10 American Reasons to Visit Australia

10 Reasons Why Americans Love Coming to Australia

Australia is in the remotest part of the world as far as Americans are concerned. It is a long journey for an American tourist to make to reach Down Under. If you are an American and you have only a few days for vacation, it doesn’t make sense to waste flying around the world to reach your vacation destination in Australia. However, the discerning Americans who know the quality of such visits to Australia keep braving the arduous and long flight to Australia because they know it is worth the effort in gold. Americans love Australia because everything that he is looking for in his vacation is present at the Australian shores. There is plenty of sunshine, clean and tidy roads, plenty of open spaces, innumerable sightseeing options, scintillating beaches, sumptuous food to gourmet’s delight, adventure sports and a wide range of drinking options. It’s as if an average American can live his American dream king-size here in Australia without getting his pocket pinched. Let us then find out in details, the various reasons why Americans love coming to Australia.

1. Sydney Dreams

Even before leaving the American shore, the average American tourist has already made up his mind to visit Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour. These symbols of Australian architecture are etched in popular American memory. It is similar to recalling Pyramids of Egypt, UK’s Buckingham Palace and Taj Mahal of India. Americans love coming to Sydney for this very purpose. Once in Sydney, they get sucked into its fast and furious lifestyle with an incredible nightlife. They love the way Australia treats them with lots of free things to do like the beaches. Manly Beach and Bondi Beach are rather popular with the American tourist. The landscape at the Darling Harbour soothes their nerves after hectic holidaying in Sydney. They find many entertainment avenues and great restaurants here in the Darling Harbour area. Chinese Garden also provides immense relaxation to them. All in all Sydney visit for an American turns out more than he had dreamt of.

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2. The Great Barrier Reef

There is something mystical about the Great Barrier Reef that Americans love. It is something that no American wants to miss for anything in the world. Maybe its the fame across the world that makes them sit up and take notice back home, and which drives them to the Australian shores for the first-hand experience of what they have learnt from books and periodicals. Or maybe it’s their basic instinct! Whatever be the case, the Americans get thrilled seeing the variety of marine life at the Great Barrier Reef. You name a marine life and its there. You can see up close majestic sharks, lovely turtles, vibrant corals and colourful fishes you have never seen in your life, and maybe will never do outside the Great Barrier Reef. That is the reason why Americans simply love trooping to the Reef. To cap it all, they love the top class diving opportunities provided at the Reef.

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3. Natural Wonders and Uluru

Here in Australia, nature has been extra kind. There are many natural wonders that will take your breath away. Besides the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is also famous for natural wonders like the Twelve Apostles, Cradle Mountain, Kakadu and Kimberleys. But the stunning piece of natural wonder that draws in heavy tourist traffic is Uluru. This giant rock covers an astonishing 8 km of land and is magnificent to behold. American tourists are no exception and love to visit this natural marvel. As you watch it from distance, it looks like a wave of sand in a desert. That is because of the cuts in the rock which has been caused by decades of wind blowing over it. You will also see beautiful shades of red and orange during sunrise and sunset as the sun rays reflect from the iron in this massive rock. This is a sacred place for the locals of the area, but you still get to climb the rock. Americans like all other tourists find this natural wonder fascinating and love to visit it more than once.

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4. Wildlife in Lush Green Jungles

Americans see themselves as nature lovers. It is forests and jungles which give them inner calls and they cannot resist that. While in Australia, they are at loss to understand as to how jungles can be so lush green and so pristine. How is it that the landscape is dotted with National Parks and reserve forests? It amazes them to realize that there is stiff competition to Amazon forests in terms of diversity, wildlife and rare species. With rivers and streams crisscrossing these jungles, it is a paradise for a nature lover. The American is spoilt for choice in going for an adventure in these pristine forests and jungles. His adventure spirit gets perked up when he finds numerous treetop adventure spots right in the middle of jungles in some breathtaking locales. He loves to go hiking in such jungle terrain interspersed with rugged hills hugging a winding stream. And then there is wildlife and rare species to encounter. Bu the most adorable for an American is the Australian Koala, which attracts them so much that they cannot take their eyes off them.

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5. Love for Kangaroo

Americans seem to love the idea of loving the kangaroo. It is a feline that they adore from their childhood days. In common belief, it has been engrained into Americans that Australia means Kangaroos. It is their penchant for associating distant lands with some symbol. So strong is the association that even the official Australian propaganda includes kangaroo in is an invitation to visitors to Australia. Hence you will find Americans looking for kangaroos right from the moment they disembark from the flight. There is some sort of disappointment in an American tourist until the time he meets a kangaroo in Australia. They obviously will not be seeing any kangaroo in bustling city premises where they go and lodge, It is only when they step out of the city limits that they start encountering kangaroos by the dozens. That is when their joy knows no limit. It is as if their trip to Australia has fructified. Americans have such infatuation for kangaroos that they take umbrage when they find it in a restaurant menu or in a barbecue.

