the 10 top-rated tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

1. Cape Spencer Lighthouse, Portland

Cape Spencer Lighthouse, Portland offers an extraordinary exploration opportunity to visitors interested in lighthouse architecture. Besides the design layouts, the surroundings provide views of majestic cliffs and diverse indigenous animal species. People who are interested to experience the history of Portland or visit the kangaroos should take a drive to Cape Spencer Lighthouse. The lighthouse presents opportunities for the traveller to observe the beauty of the Australian coastline and nearby situated islands. It offers a space of beauty accessible via the many lookout points in the local national parks. View the cliffs, greet the local friendly hosts and enjoy an extraordinary walking trail. Visitors can also enjoy exploring and learning about the historical maritime events linked to the Portland area. I give Cape Spencer Lighthouse, Portland a number 1 on the 10 top-rated tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

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2. Bells Beach

Individuals who enjoy the sun, laughter, beaches and surfing should take a visit to Bells Beach and explore the beautiful scenery. Besides the many surfing opportunities, visitors can experience additional activities related to snorkelling or skydiving. Enjoy the splendid scenery that surrounds Bells Beach at Torquay and become part of one of the most significant shorelines in the area. Bells Beach a surfing mecca in close vicinity of Melbourne offers an opportunity to young and old to become part of the stunning landscapes. The majestic waves and beach suited for surfing present one of the most well-known places in the world. I give a visit to Bell Beach a number 2 on the 10 top-rated attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

3. Bay of Islands

Take a visit to experience the views at the Bay of Islands in close vicinity of Peterborough and enjoy the unique lookout points. Bay of Islands known for the beautiful views and sceneries provide an opportunity for visitors to become part of nature’s wonders. The pretty Victoria coastal environment allows tourists to observe the majestic scenery by visiting the Bay of Martyrs, Childers Cave or Three Mile Beach lookout points. The beauty surrounded by the landscape allows a person to return to a world of exquisiteness and miracles. I give the Bay of Islands a number 3 on the 10 top-rated tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

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4. Lorne Beach

Lorne Beach permits diverse opportunities to the traveller looking for something different to take part in. The venue offers events aligned with surfing activities, many coffees on the go places, running areas and wide space beaches for walking. Apart from the beach environment, it offers a significant soldier history with a memorial placed alongside the Great Ocean Road. People who enjoy tourist attractions combined with nature, fun and culture should visit the Lorne Beach landscapes. The area offers many opportunities for visitors who look for sports activities or relaxing events. I give the Lorne Beach venue a number 4 on the 10 top-rated tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

5. Cape Patton

Cape Patton offers opportunities to individuals who aim to combine their traveller’s goals with exploring the local historical venues. Cape Patton comprises of beautiful sceneries and significant shipwreck history known to the local coastal areas. Cape Patton allows a visitor to observe the ocean environments and inland hilltops characterised by beauty and amazement. The Cape Patton landscapes offer an opportunity to grasp the outline of the beautiful ocean views and close by landmark places. Tourists who aim to receive a horizontal view of the shoreline surroundings should take a visit to the beautiful setting. I give Cape Patton a number 5 on the 10 top-rated tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

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6. Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles provide an opportunity to become familiar with the significant geological history associated with the Australian coastal environments. The diverse limestone structures evident at the shorelines can reach levels of more than 45 metres high. In addition, the outstanding cliffs display the significant earthly history associated with the coastal landscapes. A visit to the Twelve Apostles amaze travellers from around the world and provide an insight into the complexity of these rock formations. Some of the rock features collapsed in the depths of the sea and displays the uniqueness of the natural history associated with the area. The beauty, wonder and formation of a natural environment over many years allow tourists to appreciate the miracles developed by the earth’s continuous building activities. I give a visit to the Twelve Apostles a number 6 on the 10 top-rated tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

7. Otway Treetop Walk

Otway Treetop Walk provides adventure opportunities to individuals looking for an extraordinary experience. The walk comprises of two suspension bridges and 8 tree platforms situated in a majestic rainforest. Visitors can participate in the zip line experience and enjoy the entertainment of the Otway rainforest. The Otway landscape in the Barwon South West Region Victoria offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the many vegetation species typical of the landscape. Tourists can observe diverse greenery and natural views by participating in this exceptional experience. I give the Otway Treetop Walk a number 7 on the 10 top-rated attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

8. Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tourists can visit the historical state park situated in Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. The venue originated in 1892 and easily found when travelling to Warrnambool. The reserve allows the visitor to view diverse animal species, plants and natural landscapes known to the area. Some animal types include kangaroo or koalas and the occurrence of different bird species in the area. The crater feature in the reserve presents a significant natural phenomenon available for view by the park’s visitors. Individuals who enjoy nature, wildlife and history should take a visit to the unique venue. I give Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve a number 8 on the 10 top-rated attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

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9. Lavers Hill

Lavers Hill offers a small-town experience presentable of friendly people and availability to purchase many different local goods. The area allows tourists to visit and experience the development of beautiful wooden objects while observing the majestic green landscapes. Lavers Hill between Port Campbell and Apollo Bay provides diverse sceneries aligned with the majestic landscape associated with the Victoria region. Tourists who visit Lavers Hill also receive an opportunity to explore and visit the majestic waterfall in the national parks. I give Lavers Hill a number 9 on the 10 top-rated attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

10. Kennett River Camping

The Kennett River Camping facility provides opportunities to the tourist interested in camping experiences. The venue provides well-structured amenities suitable to align with the camper’s requirements. In addition, a visitor can enjoy observing diverse wildlife species from koalas, cockatoos and other diverse birdlife species. Take a visit to the Kennett River Camping area and enjoy the beautiful scenery known to the area. A visitor can combine their visit with a view over the Otway hills, rivers and explore nature by undertaking various walking trails. I give Kennett River Camping a number 10 on the top-rated tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road for you to visit.

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