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6. Stunning Beaches

Americans love the romance associated with beaches. They have a soft spot for a beach holiday. Relaxing and playing by the beach is their favourite pastime. So when they land up in Australia and find beaches in every nook and corner, they are mesmerized. Deep in their hearts, they can’t help but admire the stunningly beautiful beaches that nature has gifted to Australia. Soft white sand and clear turquoise blue waters have its own magic on them. They love the way the locals enjoy their beach outings. The great outdoor culture of the locals excite the Americans and they are engulfed in the spirit. You can expect such culture to flourish in a country that boasts of more than 50000 km coastline. Americans love the adventure facilities in the coastal areas from snorkelling right up to scuba diving for anyone who is interested, whether a novice or a professional.

7. Surfing

Americans lay claim to surfing since it purportedly originated in Hawaii. But is a fact that his water sport has been made popular by the Americans. So when the Americans come to Australia and find the strong surfing culture prevalent Down Under, they are pleasantly surprised. They relate to this culture and enjoy the superb surfing locations. The waves are there for both the professional surfers and the beginners in many coastline areas. The facilities to enjoy surfing is world-class and the Americans enjoy surfing here more than back home. East Coast is especially suited and geared up for surfing, but you will get a good wave in thousands of places in Australia. And the average American loves the abundance. After coffee, it is surfing that Americans concede defeat to the strong Australian culture. This strong culture for surfing and generosities of the ocean, make the Americans love coming to Australia.

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8. Barbecue and Sea Food

Americans love the sight of a barbecue. The idea of an off day at home for any American is to set up a barbecue in the garden and enjoy the day with friends and family. The pleasure of doing the grilling under open skies gives the average American a sense of adventure. And when they come to Australia and find free barbecues set up in public places like parks and beaches they simply go bonkers. They simply can’t believe their eyes. They gorge on grilled stuff and bless the Australians for their tradition of barbecues. It is a great way to spend the warm night with a drink, lots of barbecued meat and some wine or beer to wash it down. Americans call it is in heaven. And this tradition of barbecue is a very cost-effective way to have great food. This is more loved by Americans when they can have a feast of a variety of delicious aromatic seafood on the barbecue. The combination sways the average American so much that he wants to even postpone his trip back home.

9. Wine and Beer

Americans are keen on having a good drink. Wine excites them as a drink for enjoying the outdoors. But more than wine it is the beer that the younger generation of Americans is fond of. While touring Down Under, Americans find the country most suited for their favourite drinks of wine and beer. Throughout the length and breadth of the country, there are fantastic wine regions and breweries. The cellar doors welcome visitors with open arms in Italian style and encourage wine tasting. The range and quality of wine here is immense and Americans acknowledge this fact by making trips to Australia. Similarly, the breweries churn out the best beer you can find anywhere in the world because Australians are very serious about their beer. With a love for sports and various outdoor activities, beer is very fondly and abundantly used. Americans love partaking in this wonderful habit of social drinking and merry-making.

10. Coffee Culture

Coffee is a favourite beverage of the Americans. It is coffee at any time of the day or night that keeps a fast-paced American life going. No wonder Starbucks is such a hit in America. The first jolt that an American gets in Australia is when he finds that Starbucks is not a force Down Under. He would troop into a neighbourhood coffee shop with a lot of trepidation in his mind. What will I get in a local coffee shop? But the moment he enters the cafe, the strong coffee culture of Australia hits him hard. He is amazed at the tasteful and artistic ambience and serious professionalism of these coffee shops. Range and customization of coffees that are available here are mind-blowing, to say the least. With expert baristas to curate your coffee, you get the best tasting coffee that you can imagine on this planet. Americans fall in love with the love that Australians have for their coffee. And by the end of their visit to Australia, the average American tourist starts loving the laid back lifestyle of Australia along with its unique coffee culture.

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Americans usually give Australia a miss due to its great distance from their country. However, those who make it to the Australian shores vow to keep coming back for more. They simply get hooked to the Australian charm, and not without reason. We have just seen the various reasons why Americans love coming to Australia. In a nutshell, Americans love Australia for the adventure and nature in full bloom that this country has to offer.

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What are the three main reason for visitors to travel to Australia?

The vibrant art scene and charming laid-back atmosphere, along with the cultural diversity of its inhabitants, their friendly nature, and the high quality of life here, make Australia a wonderful, welcoming country.

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